Abandoned Chapter 1

Disclaimer: All of the Hana yori Dango characters belong to Yoko Kamio. The actors used in the movie are in possession of the director. I own nothing except for the fanfiction.

Summary: In the Hana Yori Dango Final movie, Tsukushi and Tsukasa get abandoned on an island, but they soon get rescued. What would happen if no one came back to rescue them? Would their love and bond still be strong? Or would things fall apart?

Tsukushi dazed into the vast, expansive waters with her face twisted with grim. "I want to go home." she says while giving an hopeful look into the horizon. Deciding that she shouldn't dwell on things that might not happen, she begins to look for a food source. To her luck, she finds eggs, and she is able to catch fish.

Tsukushi heads back for the shelter, while she notices that Tsukasa is just lounging around doing nothing. With irritation, Tsukushi began to scowl. "Why are you being so lazy, I am not the only one who should be helping us survive." Tsukushi says while glaring at him. "I did help, I made the fire." he says while glaring back at her. "Whatever." Tsukushi responds and ignores him, while she doesn't want to argue.

Tsukushi POV:

At first, Tsukasa was pretty good at helping us both survive. Then he probably figured, I did enough for now, so Tsukushi can do it. He is so wrong! I am not going to allow him to lounge around all day! I hope this isn't going to be how it is when we get home. I walk over to the signal we made that says, 'HELP'. I stare deeply into the ocean, as tears begin to trickle down my face. I don't want to live like this forever. I hope someone will save us soon.

I completely forgot about that dumb tiara for awhile. Now I remembered it again, and could care less about it. The real thing I want to do, is just get back home to the safety of my family. I wonder if they even sense anything wrong? Don't they think they should send some emergency search people or something?

To calm my nerves a little bit, I begin coming closer to the ocean; near the darker sand. I begin piling the sand in a pattern to make a castle. To my misfortune though, my castle gets destroyed by the ocean because I made it too close. At least it calmed my nerves down though. I sigh deeply and head back for the shelter we have.

To no surprise whatsoever, Tsukasa is still lounging his lazy ass in the shelter. "HEY! Don't you think you should be helping just a little bit more?" I say while emphasizing one of the words. "No it is alright for now. I will begin helping tomorrow. But I am tired." he responds. "Fine, whatever." I say while sighing. I then rest my head gently down.

The next morning (Tsukasa POV):

The next morning, I wake up extra early to help as I promised Tsukushi. She really is always in a bad mood. Then again, I can get very cranky as well as she can. To my surprise, she isn't where she was last night. Could she have already gotten up then?

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