"He's a boy, right?"

"I don't know."

"You're always with him, you should know!"

"Shut up, dumbass!" Belphegor snickered as a knife suddenly pushed against Levi's throat. The tall man dared to gulp and back away.

"Fine, fine!" The lightning attributed Varia member stuttered. "Sorry, but I would just think that you would've asked or something by now…"

"I'll ask right now." Bel stated with a newfound determination. Levi clapped and cheered him on as the blond crept from the wall they were hiding behind. Laughing his signature laugh, Bel approached the Indigo Acrobaleno. "Hey, Mammon," he called out, grabbing the baby's attention.

"What is it?" Mammon barked, in the middle of counting money (Mammon's favorite activity).

Levi could feel sweat run down his face during the moments of suspense that Bel held before asking the dreaded question.

"Levi wanted to know if you're a boy or girl." Bel said, pointing to the hiding Levi-a-than.

"Eh?" The large man gasped. "Hold on, Bel!" He roared, rushing towards the boy who merely laughed.

"I'll tell you." Mammon said seriously before Levi could begin choking Bel. This statement shocked the other two making their attention focus solely on the greedy Varia member for several seconds.

"Well?" Bel hissed.

"But you'll have to pay me." Mammon replied, tone anything but sarcastic.

"You're kidding right?" Levi asked.

More silence. Then Mammon turned away and said, "I guess you'll wonder forever."

Both Levi and Bel stopped the Acrobaleno, reaching in their pockets for whatever they had, each of them pulling out change.

"Oh yeah," Bel said with a smirk. "I spent most of my cash on new knives and gelato."

Levi tapped his chin. "And I guess I must've spent mine on getting those mugs made that have Boss's face on'em." He then pulled out one of the cups that had Xanxus's angered face printed on it.

Bel stared at Levi then declared, "You just keep getting creepier."

"What?" Levi snarled.

Mammon snatched up the coins. "That's good enough."

"It is?" Bel asked. "I didn't think your information was that cheap Mammon."

"Don't make him or her rethink it, you idiot!" Levi growled, slapping Bel on the back of the head.

"The truth is…" Mammon began, the other Varia members trembling with excitement. "…I'm a girl."

Bel groaned. "Really?"

"That's cute. I'm just glad we know." Levi sighed.

Then, suddenly, Mammon said, "I'm kidding. I'm male."

"That's better!" Bel shouted happily.

"Why'd you joke like that?" Levi asked. "You don't have to be embarrassed!"

Mamrmon grinned mischievously. "No, I was lying again. I am a female."

This time the pair of questioners didn't reply.

"…Another fib. I'm a boy."

"Err… Mammon!"

"Nope! I'm a girl!"

"Wait, for real?"

"No, that was also a prank. You fell for it, Levi."


"Don't just 'oh'! He obviously is screwing around!"

"Don't use 'he' when referring to a lady like me!"

"But didn't he just say he was a guy?"

"Stop getting caught up in it, stupid! Mammon, just tell us which one you are."

Mammon then shrugged and started floating off. "Who knows?"

Once the infant was a good deal away, Levi and Bel realized that that was the last of their money wasted.

A/N: Really really sorry if I'm bursting anyone's bubble, but Mammon/Viper is a boy, just in case you did not know.