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Warning: Yaoi. Sex. Morally Wrong relationships.


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Red numbers of the clock were softly illuminating the room. Time was ticking by slowly, languidly moving in a frustrating matter. This moment should just be over, or at least sleep should consume the poor teen.

He turned away from the clock, and focused his attention on the ceiling. Desperately, Lelouch groped for a thought to pull him away from the situation, but his mind was empty of anything useful. A few ideas stuck out to him, listening to music, watching T.V., or the simple tasks that could possible keep everything at bay. To him though, it was all useless. No matter what the 17-year-old thought of, it would always go back to Suzaku.

Wincing and forcing his eyes shut, he shifted on the bed as he heard a soft mewling from the room next door. It was muffled by the wall, but still loud enough for it to bore into his brain. Another one followed, ringing of pure desire and was completely desperate.

Lelouch continued to wonder why he wasn't listening to music already. Even if he would always think back to Suzaku, it would be much better than listening to the soft mewls and moans of his own adopted mother, Euphemia.

Again. This time the moan came from Suzaku, it was low and feral. Amethyst eyes widened at this, the beating of Lelouch's heart picked up to a much faster pace. Tendrils of heat pooled in his stomach and his body completely froze up to this noise.

It was not unfamiliar to him. Too many times had the raven haired teen been forced down by Suzaku's calloused hands, which seemed to consume him with ever touch. And every time, the older man would moan in pleasure just at the sight of the teen squirming under him. Sometimes, Lelouch would be given empty promises in a heated and heavy voice.

"You're so much better than her." Suzaku would whisper into the teen's ear. "I wish I could have you all the time, I always want you." The older man would always continue nipping and kissing the teen's ear in between words, and Lelouch would never be able to think past it.

Times like these made Lelouch want to scream in frustration. He wanted to tear his raven hair out strand by strand, he was so stupid and naïve for believing Suzaku's empty promises. Even with these vile feelings plaguing his every thought, Lelouch still could feel himself get hard at hearing every single moan.

Lelouch's mind was filled with vivid images of Suzaku holding Euphy in the utmost of care, not like the older man held him. Her pink hair fanning across the bed and a smile as he slowly thrust into her, making sure she wasn't hurt and always asking where it felt best. She was Suzaku's princess, the innocent and pure woman that he always feared of breaking.

But that wasn't the same case for Lelouch.

Perhaps it was because the brunette could never do more than soft and loving with Euphemia, that he would push himself harder and faster into Lelouch. Forgetting completely what the teen wanted, Suzaku would bruise and hurt him. Thrust so hard the raven haired boy would cry and scream. It was all just a desperate act for a different sort of elation.

The part that sickened Lelouch the most was that he loved it. The teen would always moan and beg for more. Pleading more than he should, desperate noises would always fill the air, and Suzaku claimed that he loved it more than Euphemia's small noises.

Thinking about it only made it worse.

The teen stroked himself lightly, teasingly at first. Just as Suzaku would underneath the dinner table, making the raven haired boy squirm, jump, and stutter whenever he was asked a question about his day from his mother.

Honestly, he was exploited, but it felt so good. It was wonderful and thrilling to know that Suzaku enjoyed taking advantage of him. Lelouch wanted the older man to take advantage of him in every way; he had already offered his innocence up to the brunette, in which the man complied easily.

Lelouch's fingers moved faster. Pumping vigorously as the moans and thrusting got much louder and faster from the other room. "S-Suzaku…" He moaned softly to himself.

His thoughts were becoming cloudy; all he could think about was how much he wished to be the one Suzaku was inside of right now. The numbers on the clock blurred as his eyes went out of focus in lust and desire.

But their climax was over too quickly. It all ended in Euphemia moaning his "father's" name quite loudly and Suzaku simply answering with a wordless moan, not like it used to be. Suzaku used to answer with Euphemia's name, but things had changed a lot now.

However, the teenager was not finished yet, and he had nothing to work off of now.

Lelouch wanted to scream in agony, it hurt so badly. The teen couldn't wait it out now, being at the point he was. Fingers slid along his cock's length, but he couldn't seem to get back into it. "God damn it." Cursing in simple frustration and wishing the desire would just end, that the warm feeling in his erection would just go away, that time would go faster, and that he could just finally fall asleep.

The teen's face was flushed and his body tense. Tossing and turning, curling up in a ball, the boy couldn't do anything to stop it. His thoughts were always leaping back to the image of Suzaku pinning him down, kissing him, and helping him finish.

What seemed like hours ended in a snap when the creaking of his door broke him from his trance.

"Lelouch, are you awake?" The older man's voice was barely above a whisper, but Lelouch's breath hitched at the very sound.

Inside the teen's mind he was screaming, "Don't give in, stay silent, he'll leave after a while!" It was the only logical answer, but with desire spreading across his body, his thoughts were blocked out entirely.

"Yes, I'm awake." Lelouch was trying to keep his voice steady. Words that had poured from his mouth sounded strained and week, not the type of attitude he wanted to show to Suzaku. The raven haired teen wanted to show that he could fight back, that he could perhaps, stop the desire from consuming him.

Without so much an answer, Lelouch could hear the sounds of feet padding against the plush carpet. The older man simply believed that he was able to do whatever he pleased with that simple answer from the teen. Lifting the covers, that were hiding Lelouch so well, and crawling inside without an invitation.

The raven haired boy forced his eyes shut, not even daring to look at the older man. Lelouch knew though, that those forest green eyes were searching and inspecting every part of his own body. The teen felt exposed, embarrassed, worried that sooner or later, those hands would be on him, and those lips would be speaking lies that would cause his heart to skip in bliss.

He was right.

"Lelouch," Fingers were on him, drawing circles on his hips, "would you like me to help you fix your problem?" The teen could hear that those words were meant to sound innocent, sweet, and caring, but to him now it sounded like Suzaku just wanted to take advantage of his weakness.

The teen stared back defiantly. "I'm fine." Amethyst eyes boring into emerald.

Suzaku sighed and used his free hand to stroke the soft strands of Lelouch's hair. "Lulu, I didn't mean to offend you." The teen felt the older man's lips kiss his up his neck softly. Affectionate and tender, the raven haired boy was warming up to the affection, feeling the betrayal that he felt slowly dissipate with every lingering kiss and word. "You know I was just kidding."

"You know it's a very touchy subject."

"And you know that I love you more than anything in the world."

Silence followed.

Jealousy that had caused the deep anger was pushed out of the way, and Lelouch's usual state of loving blindly towards Suzaku returned.

Lelouch couldn't think straight, his heart was racing faster than before, his cheeks were flushed a deeper red, and his thoughts were screaming at him. To give in, to love him back, and to show him how much he cared. Without even thinking a second longer, he gave in and kissed him. Not even acting surprised, Suzaku immediately followed suit by kissing back just as fervently.

The older man brought his calloused hands up and tangled them in the strands of Lelouch's soft hair. Cupping the teen's head in his hands gingerly, the brunette pulled him closer and deepened the kiss.

The brunette pulled away, leaving Lelouch feeling empty and longing for the attention again. "Lelouch…" the older man practically moaned the teen's name, "I thought of you that whole time."

"Huh?" The raven haired teen felt dizzy, and unsure of his surroundings. Lust was overpowering his senses, leaving him almost useless.

"I mean," Suzaku picked up tracing circles on his bare hips and going lower…lower… "The only way I enjoyed having sex with her, was thinking of you."

The raven haired boy's breath hitched, and when Suzaku's large hand wrapped around the base of his neglected arousal, he moaned louder than he ever had before.

"I wanted it to be you that I was touching in the most intimate of ways." A light squeeze. The red numbers blurred beyond comparison. "I wanted to hear you moan and cry out for me, instead of her."

This time Lelouch cried his name in a begging nature. His frail body shuddered and squirmed underneath the older man's much larger and stronger one.

"I enjoy knowing that after having to suffer through that terrible hour of my life, I finally get my wish." This time, Suzaku's kiss was harder, deeper and more aggressive. Rough hands pumped much faster than ever before, amethyst eyes lidded and looked darker from lust.

The bed was creaking as Lelouch pushed his hips up, bucking into Suzaku's hand shamelessly. Crisp and clean white sheets were being clutched upon by the teen's desperate fingers. "I-I'm so close, Suzaku." Every word came out in between gasps of air and pleas for more.

But right as Lelouch was at the point of release, Suzaku's fingers began to move at a lethargic pace.

"W-What?" The teen didn't understand. This did not make sense. Suzaku said he was going to help him finish, but why did he stop so suddenly?

"Shh.." Suzaku placed a finger on the raven haired boy's lips. "I want us to come together." A charming smile grew on the older man's face. The brunette brushed the strands of black hair away from Lelouch's forehead, in order for them to look each other in the eye. "This deserves to be special. Better than anything else."

A feeling of warmth consumed Lelouch at those very words. The teen gave into them very easily. "Right." An innocent flush spread across the raven haired boy's cheeks. "But you know it is always special to me."

The older man brought his lips down to Lelouch's ear and whispered sensually, "It is always special to me too, but can't I try to make it even better?"

"I didn't think that was even possible." The teen was being honest. He never believed that these intimate moments could get as good as they were.

"I'll show you." Soft kisses were trailed along Lelouch's jaw. And the teen was still feeling aroused and as neglected as before.

An uncomfortable feeling replaced Lelouch's bliss as a finger slid rather slowly into the teen's entrance. The younger man squirmed a little at this, it was always awkward and painful at first, but… he knew Suzaku would make it much better.

Another finger joined the other, and soon Lelouch could feel himself being stretched a little wider as Suzaku moved them slowly. This was much different than other times; the older man was usually much more desperate and faster.

Pulling and moving in and out, Lelouch was just getting impatient. The teen felt ready, he wanted Suzaku to be inside of him now. He wanted it more than he could ever explain. The heat that was pooling inside of him was getting much worse, and he could feel his erection throbbing uncomfortably.

The raven haired teen was about to snap.

The uncomfortable feeling he felt was suddenly forgotten when Suzaku's finger brushed against the teen's prostate. Lelouch's vision went completely black for that split second and he nearly screamed the older man's name, but his mouth was quickly covered by Suzaku's.

The fingers were pulled out finally; Suzaku obviously did not want to cause Lelouch to come before the older man even had a chance to feel pleasure. But when the brunette pulled away from the kiss, he was just as hard, if not more, as Lelouch.

Suzaku noticed that he was staring and laughed casually. "Just watching you makes me feel this way… I just don't think I can wait any longer." He kissed Lelouch desperately. "Are you ready?"

Nodding was the only option Lelouch had left, he was completely left speechless by all of the wonderful compliments and words Suzaku directed towards him.

But as soon as that warmth came back, amethyst eyes widened in pain as he felt Suzaku's cock push inside of him. It was much longer and thicker than the fingers, and caused even more discomfort. Lelouch squirmed, tossing his head to the side. The raven haired boy was ready to scream in pain, but quickly bit down on his lip to stop it. The teen could feel his lip start hurting, he was biting much too hard on it.

The only saving grace was the moans that spilled out of Suzaku's mouth. The older man's eyes were glazed over in pleasure, his face flushed, and his expression one of pure ecstasy.

After a few moments, the teen became used to the feeling, and felt numb to the pain that used to be there. At that time, Lelouch looked up to the brunette and gave him a nod of assurance. "I-I'm ready."

Without hesitation, Suzaku began to thrust into him. Desperate, fast, and going deep inside. In shock, Lelouch wrapped his arms around the older man's broad shoulders and clawed down his back. Leaving a trail of accusing lines, that could easily be questioned by Euphemia.

But neither of them paid heed to this.

The only thing that was on their minds was the feeling of connection. They were so close to each other, physically and emotionally.

Sloppy kisses were shared in between thrusts, but nonetheless they felt better than any kiss they shared before. Suzaku's eyes were examining every part of the teen when he could. Soaking in the sight of the boy's once pale skin that was now flushed from the attention.

Lelouch averted his eyes in embarrassment when he noticed the attention he was receiving, he tried to muffle his every noise in order not to make himself look any more submissive to the older man. The teen's pride was getting in the way of surrendering completely to Suzaku.

But the brunette noticed this and wrapped his hand around Lelouch's arousal once again, the teen could no longer ignore the attention at that. A drawn out moan filled the bedroom, and the younger man gave in completely.

Lelouch squirmed. "Please, more." Suzaku's name became a mantra on Lelouch's lips. Moaning, gasping, and whispering it as Suzaku stroked him faster and harder, and the thrusts followed suit.

The older man moved his lips back onto the teen's ear. "You're so tight, Lelouch, I don't know how long I can last." His words were strained and light. Even though Suzaku was very athletic, this close to the climax left him panting.

A hard squeeze and a lucky push into Lelouch's prostate sent the teen over the edge. Warm cum spread in between them. Their stomachs were covered with the white substance, and the teen was left breathless and spent. Suzaku was overwhelmed with the feeling of Lelouch closing tightly around his cock, and released himself inside of Lelouch at the same moment.

Moaning each other's name simutanuously.

The only noises that could be heard after were ragged panting and breathing, but as their hearts slowed down, beating in time with each other, the room became silent.

Suzaku's body was collapsed on top of the smaller teen, and in worry that he was crushing the boy, the older man shifted their positions. Lelouch's frail body rested on top of Suzaku's. Falling in a steady pattern of breathing. The raven haired teen's eyelids were getting heavy, and his mind slowed down completely.

But in one last tired and spent effort, he gave a small smile to Suzaku. "I love you." He whispered at a level barely audible.

"I love you too, Lelouch." The older man kissed his forehead and stroked the soft, silky strands of the teen's hair until the teen drifted off into a comfortable sleep.

When Suzaku was sure Lelouch was finally asleep, he quickly tucked the small teen underneath the blankets and gave him one last kiss. "Goodnight Lelouch." He whispered lovingly as he headed out of the room, back into the bed he didn't want to belong to.

As he opened the door to leave, he looked back on the innocent face belonging to Lelouch and sighed.

"I'm going to hell for this."