As they climbed down the moving staircase, Harry felt a faint sense of relief and of a fresh start. It was clouded by his survivor's guilt and feelings of tremendous loss, but it was there nevertheless. He knew that after the aftermath of battle everything would be alright, but he couldn't think about that now. All he could think about was his fatigue and hunger, and the comfy bed sitting in Gryffindor tower. They continued down the corridor, stepping over various chunks of rubble and pieces of suits of armor. At one point, Harry glanced back at Ron and Hermione, walking slightly behind him, to see that they were holding hands. He turned back around, smiling slightly to himself. It was about time, he thought. As they passed the still crowded Great Hall, Harry heard Grawp still laughing and the sounds of rejoicing, celebrating, and grief. He felt a rush of affection for these people, who bravely faced battle, and stood by him every second of the way and his smile widened. Then he saw the niche where he and Percy had stored Fred's body yesterday afternoon, and the grin slipped right off his face. It felt so wrong and disrespectful to feel happy when those who perished were not there to share the feeling. Harry sighed and shook his head, as if to dislodge his unpleasant thoughts.

As they approached the Tower, Ron put an arm around both Harry and Hermione's shoulders, and they overlapped an arm each on his back, and they walked that way the last corridors to the portrait hole. The Fat Lady was not in her frame, probably celebrating down in the Great Hall in her friend Vi's portrait, so they pushed aside the heavy painting and climbed into the Common Room. As Harry surveyed the familiar surroundings, he felt as if it had been ten years since he'd set foot in the room instead of one. It seemed as if he was an aged adult who revisited the scene of his childhood home, after long since forgetting how it felt to spend time there. He and Ron and Hermione passed the fire and their favorite armchairs, and began to climb the spiral staircase. As if going by some unspoken agreement, the trio piled into the boys dormitory, and Harry was surprised to see that there were five beds, as if he, Ron and Dean had never left. Hermione directed her wand her wand at them and three of the beds pushed close together until they were touching. Without a word said, they each climbed into a bed and closed their eyes, not even bothering to change out of their grimy clothes. Perhaps it was because they were so used to sleeping in such close quarters for so long. Or perhaps they just felt they needed each other right then, but whatever the reason, the three huddled closer together, and soon were fast asleep.

After what seemed like a second later, Harry awoke. It was dark in the room and he felt around blindly for his glasses. He found them on the nightstand, which he considered odd as he couldn't remember taking them off. He got up and looked at the clock. Two in the morning, he'd slept through the whole day. He glanced down next to him and saw that Ron and Hermione were still asleep, hand in hand. He wandered out onto the balcony, and leaned on the banister, looking down at the grounds and observing what he could of the damage. Then,


Harry whipped around and instinctively felt his pockets for his wand. Ginny was sitting on a bench on the other end of the balcony in pajamas and a pony tail.

"Blimey, Ginny, you nearly gave me a heart attack!" Harry gasped, clutching at his chest.

"Sorry," Ginny said, smiling slightly and getting up to imitate Harry's former position on the banister, leaning against it on her forearms.

"What are you doing out here so late?" Harry asked, still a little shaken.

"One might ask you the same question," Ginny said, with sad humor. "I came up here fancying a kip, and I saw you three, so I slept in here. I didn't really want to be alone."

"Understandable," Harry said, going to lean next to her. He paused slightly. "So, how are you holding up?"

Ginny grimaced a little. " Well, how are you holding up?" Harry nodded in agreement. "I'm alright considering, it'll get better."

"It will." They stood in silence for a moment.

"Hey, has something happened between Ron and Hermione?" Ginny asked quietly, with a meaningful glance in the door at their hands. Harry knew that this was an attempt to change the subject, but he laughed anyway.

"Oh yeah, Hermione kissed him the other day, after he said something about saving house elves."

"Ha! Figures", Ginny laughed. "It's about bloody time, though."

"That's exactly what I thought!" Harry exclaimed. They laughed quietly. After a few moments though, their laughter faded, and they stood there smiling at each other in silence.

"I've missed you, Ginny."

Ginny's eyes softened. "I've missed you too, Harry."

Harry reached over, and took Ginny's hand in his, and she gave him a squeeze back. They turned back towards the grounds, shoulder to shoulder, their heads touching, and stared up at the moon and the stars, glorying in their fresh start. In that moment, all the pains and struggles of the past few years were forgotten. It was just the two of them, the moon and their entwined hands. And, somewhere far off, they could hear the sounds of distant celebration at a new beginning.

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