Camp Rock 2

Chapter 1

Nate's P.O.V

As I sat in my house again that summer, I watched the leaves being blown in the light brezze just as my band mate and best friend, Jason Black got up.

"Jason, it's one o'clock in the afternoon, what happened?"

"Sorry Nate, I was really tried."

This had been Jason's excuse ever since he and Shane had broken up just mere weeks ago.

"Jason, you have to get over this, you need to take a shower and cheer up."

"I guees" Jason said plonking himself down on the couch beside me and I turned to him.

"NOW" I said in a streen voice and that got Jason up.

I sighed going back to stare at the tv screen which was on mute, the scene was from the Paranoid music video which I had watched about fifty times now.

A few seconds later, my phone buzzed in my pocket and I looked it out to see it was from Caitlyn Geller, my girlfriend.

Hey Nate,

how's Jase.

I sighed wondering how to replay then texted back.

Alright still depressed.

I sent it and looked outside seeing a black limo pull up and I recognised it as Shane's uncle's Brown Cessairo.

The doorbell went seconds later and I opened it to see Brown there.

"Hey Nate" Brown said giving me a slap on the back and I slapped him back on the back.

"Hey, Brown, what's going on?"

"Camp Rock's back for another session, where's Jason?"

"Shower" I said pointing to the bathroom just as the water stopped and Jason stepped out dressed to success in a black shirt and jeans with his now curly hair hanging damp around his face.

"Hey Brown, what's going on?" Jason said now in a much better, I noticed.

"Camp Rock's coming back for a second session are you in?"

Me and Jason nodded then Brown told us to pack and meet him in his limo in five.

Now summer was really going somewhere, I thought as I piled all my summer stuff into my case.

I just didn't know how far it would go.