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"The sound came from the Arceus's bedroom." Mewtwo said, panting as he struggled to catch up with the lava toad, who had a panicked expression on her face, nearly slamming into her when she suddenly stopped.

"What's wrong? What is-" Rotom asked, buzzing over the three other legendaries as they stared at the mess that was Arceus's room. Mewtwo broke the silence.

"Shit. We are so dead."

There was a huge, gaping hole in Arceus's bedroom wall. "Oh, hell." Heatran spat. "Where the hell do you think he went now? If Arceus finds out about this, we're screwed." She started to bang her silver-encrusted head on the wall/

"I know where he is." Mewtwo said, producing a machine that looks like a walkie-talkie and a satellite dish.

Heatran looked at the feline, "What the heck is that?"

"It's a tracker I invented." Mewtwo said, "Of course, it needs to lock into a specific frequency, so I invented a tracking chip that I implanted in Regigigas in case something like this ever happened. You all have one implanted in all of you too."

"And when did you do this?"

"When you guys were sleeping."

Rotom and Heatran looked at each other, then looked at the Genetic Feline with identical disturbed expressions. Deoxys, however, strode up angrily and slugged her Psychic-type counterpart, yelling, "You are taking it out as soon as we get back! Do you understand me?"

Mewtwo rubbed his jaw.

"Ow. What the hell was that for?"

Arceus sighed. She never expected school to be so boring. Giratina, a.k.a. Adrian (A name that rather suited him, as Adrian meant 'darkness') was asleep at his desk. In fact, Mr. Oran had noticed and was scowling at the sleeping, now-human death dragon.

"Mr. Adrian." the old man said, causing 'Adrian' to lift his head drowsily off the desk, his eyes blinking away the effects of sleep-fog. "What is the capital of Hungary and when was it founded?"

Giratina blinked, running his hand threw messy, deep-purple hair, and shrugged "I don't know." he stated, causing Mr. Oran to turn an unhealthy shade of purple. Giratina tilted his head in amusement, calculating the chances of the old-man dropping dead from a heart attack right there on the spot. He'd say, oh, about sixty-five percent.

Arceus raised her hand, "I know, Oran-sensei."

The teacher jumped, his attention redirected to the white haired girl, and said, "Yes? Arlene?"

"The capital of Hungary is Budapest, which was founded in 1848. It's a landlocked country and is bordered by Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, and Slovenia. It's main-"

The teacher raised a hand, cutting her off. "Very good, Arlene." Then raising his voice and shooting Giratina a dirty look that the death dragon simply returned with an innocent smile, he said, "It's a good thing to have at least one of you paying attention in this class-"

The bell rang, cutting him off.

Giratina got up, preparing to follow Arceus out of the room, when Mr. Oran's voice stopped him dead in his tracks. "Mr. Adrian. I would like to see you after class."

With a cool glance at Arceus. Giratina smiled at the teacher, "Okay."


"You're still waiting out here?" Giratina said, making Arceus jump. She hadn't even heard the death-dragon sidle up next to her. "What happened?" Arceus asked, staring up at him. Giratina grinned like Mew caught in the middle of pulling a prank.

"I got detention."

"Dammit! Giratina, it's our first day here! Can you at least try to be good?"

"No." Giratina grinned that bad-Mew-grin at her again. Arceus felt her heart leap into her throat, noticing the closeness of his body, the mischievous glint in his red eyes, the fact that he was about a foot taller than he was….

"And thanks, Arcy-chan. For earlier." With that, Giratina bustled to get down the hall, in a rush to get to his next class so he wouldn't be late.

Dear Lord, Arceus thought, moving through the sea of bodies, Am I getting sick or something?

"I am not going in there, Registeel."

Regirock crossed his arms over his orange T-shirt, glaring at his black-haired counterpart with cool red eyes. Registeel grinned at him, a familiar glint in her deep carmine eyes. Oh dear Arceus, not that glint again. He knew that glint. Last time he saw it, he ended up covered in gobs of mozzarella cheese.

"C'mon, Regirock. It's just a bathroom."

"A girls' bathroom."

"Don't be a coward." she said, grabbing Regirock and Regice, kicked the bathroom door open, and Regirock saw it was empty. "See it's fine. No one will ever even see us. It's perfect."

"Perfect! We're going to get caught, you idiot!"

Ignoring the insult, Registeel opened one of the stall doors, and shoved her two partners into the stall, locking the door behind her. Regirock glowered at the ex-Steel legend. "So why did you drag us out of our busy schedules for this time?" he growled.

"I don't like this place. There's something evil about it."

"Somebody didn't take her medication this morning. It's a school. It's not evil; it's just boring." Registeel glowered at him, and the Rock-type ex-golem fought against in urge to take a step back. She looked away from him and stated:

"And we're going to get to the bottom of it."

"Beep-boop-boop-beep." Regice offered.

Rock and Steel looked at each other, then at their Ice-type comrade. "I'm beginning to believe that he suffered brain damage from the spill he took down all those stairs." Regirock said.


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