Shattered Souls

Chapter Three

Found Her Again

- New Bark Town, 6:02 P.M. Johto Region -

- Bakura's POV -

"Um, Bakura? You do know where you're going?" Ryou, my annoying host asked.

"Not the slightest clue." I responded.

Somehow, we woke up in a forest. Yeah, I pretty sure I wasn't drinking last night. Anyway, we found our way out and we found a town. It was pretty small, but I could make out a couple of shops and houses.

"Anyway, WHERE THE HELL ARE WE?" Ryou yelled. I always thought that he was a bit screwed up in the mind.

"The sign said we're in New Bark Town. And what kind of name is that?" I asked. Seriously? You aren't that creative if you name a town like that.

Ryou shrugged. I rolled my eyes and saw her.

Her back was turned to me, but I knew her anywhere. The scar shaped like a "X" across her back and the golden chain around her ankle with an eye was enough.

"Bakura? Bakura!" My host tried to get my attention, but I wasn't focused on him. I was focusing on her.

She turned to me. Her ice-blue eyes, the color of the bright blue sky, were the first thing I saw the first day I saw her.

"Bakura?" she whispered, a dark, quite beautiful voice, like a black willow spider weaving a web of darkness.

"Zahra?" I whispered. A girl, the host I'll bet, was beside her. I knew that Ryou was beside me as well.

"YOU TWO KNOW EACH OTHER?" They both yelled.

Zahra smiled wickedly. "How about we talk in a less, public, place?" she asked, her blue eyes looking all over the people watching us.

I nodded. "Of course, my little desert rose, lead the way." I said, grinning.

She smiled and lead us to a small house right outside the town. It was made of dark cherry wood, and had had a second story with a couple of windows.

"Not the place I would see you in Zahra." I said, coming in. In the living room there was a sofa and two loveseat, all black leather. I could see there was a small kitchen and there was some stairs that lead to the second floor. The curtains were black and completely blocked out the setting sun.

Zahra shrugged, her long black hair like a curtain of shadows moving with her. Her beauty was eerily unnatural.

Zahra was wearing a black leather jacket and black jeans with black leather boots. Her Millennium Anklet was around her right ankle.

"You do with what you got." she said simply and sat down on the loveseat, relaxing her tense muscles. Her host appeared in spirit form and was seating on the rim of the loveseat.

I sat on the sofa, with Ryou looking sullen and he had his back against the wooden wall.

"Zahra, my desert rose, it's been too long." I said, smiling. She smiled too.

"True, so true. But, I am glad you okay. It's been about 5 thousand years since we last saw each other." she purred and she host, who didn't look like she was paying attention, turned her gaze to me. Her eyes were shockingly like Zahra's.

"So, you guys know each other?" her host asked, looking completely bored. Her eyes were dark and sharp.

Zahra laughed, beautiful and chilly at the same time. "Of course." I said, relaxing my back onto the sofa.

"Let me guess, you were lovers?" Zahra's host asked bluntly. I was kinda taken back by the straightforwardness of her question.

But, Zahra kept her cool and replied: "Why yes, we were."

Her host smiled. "I was just asking." she said shrugging, looking to the floor.

"Anyway, what brings you here Bakura, my thief?" Zahra said.

The million dollar question. Why were we here anyway?

"I don't know. We," I pointed over to my host, "Just woke up in the forest outside of here. I don't have the slightest clue why we woke up there."

Zahra smiled, her full red lips curving ever so slightly. "I don't think that matters. I know that we were suppose to be together again and it was just Fate. Seen the Pharaoh anywhere?"

I nodded. "A couple times, to the truthful, which I never am," I add the last part in, "But, I couldn't get the Puzzle. That stupid Pharaoh, always finding a way out of everything." I spat.

Zahra looked sympathetic. "I know how that feels." She looked away, unable to look me in the eye. "Seen . . . my sister?" she looked up, blue eyes blazing with fire.

I shook my head. "I haven't." I said, looking down. I looked back up. Zahra's eyes were burning deeply with hatred.

"Stupid Layla, she always got what she wanted. And stupid Emu for following her. Only I could trust was you," She said that looking into my eyes and smiling. "And Kepi." she add after a thought.

"Seen Kepi anywhere? I miss her, she was the life of the party. She always knew where to get all the good drinks in the bars." I said, remembering.

Zahra shook her head.

"How did you guys met?" Ryou finally said something.

"Well, that's a long story. Remember it?" I asked, giving Zahra the lopsided grin I knew she liked.

She rolled her eyes. "How could I forget?" she asked back.

"How did it go?" Zahra's host asked.

"Well . . ."

- New Bark Town, Zahra's House, 7:59 P.M. Johto Region -

- Zahra's POV -


The dark, musky scent of darkness, men, sweat, and alcohol hung in the air of the bar.

I was at the Night Shade, the local bar in my village. You could always find a drunken fool doing something there. The warm light of candles made it feel safe, but it was only a feeling.

It was also a great place to bet all our money and lose it all in one night. Which I just made a lot of fools tonight.

I was one of the only women in the bar, the others were with men, playing and toying with them. It was a way of life for most women, and one that pays well. I wasn't one of them.

I'm a thief, and always will be. And it was all because of the Pharaoh.

"Well, well, shouldn't a lady like you be in your home, not at a bar like this?" I turned around from drinking my drink and placing the glass on the table gently.

A man, about 30 years of age, appeared before me. He was very tall, with black hair and eyes the color of the starless sky. He was wearing old robes, tattered and torn in some places.

"It is not your concern where I go. Now, let me go back to my drink." I said in a dark tone, but the man ignored me.

"Well, you are a fiery one. Come with me." he commanded.

I was not about to go with this man. What happened to my sister, will not happen to me.

"Let me go." I said darkly and yanked out of his viselike grip.

"Aw, she a tough one." the man said very loudly so all the eyes were on us two. He raised my hand up in the air. I could smell the alcohol from here. "Everyone look at the tough little whore!" he exclaimed in front of the crowd. I could feel the flush of my blood rushing to my face.

"Let. Me. Go." I said, but my words were a bit slurred from the alcohol and I couldn't yank out of his grip.

"I would let her go."

A voice stood out of the whispering and muttering from the crowd.

Another man, a bit older than me, stepped out of the crowd. He was tall, with silvery white hair and dark brown eyes with the slightest of ring of dark red around the outside of his irises. There was a tripe scar coming from his left eye. He was perfectly dark tan, with a red with gold robe and white shorts. He also had a ring-like pendant around his neck. It was gold and it had five long spikes hanging from it.

"And why is that?" the man asked, his words completely slurred. He had one too many drinks tonight.

"Because, she is mine. And if you want scars all over your body, I suggest that you let her go." he said in a dark, cold tone that send chills all over my body.

This guy was tough, and not one to mess with.

The man let me go and threw me at the white-haired, brown-eyed stranger. His strong arms held me tight and I felt safe, but scared. I was his? I left the arms of one man to another in less than a heartbeat.

"Thank you. She is mine and if you forget . . ." he left that hanging because he left me and stepped up and punched him in the nose.

"AW!" he screamed, holding his now bleeding and broken nose. His eyes narrowed in disgust, but he didn't say anything and he left the bar, leaving a trail of scarlet in his wake.

"And that goes for all of you who forget." he said, glaring everyone with a ice-cold stare. I was left staring at him, trembling. Who was this man?

"And now, we are leaving."

The moment we were out of the bar and into the cold streets of the village, the white-haired stranger pulled me into a cheap motel just out of the village. He rented us a room and yanked me into the room the second we got to the door. The entire time I didn't say anything. I was humiliated in front of the entire bar and I knew that my face was still burning red.

"W-who are you?" I asked, backing up to the wall. Fear was spiking all over my body, making my palms sweat and my heart race.

"Oh, yes. I forgot we didn't each other's name." I raised an eyebrow at that. He didn't remember that?

"The name's Bakura, nice to meet you. And you are?" he sat on a chair that was there in the room.

"Zahra." I said sharply, looking away.

"Zahra, Flower. You not much of a flower, but you do remind me of a rose. Zahra, the Desert Rose. Pretty nice title?" he said.

But, something dawned to me. "Wait, Bakura? You mean the . . ."

"The King of Thieves." Bakura finished for me. I felt my eyes widen. I took a lock of my hair and played with it. I didn't know what to say.

"Well? Why did you save me?" I said, not being able to look him in the eye.

"I couldn't let such a beautiful," he gave me a lopsided grin that made my heart do a flip. "Young lady be hurt by such a man. I did it out of the kindness of my heart."

I laughed at that. "You're the Thief King. You don't have any kindness in your heart. So, thanks for the help, but I need to go." I started to walk towards the door, but Bakura stopped me. His dark brown eyes with that red ring have hypnotic effect on me.

"Now, what's the rush? I'm sure you could stay the night." He was much taller than me. My head reached his shoulders. I looked at the pendant around his neck, not wanting to look into his eyes.

"Fine, I'll stay, but after that I'm leaving." He grinned.

"Now, you wait here. I'm going to get something to drink." Bakura said and with the swoop of his robe he left. I sighed. I was still a maiden, but I was close of losing it a couple times already.

He left the door open. What shocked me was the person who passed it.


One of my sisters.

"Kepi! Over here!" I hissed at her.

Kepi was the youngest of the family. She was the same height as me, with golden hair and dark blue eyes that was rare to see. Naturally, a lot of men were attracted to her.

Kepi giggled. "So, you finally see it my way." she said, her words slurred. Her breath carried the scent of her drinking.

I crossed my arms. "No. I am not here with a man sleeping with him. I am here against my will."

Kepi smiled. "Of course you are." she said. She was making me mad.

"Where is Emu and Layla?" I asked. Layla and Emu were my sisters. I am the oldest, Layla the second, Emu the third, and Kepi the youngest. Kepi was about 16. Emu was 18. Layla was 20 and I was 21.

"You will not believe it! She and Emu were chosen to go to the Pharaoh's Temple!"

"WHAT!" I screeched. "But, it was supposed to be the oldest and the youngest! You and me!" WHAT IN THE NAME OF RA?

"Well, you nor I was there when the priests came to our home. Layla said that it was only her and Emu there with Mother, so they took them." Kepi said, looking away.

"WHAT! LAYLA WAS LYING!" I screamed. "How DARE Layla say that lie! I swear to Ra that I'll kill her! She KNOWS I HATE the Pharaoh and that I want to talk to him!"


Me and Kepi turned around. Bakura was back with a bottle and two glasses.

"Zahra, my Desert Rose, who is your friend?" Bakura asked, eying Kepi. Kepi smiled and waved at him.

"Sister. Kepi, this is Bakura. Bakura, Kepi." I said tiredly. It was extremely late.

"Hi, Zahra, I better get going. My charge is waiting for me." she hugged me good-bye and left.

"Well, it seems that you come from a family of good-looking people." Bakura said, pouring a large amount of the drink into a glass and gave it to me.

It was clear, and it smelled faintly of roses. I shrugged and drink a bit. It was amazing good. Sweet and spicy at the same time. I smiled. "Pretty good." I said, sitting on the bed, relaxing my tense muscles.

Bakura gave himself a large amount too and drank it all in one shot. "Ah, that's good. I got it from a good friend of mine. Anyway, Zahra, Desert Rose, what do you have against the Pharaoh?" he asked, sitting next to me.

I took a swing of my drink. "He killed my father. My father was a solder for the him. He gave me, my mother, and my sisters, food and water and shelter. My mother's sister was a priestess in the Palace. And he killed them both. In front of me." I said bluntly. I could feel tears leaking onto my face.

Bakura's eyes widen. "I'm—I'm sorry. I didn't know." He put the hands on my face. His touch felt warm and a little rough. Slowly, he cleared away my tears. "Ssh, don't cry. Desert Rose, don't cry."

He let me go and I finished my drink. "You have anything against the Pharaoh?" I asked, my tears still flowing from my eyes.

He nodded thickly. 'He destroyed my entire village." I gasped.

"Oh my . . . I'm sorry." I whispered, looking at him.

"It's—It's okay."

Something dawned to me. "Is that why you became the Thief King? To somehow get back it him?" I asked, placing my hand over his. It felt nice, right.

Bakura's eyes widen. "You're a smart cookie Zahra." he said, looking down. He lifted his gaze right up to meet mine.

"How about this? We both hate the Pharaoh, why not team up? We can both get our revenge on him." Bakura said suddenly.

I glanced away. Should I do that? It seem like a good plan. And . . . I can't believe I'm saying this but, I feel connected to him. It's like our souls recognized each other. It felt . . . right to go with him and get my revenge on the danm Pharaoh.

"On one thing." I said, looking at him.


"We bring Kepi with us." it didn't feel right leaving her like this, in that slutty kind of life. She's my only real sister. After Emu and Layla's betrayal.

He grinned at that. "Sure, why not? She seems the fun type." he said, smiling. That smile did funny things to my heart.

"Then it's a deal." I said, getting up to get another drink for us.

"A toast. May the Pharaoh fall and we take over." I said, lifting the glass in the air.

We drank until the bottle was empty and laughed at our new life.

End Flash-Back

"Aww, not a half bad story." Zahra's host said, after Zahra told the old story.

"I liked it. Kinda sweet." Ryou said.

"Anyway, now that back together again, how do we take down the Pharaoh?" Zahra asked.

I shrugged. "Don't know. I usually make a plan on the spot."

"By the way, what's your name?" Zahra asked my host.

"Ryou." he said. Zahra nodded. "And this is Desirée." She said, pointing at her host.

"Nice to meet you." I said and she smiled.

"Hey, Zahra? Let's sleep. It's late." Desirée said and yawned.

"Alright. Time for the shuteye."

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