Alas the human sacrifice

This is the story of me Alas. My name wasn't always Alas it once was Ami. But toexplain I need to tell you my story. It starts as a normal night. My mom and dad wear gone. So I went to bed at 8:30PM that's when the weird started to happen. I had the worst the worst dream ever. I got a cut and it heart! Then when I tried to wake up it didn't work. So I thought nothing of it. Big mistake! I counted days, weeks, and maybe even months. I was starving. Then in the distains I heard a noise in the distains. Then I saw it. It was a woman. She had a trail of blood behind hear. The closer I got hear it got bigger. I kept my distance. When I finally got the guts to ask what hear name was she told me it was "Alas." "Do you have a last name?" I asked. "No Just Alas." That's weird no last name. Oh well. "What happened to your lags?" She looked puzzled like she had no idea what I was talking about. She looked down at them in horror. "WHAT!" They wear covered in scars "OH MY GOD!"She yelled. "I must tell you something" She said "It is a matter of life and death." "So there is a bunny. I know what you're thinking a bunny right wrong. So he wanted to be known throughout the world. So he made a dream. So now I'm stuck here because if you spill blood you are stuck here, And after not to long you start to get like toe bunny not quite human. And now that's me."She started to sob. "But I got cut. How long do I have?" "Two weeks tops" she said. I stayed with here for a week. After that she started to ached funny.

Flash Back

"Get your stuff packed up you must go." The red lady told me "But what about you?" "I'll be fin. Then I left.

Flash Back over

I was walking for hours. I was hungry, tiered, and miserable. Then I heard a voice singing. It was the most graceful voice I ever heard. It was like pulling me in. I found a rose bush with dry blood on it then I saw a blue man. I wasn't as timid as before. I walked up to him. "Who are you?" I demanded. "mmy nname iss Alaas." He stuttered. He didn't seem to stable. I backed up and started to run. I ran and ran but he wouldn't stop. I ran to a green causal. The guard let me in. The guard did not let the blue man in. He is in the dungeon. It scared me a bit. When it was time to go to bed a got a glimpse of the green princess's room it was covered it blood stains. She may have been nice but I had to go. So a packed my things and left. The door was locked so I went out the window. Someone must have heard me. I saw the blue man he did not see me thou. I ran to get away. I ran into some twins. So far everyone I met wear named Alas. No surprise so was theirs. "Let's have a tea party!" they sed. I saw blood on them. When they weren't looking I ran till they wear out of site. The last person I met was not Alas. She was named Meme. "Have you cut yourself yet at all?" "No" she sed. I started to feel tingly and weird. "Tack this story. Publish it and beware!" "Wake up. NOW!" and she did. I was gone, dead inside, just like the others. Now if she did what she was told beware if you dream this dream wake up and don't go back to sleep!