Writer's Block Chapter Six

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Our lovely ladies were sitting in the living room sipping hot chocolate. Violet was sitting on the couch with Helena on the floor in front of her, as she was tying Helena's long hair in a complicated braid. Alice was lying in a pile of pillows and mindlessly shuffling a pack of playing cards. Earlier she had tried making a house of cards, but there was this whole mess with Violet sneezing, and she'd given up. Between painful tugs on her hair, Helena tried to ask if Violet thought the boys would be safe without them. After all, boys are stupid and who knows what would happen on this trip.

"They'll be fine," Violet reassured her, "They're only twenty miles away. If anything happens, we'll know. Hand me a bobby pin" Helena handed her a handful of pins. With one last powerful tug, and a scream from Helena, she got the hair back and pinned it.

They heard the front door open and close. There were some footsteps and muffled voices. Who could it be? Helena naturally was worried. Violet just shrugged. Helena couldn't understand how Violet could have lived on her own for so long with out getting murdered. Luckily though, there wasn't anything to worry about. The living room door opened and Jane entered.

"Hello, Helena, Alice, Violet! I'm back!" she wobbled over to an armchair and plopped down in an un-lady like manner. She sighed from satisfaction and smiled. Closing her eyes she said, "Oh, I'm so tired…"

"Hey there Jane," Violet said as she handed a watery eyed Helena a mirror to see her hair.

"I've found Edward. I hope you don't mind, I left him inside. Would it be alright if we stayed a while?"

"Certainly!" Violet noticed a piece of hair she hadn't put in Helena's braid. "Shoot. I'll have to take it out and start ov-"

"NO!" Helena cried, "It's fine, really!"

Jane thanked Violet then asked, "So where is everyone else?"

"Sleeping with the fishes." said Violet.

Jane jumped up in her chair. "YOU KILLED THEM!"

"No, they're on a fishing trip. The camp is right on the river bank. They are 'sleeping' with the fishes."

Jane eased back again. "Oh."

Helena yawned and stood. She stretched her arms, and then tried to touch her toes. "My bottom was falling asleep from sitting so long. Anyway, what are we supposed to do while the boys are gone?"

Violet opened her mouth to say something then stopped. She hadn't though about that when she'd sent them off. "Well….. Hmm…."

The four women (well, three women and one ten-year-old) thought about it for a minute. After all, it's not like they could just sit and waste away for seven days. Well, they could, but they didn't want to.

Finally Violet got an idea. "We could have a girl's day and go shopping and stuff."

Jane clapped her hands together. "Wonderful idea! That sounds like fun! Better than playing cards all day….." Alice sheepishly hid the pack of cards she was playing with behind her. "I'll go tell Edward that we're going."

If this story were a movie, more specifically a chick-flick, this would be one of those useless party montage moments that don't really help the plot along and are kind of useless. The girls went to the spa and relaxed for a while. After that they went to the mall and bought enough clothes to supply a third world country. They hit the amusement park next; Jane got motion sick on the tilt-a-whirl. Lastly they went to see a 3-D movie. Then all that fun was over and they still had six days to go.

"That was fun!" said Helena when they got home.

"Now what?" asked Jane.

Again they thought.


A few days later found the women (Mr. Rochester kept to his room the whole time, very tired and still getting used to his new surroundings) all sluggishly lying around the house flopped on furniture and the floor, covered in chocolate wrappers, and still in their pajamas.

Poor Alice probably had it the worst, being a child with a short attention span. "The last four days have been so boring!" she cried.

Helena sighed. "I know! And we still have two more to go!"

The girls groaned.

"Hey!" Violet snapped her fingers and sat up. "I know! We could do something to surprise all the guys when they get back!"

"Like what?" asked Jane.

Violet grinned. "How about an early Christmas?"

She stood up and strode over to her phone. She picked it up and punched in a couple of numbers. After waiting a few seconds, the other line picked up.

"Hey Dave!" she said to the person on the other end, "How are you and Cindy?" That's great! Hey, I was wondering if you might help me with a little favor. Do you mind bringing over one of dad's moving trucks and helping me bring some stuff home? No, my roommates aren't moving in yet. What kind of stuff? Oh some furniture, some books and paintings… and a pipe organ. What! Please Dave? Oh, uh-uh. No way! I won't say it! Oh fine! 'David Byron Hancock is the bravest, most brilliant, handsomest man who ever lived. He could have any girl or any job he wants. He conquers all and rules all. His sister Violet is nothing. She is not the bravest, most brilliant, or prettiest woman who ever lived. She can't have anything. She has no friends. She is just a blip of an existence.' There, happy? Okay, tomorrow at noon. 'K. See you!"

She hung up the phone. Helena and Jane were standing by her.

"What was that about Vi?" asked Jane.

"You'll see." Violet grabbed her car keys. "Come on, out to the car, we're going shopping. Edward can come if he wants."


Let's take this moment to see what the boys are up to, shall we? (I'm making this up on the spot, so don't kill me if it doesn't make any sense)

Tom lifted up his fishing line. "Look I caught another one!" He grinned from ear to ear.

The other men grumbled. None of them had caught anything yet, and the trip was almost over. Percy had spent all morning trying to properly tie his cravat that just would not tie. He refused to go fishing in his nice clothes. The others asked him why he brought his good clothes on a fishing trip in the first place, and he said that he didn't want them to be lonely.

Odysseus occupied his time doing push ups and running laps through the woods.

He did stop for a while to have a chat and a glass of wine with a minor god, but for the most part, he just exercised.

Harry was busy as ever taking notes and testing the water quality of the river. Taking a break, he walked over to Demetrius and sat down next to him. Demetrius had been practicing lines from The Merchant of Venice, but now he was taking a cat nap. He opened an eye when Harry sat next to him.

"Hello," he said sleepily.

"Hello," Harry said back. "You don't seem to be having much fun."

"I'm more of an indoors person." Demetrius yawned and propped himself up on his elbows.

"Really?" Harry raised an eyebrow. "But the outdoors are so much fun. Honestly, after spending all that time stuck in the center of the earth, I try to stay outdoors as much as possible. That experience made me…. Rather claustrophobic."

"See, it was the opposite with me. That whole experience I had in the forest, chasing after girls, getting rejected, fighting, having my love affairs interfered by fairies, made me not like the outside as much."

Harry nodded. "I see." Then he and Demetrius just began to talk and quickly became good friends.

Javert and Erik were sitting on a log on the edge of the river by Tom. Javert just kind of stared into space, but Erik drummed his fingers on the log and wished desperately for a sheet of paper and a pen because he'd just had a revelation for a new composition. Tom was struggling to reel in another fish. Javert reminded him to not go over his limit. Tom was falling all over the place trying to bring in the fish. Odysseus came over to help him. The two struggled but to no avail. Soon Harry and Demetrius were involved too. Even with the four of them, they couldn't reel the stupid fish in. Demetrius slipped and splashed water on Percy.

"HEY!" He shouted. Now his clothes were ruined. He sighed. Now that his outfit was spoiled, he figured he might as well help too, and went to go catch the fish.

Erik, deciding that helping was better than doing nothing, also joined in the fight. Javert just looked on. The men asked him to come over and help, but he refused. Odysseus went over to him and pushed him into the river. Javert flopped around in the water for a second, then scrambled out and dripped water all over the ground. He was wide eyed and hyperventilating. Harry and Demetrius laughed.

"Is the kitty afraid of the water? Can't the kitty swim?" Harry taunted him.

Javert threw his nightstick at Harry's face.


The men still struggled to bring in the fish. With one last tug, they managed to get it. Unfortunately though, it turned out to be a river monster and not a fish.

"Sweet mother of Zeus…." said a wide eyed Odysseus. The other ran for it.


Well that was fun, wasn't it? Now let's go back to the girls.

The next day, Helena, Violet and Edward were lounging on the back porch waiting for the moving truck. Jane had wanted to go too, but Edward told her to stay home, he didn't want his little Jane to work to hard. Plus, someone had to watch Alice, who was very put out at not being allowed to go. But, she pulled it together and made Mr. Rochester a daisy chain.

The day was extraordinarily hot and they sat fanning themselves with sheets of paper lying around. Finally the truck pulled up and Violet's older brother hopped out.

"Hey Vi!" he laughed as saw her, "Good to see you!"

Now her brother had movie star good looks. Wavy blonde hair, sparkling grey eyes, a nice jaw with a cleft in it, and lot's of muscles. He was at one time what we like to call a 'ladies man'. And Helena was weak to the power of his looks.

With a dreamy expression Helena said to Violet, "Is that your brother? Gosh he's cute!" She sighed longingly.

Violet gave her a look and whispered, "Whoa lady! He's married, and so are you!"

Dave walked towards them. Violet threw her arms around him in a tight embrace.

"Dave! Oh, I missed you! Thank you so much for coming!"

Dave smiled and hugged her back. Helena walked over and began to say, "Hello there, my name is-" But then Violet kicked her very hard in the shin.

"OW!" Helena rubbed her leg where it had been kicked. "What was that for?"

Violet ignored the comment and continued to talk to Dave. Helena kept trying to get Violet's attention, but Violet acted as though Helena didn't exist.

Finally, Dave said, "So where am I supposed to pick up this junk you called me out for?"

"I'll show you." Said Violet. "It's some ways away. About twelve miles."

"All right. Get in and lead on." He gestured towards the van. Violet turned around and got in, while Dave gave the van a quick check. Helena took this opportunity to talk to her, while she and Mr. Rochester squeezed in to the back of the 'cockpit' of the van.

"So what was that kick for?" she asked, understandably a little grumpy.

Violet had to remind her that Helena, as a character, was invisible. "He can't see or hear you, so don't talk."

"Why not?" Helena figured that it didn't make any difference either way.

"Because if I accidentally look at you and/or make a comment to what you are saying, my brother might think I'm crazy." Violet explained.

"Oh." Helena was still a little put out, but she saw the logic in this.

Mr. Rochester just thought to himself that women were very silly.

Dave came back in and they took off. As they drove along, Dave and Vi had some pleasant sibling catching up conversation, and Mr. Rochester and Helena were very uncomfortably squeezed into the back. A bit too close for comfort for people who were married to other people. Eventually, they got up the mountain and reached Erik's cave.

They got out and Dave looked a bit unhappy.

"Jeez, this is where all the stuff we're picking up is? Some freaky cave?"

"Unfortunately yes." Said Violet. "Flashlights on." Then the four of them went into the cave. Dave sneezed very loudly.

"ACHOO! I seem to have an allergy to dark and damp caves…"

Violet rolled her eyes, even though it was dark and no one could see. "Oh, don't be such a wuss Dave."

Dave strode next to her, and puffed out his chest. "Excuse me, who's a wuss? Certainly not David Byron Hancock, ruler and conqueror of all!

Violet shook her head, disgusted. "Sometimes you are so self centered."

"What else is there to be centered about?"

"How you got married I still don't know." Violet sighed.

They continued down their path to the "dark side", as Dave called it. Violet and Dave continued to argue with each other. Helena and Mr. Rochester were walking just behind them having a pleasant chat together, and remarking about how silly the other two were. Violet heard them and wanted to say something back, but with Dave there, she couldn't. After a while, they reached the end of the tunnel and walked into Erik's old home. It was a cavernous room, one that would make Harry sick if he saw it. There were a variety of instruments lined up against one wall, including a smaller pipe organ. Papers that had compositions scribbled on them were scattered to and fro. There was a black coffin on the ground, wide open, and Violet was tempted to just leave it there, but she decided it would have to come with them.

Dave, mouth agape, was completely bewildered at the spectacle. "What is this?" He asked.

"This was once the home of one of my friends," she answered as she bent over to pick up some papers off the floor.

"You have a friend who lived in a cave?"

"Yes actually."

Dave just nodded as he scrutinized the room. After a moment, he said, "I think we're gonna have to make a few trips."

It took them a few hours, but the four of them managed to get the bulk of the stuff out of the cave and into the moving truck. Dave couldn't figure out how in the world Violet got the stuff out so quickly. He told her that she must be very strong to carry all of it. Violet agreed with him. Helena giggled and Mr. Rochester flashed a small smile.

Then came the time to bring out the organ. After a quick examination, they discovered that the organ could be easily dismantled to make carrying a bit easier. Not too much easier however, it still weighed a ton. Violet and Dave struggled to bring it out piece by piece, even with the invisible help of Helena and Mr. Rochester. Mr. Rochester and Helena put all of their effort into it, and Dave was surprised at 'Violet's' strength. After a struggle, they finally started to load the last piece of the organ into the truck.

"This…. Organ… Is freakin' heavy! …Sis….." Dave managed to spit out.

Sweat was pouring down Violet's for head as she answered, "I'm putting all my effort into it! Girls don't have muscles like guys do!"

"But you did sports in high school!"

"Yeah, swimming….. Not…. Weightlifting!"

"Almost… There….." With one final push they got it into the truck. "Got it! Phew, I am glad that's over. You owe me big time for this!"

Violet sat down and fanned herself off. "I know and I am grateful!"

"But you know you are setting this back up on your own."

Violet sighed. "I'm ever so glad that you love me so…."

So, now that the task was done, they got back into the car and drove home. Violet and Dave gave each other a quick hug. Violet asked if he would stay for dinner, but he had to get back to his wife. So they said a fond goodbye and he left. When he was gone, Violet rubbed her hands together and she turned to Helena and Mr. Rochester.

"So, any volunteers to help me set all this stuff back up?" She asked.

Helena raised an eyebrow. "Are you serious?"

Violet sighed. "Didn't think so."

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