Tsukasa POV:

"Sugoi! You really accomplished all of those things? Wow, I am surprised!" Tsukushi says with her mouth wide in shock. Before I could argue with her and make the situation worse, I grabbed her and pulled her in for a kiss. Before she could protest more likely, I made the kiss more passionate, as I continued to kiss her repeatedly. Judging as she is not trying to stop me (yet), I think she likes it!

As I am about to kiss her again, she pulls away with a dark shade of red blush across her face. "Don't surprise me like that." She says to me, while at the same time she's wiping her mouth. Tsukushi turns away in embarrassment I assume. "Don't worry, my darling." I say in a teasing manner while turning her around, and carressing her face.

"Haha, your so funny. If you're so funny, why don't you become a comedian?" She says angrily while blushing furiously. "Hmm, maybe I will." I say while trying to act as if I am actually thinking. With that I rest because of all the good efforts I put into our survival. As I close my eyes, I feel Tsukushi's presence, and feel a light peck on the lips. "Thank You." She says while blushing, and then she backs away to her spot.

When I check to see if Tsukushi is asleep (seeing as I'm not), she indeed is. I sneak over to her spot, and grab her body in my arms. Her body feels so warm. Even more so, she looks adorable when she sleeps. I cuddle closer, and I lean in, and give her a soft peck on the lips.

A few hours later (Tsukushi POV):

I wake up from the sound of a bird cawing. When my eyes slowly open, I notice Tsukasa is holding me extremely tight. I don't even know if I can get out of his grasp! Shit, how long has he been holding me? The worse part is, he looks as if he'll lean over and kiss me at any moment now!

A sense of irony took over the situation, and Tsukasa indeed did kiss me! With that I decide I can't allow him to do as he "pleases". After all, he is dreaming and who knows what sorts of "stuff" happens in there! "Oi Domyouji?" I say gently, as I attempt to untangle my body from his. To my misfortune however, he doesn't even flinch.

To make things even worse, he tightens his hold on my body and says 'mine'. "What an idiot." I murmur underneath my breath. "I love you... Tsukushi..." Tsukasa says, almost in an inaudible voice for Tsukushi to hear. I guess it's alright to just drift back into my dream. With that, I soon drift into my dream once again.

With that, they both sleep in each other's arms peacefully. Will this peaceful "situation" last? Or will it crash and burn? Find out soon! R&R whatever that means?. Anyways Talk to you Later people! Bye bye! ^^