Writer's Block

Chapter one by Demongirl47

Disclaimer: Erik belongs to Gaston Leroux, Javert to Victor Hugo (not to me sadly)

On a particularly warm and dull summer day, Violet sat at her desk strumming her fingers on one hand, and resting her chin against the other hand while staring at the blank page before her. Turning her head towards the window in her home office, she gazed out at the birds building a nest in the tree in her front yard. She watched them work for a few minutes before snapping her attention back to what she was supposed to be doing. Staring again at the paper, she sighed and picked up a pencil. She began to write something, then crumpled up the paper and tossed it, barely missing the waste basket .

Sighing, she leaned back in her chair and said aloud, " An author's job is to write a story so unique and descriptive that the character's seem to come alive in order to captivate readers... But why is it so hard to come up with good ideas?" Grabbing a new sheet of paper, she began to write again, and again crumpled up the paper.

She pushed herself away from the desk and stood.

"Forget it," she grumbled, " I need some fresh air,"

Violet got into her car and drove to her favorite hiking spot, not too far from her house. She took a deep lungful of air and smiled.

" Nothing like fresh mountain air to clear your head," Violet observed. Pulling her backpack higher on her shoulders, she began to walk into the woods.

After a while of hiking up the mountains, she came across the wide, yawning mouth of a cave. Grabbing a flashlight from her bag, she decided to check it out. She began to descend into the darkness of the cave. In a short amount of time she had traveled a long way. And, of course, her flashlight fizzled out and died.

She sighed. "Yup…. This is creepy. Maybe I'll have some inspiration for a horror novel." She tried to backtrack a few steps, but tripped over a rock and fell flat on her face.

Suddenly a powerful voice sounded behind her. "Why have you come to Erik's lair?"

Violet nearly jumped out of her skin. "Huh- Who said that?"

The voice said darkly, "You will not live long enough to find out."

"Wha-hoik!" Before she had time to react, a rope was thrown over her neck and tightened, cutting off her air ways. With her face turning blue, Violet flailed her arms and started kicking at whoever was strangling her. Luckily, one of her kicks managed to land on the spot where no man should be kicked.

"ERP!" she heard her captor squeak. The rope loosened and she tore it off.


The person gasped then said in a higher-than-before pitched voice, "No one disturbs Erik's lair!"

A faint glow of light appeared from ahead of them. The light came closer and a new voice yelled, "EEEERIK!"

"Oh perfect," grumbled Erik. Violet could now see her captor. He was tall, wearing some really fancy clothing, like something from the Nineteenth century. On his face he wore a black mask.

The owner of the second voice appeared, holding up a lit torch. He was also dressed in some weird old clothing, but more like a police uniform, and he had huge sideburns.

"Erik, what are you doing?" the second man said, "Nothing unlawful I hope."

Violet stood up and pointed to the second man. " Wait a sec, who're you?"

With a slight bow of his head he replied, "Inspector Javert, mademoiselle."

"And what are you doing here."

"Making sure Erik is not doing anything wrong."

Violet crossed her arms. "Oh you mean like strangling defenseless women?"


Erik rolled his eyes. "If you're not going to let me kill her, could you at least finish this chat elsewhere?"

At that moment, Violet had an epiphany. "Hang on, Inspector Javert, like from Les Misérables? And Erik as in The Phantom of the Opera? What are you, like actors or something?" She inquired.

With an absolutely appalled look, Javert snapped back, "Most certainly not! Horrible profession, wouldn't dream of it! We are exactly who we say we are."

Violet raised a skeptic eyebrow. "But that would mean you're book characters."


"But that's impossible.!"

"Ah, my dear," Erik chimed in, "One should never call anything impossible."

Sadly Violet shook her head. "Oh I see, I'm hallucinating, my friend Jenny always said I would…" She poked both Erik and Javert on their arms. "But you feel real enough. How can this be?"

" Well you see, when a story is written(especially a descriptive story), the author puts a lot of heart and soul into a lot of the characters. So much so that quite often the characters become living, breathing, thinking beings. However, real though they may then be, they are invisible to the senses of ordinary people." Javert answered her.

"Why is that?"

Because while ordinary beings wish that certain novel characters were real, they know in their hearts that they aren't. Without people to believe in us we can't be seen."

Violet sniggered. "Do you know how lame that sounds? 'We need to be believed in.' That sounds like some stereotypical fairytale."

Javert's cheeks turned red. "Well it's true!"

"Well okay, but then why is it that I can see you?"

"You have the aura of a writer, and writers can usually see us with greater ease, plus nearly being strangled by Erik helps notice us."

"Okay, one more question, Mr. Fictional Character. Les Misérables was written like 100+ years ago, why is it that you're still kicking around?" "Since we're not entirely real, we cannot age and therefore cannot die."

Violet nodded. "Right…."

Erik sighed irritably. " Now that you've had this chat will both of you GO AWAY?"

"Let me see that torch a sec," Violet asked Javert. He handed it to her, and she took a step towards Erik.

"What are you-" He started to say before Violet swiped the mask from his face. Erik blinked a couple of times and Violet made a quick examination of his deformed face.

"So you're face really is deformed! You guys are telling the truth! Oh Erik, you poor thing."

"How dare you!" Erik grabs the mask. "Give me that!" He adjusted the mask back on his face and let out a brisk sigh. "Well now that you've seen my face, you cannot leave, any woman who sees this monster's face must stay with him forever."

"Of course I can leave, I need to get back to writing and I have a dentist appointment tomorrow! But you can come with me if you want, I have lots of room at my home and no one should live in a cave. Come on." She begins marching away.

Erik followed after her. "Wait, come back!"

Violet whirled around and stopped him in his tracks.

"Do you want me to kick you again?" She threatened. Erik covered his vital regions and shook his head.

Violet again walked away. "Then let's go."