Chapter 10 - Original Challenge, Author's note and Fandom references

Original Challenge from tth web site-

Challenge 305: Finding Father

Multiple crossover challenge-
While going through a few of his deceased parents records, Xander discovers a set of adoption papers. Now armed with nothing more then determination Xander must try and find his real father. Too bad it's a pretty long list of possibilities.

Someone has to say the line, "Wow Xander… your mom really was the town bicycle."
Must crossover with at least three different series/movies; not including the Buffy verse. (ex. Buffy/ Full House/ Weird Science/ The Dead Zone.)
Xander needs to meet at least one Man that he really wants to be his father and/or one person he hopes his not related to.
Have Fun Writing everyone. ^^

Author's note: I know that more could be written for this story and yet I feel that have answered the question of who Xander's father is and his trip over. It was time for him to move on.

Anything more would just drag the story on with too many details. I feel that I have provided everyone who's read the story (many, many thanks by-the-way) fuel for their imagination. A lot of what happened, what ifs, how did they do... etc... I'm leaving it up to you to image it. Think of the stories that can be spun with that.

X-overs in order of appearance:

T.V. - The Sentinel (Naomi Sandburg, reference)

Movie - "Ghostbusters" (like you couldn't tell)

Movie - "Dirty Dancing" (Kellerman's the resort, Robbie is the a-hole waiter that Baby's sister wanted to sleep with near the end of the film)

Movie - "Eddie and the Cruisers" (reference to Frank Ridgeway)

Movie - "Weird Science" (Chet is the a-hole bully brother of one of the two main characters)

Movie - "Earth Girls Are Easy" (Wiploc is the red alien played by Jim Carrey)

T.V. - The Dead Zone (w/Anthony Michael Hall, recently concluded series)

Data for X-overs obtained from following web sites:

"i m d b dot com" (every kind of TV, Movies, etc... information found here)

"fast rewind dot com" (lucky find, complete 80's movies information, trivia, etc...)

"wiki ped ia dot org" (used for additional information, like home town locations)