Title: Demonic Sentiments

Genre: Romance/Humor

Rating: K+

Summary: Elsee tries to think of a way to cheer up Keima, and then gets carried away by a completely different train of thought.

Disclaimer: I don't own. I don't know much about capturing girls, anyway.

Notes: I'm really fond of the fandom. It's interesting, to say the least.

Keima was acting strangely. No, Elsee corrected herself, Keima was acting stranger than usual. She wondered if she should say something, but the dark aura swirling around Keima was more than enough to make her hesitate.

She tried, nonetheless. "God?"

No response. Instead, Keima seemed to sink further into despair. He stared blankly at the six screens in his room. None of them were turned on.

Elsee thought of making comfort food for Keima as he sat, potato-like, in his room, just to cheer him up, but after remembering the last time she had tried to make something for him... Well, it hadn't turned out so well. That, and it had made Keima even more upset. Something about how demon food and human food weren't the same.

Elsee began to sweep the hallway, holding her broom thoughtfully. Cleaning always made Elsee feel more relaxed.

"How to cheer up God..." Elsee mused aloud to herself.

She thought about asking Hakua for advice, but then again, she wasn't sure where Hakua was. And besides, Hakua had seemed—interested in Keima. And for some reason, that made Elsee feel extremely uncomfortable.

No, uncomfortable was the wrong word. Tense? Unhappy?

...Why would she feel unhappy?

She hadn't felt this way before when Ayumi, Mio, Kanon, Shiori, and all of those other girls had developed an interest in Keima. But it had been just to get out the runaway spirits, so it didn't mean anything, right?

Ah, but Hakua had had a runaway spirit in her too. So then why...?

Now that Elsee thought about it—really thought about it—she also felt the same tenseness around Tenri/Diana. This, she couldn't understand as well. She liked Tenri. Tenri's magic tricks were so cool and Tenri was a really nice girl too. And Tenri also...liked Keima.

Could it be that something was wrong with her? Elsee almost dropped her broom in her panic. Maybe she was a horrible demon after all, feeling those weird sensations.

"It's fine, when you do what you can."

But Keima didn't think she was horrible... He probably found her annoying, clumsy, and troublesome, but he didn't seem to think she was bad or useless. And for some reason, that made Elsee feel—happy.

No, "happy" was too general of a word to describe what she was feeling. Then what—?

"I don't have any money to buy new games..."

Keima's melancholy voice made her lose her train of thought. Right! She was trying to think of a way to cheer up Keima. Peering into his room, she watched him look through his wallet with an expression of pure hopelessness.

"If God needs money," Elsee declared, tightening her grip on her broom, "then I'll do what I can to help him!"

She completely forgot about the strange feeling that tugged at her heart. It would be a long time later before she would try to examine it again.

But for now, this was fine.