Title: Twisted Ankle & Loving Care

Type: Smallville Fan Fiction Pairing: Chloe/Clark

Written by: Angelbsb

Disclaimer: I do not own. They belong to Amiles, the CW, and DC Comics.

Rating: R (for bad language)

Summary: What Happens to Chloe's right ankle, it is what happened to my own ankle. But sadly I have no Clark Kent to help me .But I do have a very wonderful MOM that is taking care of me.

Chloe had been sitting at her computer so long that her right foot went to sleep. She stands up and lifts her right foot up to wake it up; when she puts her foot down it goes on to its side where she almost falls over. Chloe catches herself where she feels a faint snap and popping in her foot.

"Oh My God ouch. That Fucking hurts" Chloe says loudly with tears in her eyes. Then Chloe walks over to her desk chair when Clark speeds in.

"Chloe, Are you alright I heard your cussing what's wrong?"

"No Clark, I'm not alright. I think I twisted or broke my ankle" Chloe says while breathing deeply from her pain.

Clark walks over to Chloe and he x-rays Chloe's foot and says "I do not think it's broken. But it might be severely twisted. So let me get you an ice pack".

"Ok Clark thanks. No matter what the pain is bad. An ice pack sounds good. Also Clark could you get me an ace bandage also" Chloe says while softly crying.

Clark gives Chloe a kiss on her cheek before going to get the things for her. Chloe closes her eyes until Clark comes back. Soon a whoosh of air signals Clark's return; he lays the ice pack gently over Chloe's ankle. Chloe let's out a whimper of pain mixed with a sigh of relief at the ice pack. After the ice was on for 20 minutes Clark takes it off very gently then wraps up Chloe's ankle. Then Clark hands Chloe some thing for the pain; Chloe takes it with no fuss with a glass of cold water.

Clark stands up and says "Chlo, I'm taking you to the Farm so I can take care of you ".

Chloe nods and says "That's a good idea Clark. I'm ready to go when you are". Then Clark gently gathers Chloe into his arms making sure she is comfortable and has the ice pack before Super speeding to the Farm. When Chloe opens her eyes she is in Clark's room lying on his bed.

Clark goes to his closet and pulls out one of his shirts for Chloe to Change into. "Here Chlo, I'll be right outside the door if you need any help alright" Clark says softly.

"Thank you so much Clark. I will let you know if I need any help" Chloe says in a thankful tone. Clark goes into the hallway so Chloe can get changed.

A few minutes later Chloe calls Clark back into the room. "Clark will you stay in here with me? I will feel so much better knowing your close" Chloe says in a soft almost sleepy tone .

"Oh course I'll stay in here with you Chlo. I will always be here for you. Now get some sleep" Clark says before lying down beside her. Soon both Chloe and Clark are sound asleep side by side on the bed.