Love and Lost: Chapter Eight (Finally!)

A Pokémon fic made by A. Pikachu

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Ash grinned to himself, feeling all happy for some kind of reason as he trudged down the stairs to his car. He got the keys from his pocket and opened the door, stepped inside and jammed the key into the keyhole, rearing the engine up. He readjusted his sunglasses as he moved his car out of the parking lot, and drove away to his home with his mother, Delia Ketchum.

As his hands gripped the wheel, he thought about the things that happened. It was just…too…too sudden for him. Things just happened a month or two ago…he shouldn't have gotten back together with Misty. He should've thought about it more…thought about it deeply and not just kiss her right then and there and declare that everything was all right! God, how could he be so stupid?

He groaned in confusion as he ran a hand through his spiky locks, trying to keep focus on the road. A few minutes later he was out of the Cerulean City vicinity, driving quietly down the expressway. How could he have been so blind? So stupid? How could he jump into sudden conclusions?!

He shook his head, remembering what he himself said a few days back.

"She's just using me…"

"Yeah…I'd cancel it right away. She's just using me again, I'm sure of it." Ash murmured to himself, continuing to drive down the road. "I'm not gonna let this happen again. I shouldn't have been THAT stupid."

Fingers clamped on the wheel as he steered it towards the toll gate. He paid the toll fee and continued to drive past houses in Pallet City. He murmured things to himself, cursing himself on how stupid he can be. He immediately parked his car in his driveway, ready to pull out his hair.

Wait a minute…

How would Erika react to all this?!


(The next day)

The doorbell rang throughout the house, making Ash run down the stairs and open the door.

"Ash?!" Erika asked, dropping her luggage on his front porch. "Ash, where were you?"


His brown-black eyes softened at the sight of the twenty-year-old woman. Her soft, ebony hair…her emerald eyes…her pale, creamy skin…her soft voice…her entrancing smile…

It's been you all along…

"I've been calling your home for four hours yesterday! Your mom always said you weren't home when I called! How come? Did something happen when I was gone?" Erika asked worriedly, her bright green eyes shimmering in worry. Ash smiled, making Erika blush, and caressed her cheek.

"How come you're so worried about me?" Ash asked softly, making Erika blush redder.

"O-of c-course I'm worried about you Ash…I'm your fr—?" Erika stuttered out, pushing a lock of ebony-black hair behind her ear. Ash beat her to it, cupping her face with a warm hand.

"All along…all along, it was you…how can I be so stupid, Erika?" Ash muttered to himself, drawing the girl closer to him. Erika made no move to resist, but her blush was turning redder and redder by the moment.

The gentle breeze blew by them, sending a few tendrils of her black hair flying with the wind, ruffling his spiky, chocolate-brown hair. Erika voluntarily closed her eyes, feeling Ash's mint-smelling warm breath upon her face, anticipating the arrival of his smooth, soft lips upon hers.

Their noses touched, and a second later their lips was about to as well. But…

"ASHY-DEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" two distinguished voices screamed at the same time, knocking Ash and Erika out of their 'moment'. Lara and Melody came later with the red-haired Misty, all faces twisted up because of their rage.

"Ashy-dear, you love me!"

"No, he loves me!"

"He kissed me earlier! There's no way he'd love you all!"

Ash and Erika only stood there as an immense catfight started to ensue. Ash, running a hand through his black-brown hair, sighed and got ready to call the three's attention. He removed his glasses and re-adjusted his polo.


All eyes were on Ash, who just screamed.

"I'm really flattered and all," Ash started, looking frustrated at first. "But this HAS got to stop. There's nothing you can do to stop me, because I LOVE HER."

Lips trembled as the four waited for a more exact answer.

"I love her because in this short time, she has been with me all along."

Eyes shifted from one to another.

"She stood up for me when I was hurt, depressed and down. None of you three did that to me. None of you supported me when I was heartbroken. I mean no offense, but I would want to make this clear."

All anticipated the answer. It was as if nature responded and kept itself silent, and nothing could be heard but Ash's deep, but smooth voice.

"I love her with all my life."

Ash turned to the woman beside him. He smiled an earnest grin and cupped her cheek again with his hand.

"I love you, Erika."

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