"You know you've felt the same."

change. she didn't like change. not at all.

in her world, change meant sadness and suffering, anger and resentment.

it meant isolation.

confused? you're not the only one.

oh, she used to have friends. great friends, actually. and even when those two disappeared, she still had other friends. eventually, they left her as well.

so she did the only thing she could do.

she shut down.

she didn't just stop talking. no, it was more extreme than that.

she shut down completely. she didn't talk, she never looked at anyone. at first glance, you probably wouldn't think she was breathing. it was that bad.

but meanwhile, while you stared at this girl and made all of your judgements, her mind was screaming. an internal battle, if you will.

there were no voices that tried to reach out to her or bring her down.

but there were plenty of images, flashbacks that took her back to when she was six-years-old and played in her grandmother's garden with her friends.

(who were they again?

rock, earth, mountains.

and then


she loved these memories.

these memories were her everything.

and if someone tried to take them away… well, she wouldn't let that happen.

(an evil, scary voice

blood everywhere, flashes of light, sirens

and now

this place.)

she wasn't depressed or anything.

you could think that if you wanted to, of course.

she just didn't see why she should try to make friends.

she was perfectly happy in her mind, thank you very much.

after all, her best friends were always right there with her.

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