Restless Ghost

To complete my quest I had many tasks at hand. I first had to visit Father Aerek in the church. There he informed me about a ghost that is haunting the town. To assist me Father Aerek sent me to see Father Urhney who lived in a shack near the swamp. Father Urhney is a ghost expert who gave me the ghost speak amulet. This amulet allowed me to understand as well as speak to the ghost. I left Father Urhney's so I could immediately put the amulet to use. The ghost who stays in the crypt told me he is missing his skull and that is why he can not move on. I then knew I had to find this skull to complete my quest. I found the skull near an old mining area but it was being guarded by a very powerful being. At this point I met the Grim Reaper quite a few times. I realized my fighting powers were not enough. My last attempt was to grab the skull and run. It worked! I barely made it back alive but I was able to return the skull to the ghost. The ghost was elated and was finally able to rest in peace!