Title: Finding Father - The Mom Diaries

Characters: Xander-centred (implied pairing), Other characters whenever they appear in this story

MY Inspiration: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (movie, T.V. series, graphic novels), Weird Science (Movie), Dead Zone (T.V. Series), Sentinel (T.V. Series), Ghostbusters (movie, maybe cartoon show), Dirty Dancing (movie)

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Author's Note: I first fell in love with this type of story by accident in 2004 and have felt that it is more fun to read and write slashy-type stories rather than boy-girl type because I read too much of that kind when I was in High-School (blame Daniel Steele or Harlequin Romances for the negativity against het stuff).

Summary: Answering Challenge 305 from the TTH web side - This story is set after Xander loses his eye, but before the fall of the First. A shoebox is the beginning. Stacks of papers tied up with colourful string, all sorted by date inside this innocuous cardboard object. "Do I or don't I, is the question," Xander mutters alone, while looking at all of them.

STORY Warning: The timeline will be way off on where the Crossovers occur, but I'm writing them as they fit into this story rather than how they actually occurred when they first aired (mostly 80's movies, list will be posted when the story is complete). They need to fit the "father" issue in this story. AU (Alternative Universe) - AT (Alternate Timelines) - Non-Cannon - Story - Post Last Season of the Buffy T.V. Series.

Speech Legend: (This is the standard by which I write my stories and therefore you will not see this repeated in future chapters)

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Chapter One - Letters in a Shoebox

A shoebox full of letters didn't even begin to cover Xander's confusion. He held the thing in his hand wondering just what it could contain, but even so he never expected the papers that he was looking at would be so old or mixed.

"Do I or don't I," Xander mutters alone in his room, while staring occasionally at the open box sitting on his kitchen table. He waffled, as Spike would say, going to the sink for water, the fridge for a beer, the cupboards for the all comforting Twinkie snack-cake and back to sitting at the table to stare at the shoebox.

The gang had been by earlier that day to help him pack up his parents' things at their old place. Most of which was going straight to the dump and other bits were being donated to local charities. Everything was going. Well, everything except this box.

Inside the box were lots of airmail type envelopes, each seemingly tied to different colours of string and ribbons. They were in order and after reading the latest from someone with the name of N. Sandburg in the left hand corner on the front of the envelop. Xander had decided to wait a bit before going through the letters because he knew that it would take some time.

He had pulled out one to read a portion of it...

Dear Jessie,

I'm sorry to hear that your son didn't marry that lovely girl, but sometimes it's better to be free than to be tied down by such antiquated ideas. You know my feelings in the matter so I won't bore you with them again.

Let me tell you about my son. He's currently living with a PIG. No not the animal, but a cop. Ugh, can you believe it. I know I taught him better than that, but what can I say.

He's really stuck with the big idiot...

He folded the letter up again and put it away for later. There were other things in the box.

It also contained one brown envelope, an extremely dog-eared book full of initials, two sets of dates for each entry. There were some explicitly drawn stick figures each with a one to five star rating next to some of the entries.

It didn't help that Spike when showed up later and rifled through the box immediately seeking out dirt on the one nearly incorruptible human in their mix. He found it in the form of that book and immediately knew what it was all about with just a glance a couple of the entries.

"Damn Harris," he smirked at the drawings. "Your mum really got around din't she?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Xander said frowning in the vampire's direction and standing up in order to investigate.

"Wow Xander..." Anya said. "Your mom really was the town bicycle, if there's anything that I can judge from this diary." She paused and then said in a chirpy, happy tone. "I always wanted to use that expression and just think I wouldn't have been able to that if I wasn't here helping you out."

"All you're doing is sitting on that stool and filing your nails," Buffy said blowing the hair out of her face and tugging it back into the pony tail that it had been slowly slipping from.

"I'm practicing my directing skills," Anya replied, turning to concentrate on another nail. "You all need the guidance on how to properly pack these items, although they are not as delicate as some of the things we ship out from out store."

Meanwhile Xander had managed to wrestle the book away from Spike and the vampire let him do it because the Slayer was tossing her "Mr. Pointy" up and down in the air. A shove and a stumble later, Xander was able to close up the box and set it aside for further study.

Now here he was. Finally ready to look through it, but he didn't know where to begin. He heaved a huge sigh, pulled the hair away from his one good eye and then he took out the oldest package. It didn't take him all that long to figure out that the second set of dates in the book or diary corresponded to one or more of the letters.

As for the brown official looking envelope, well he really didn't want to look through that any time soon.