I've been doing the same thing for ten years now and it's starting to get really old. Just yesterday, Maria brought back a whole new group of over maybe twenty newborns. Now it's my job to train them. As I walked out into the clearing near our newest location, I noticed that almost every newborn was looking around anxiously and whispering to no one in particular. I demanded-

"Attention!" and stopped in front of them. Once all their attention was on me and they stopped talking, I started talking again- "Now, I know you're all confused. Believe me. But you have to understand that this is no place for confusion. You are here to fight, and usually for your life", I looked into the face of every newborn to make sure they knew that I was adressing every single one of them.

"If you don't understand anything, just let me know and I'll explain it to you in the best way I can", I waited several seconds and was about to continue talking when someone raised their hand. I looked to a tall male with black hair off to the right of me.


"Why are we fighting?" he asked. There was always that one who wanted to know. Of course, he wasn't the only one judging from the emotions and pure curiosity of any human or vampire.

"You are fighting for land", I heard a few scoffs, "And you will learn how to fight in order to get that land"

"What do we need land for?" I wasn't quite sure who asked the question, but it sounded like it came from the back.

"Territory", short and to the point. Because that's really all there was to it. They all started looking to each other and started talking, "Quiet!" I shouted, getting their attention back to me.

"I will teach you all how to fight, and you will take this seriously or suffer the consequences"

"What consequences?" my eyes flickered to the tall male from before.

"Step forward", I comanded, looking in front of me again. I heard his loud footsteps and didn't even wait for him to stop before I turned and went for the kill. There was one sharp scream that came from his mouth before he was dead and burning on the ground. All the newborns were now staring between myself and the now-dead newborn by my feet.

"That- is the consequence", it was obvious from the looks on their faces that they understood, but were afraid. Good. It was time for them to start realizing what they were really getting into.

After an hour of training, I decided to let the newborns have a 'break' of sorts. As I walked back into the house, I could feel tension surfacing from Maria's bedroom.

"Lucy, I don't care what you think of him, you are not to go near him! Do I make myself clear?" she was definately yelling, but I wasn't quite sure who she was talking about. I didn't want to eavesdrop, so I walked past her room. It then became silent and neither of them were talking anymore. They probably realized that it was me going by. As soon as they thought I was out of ear-shot, they continued talking. I only heard the slight humming of their words. A half hour later, I was reading a book I had found when I felt a presence in front of me. I looked up from under my lashes and realized that it was Lucy. I stood up immediately seeing as which she is my superior. She was smiling almost seductively.

"Hello, Jasper", she greeted.

"Hello, Lucy", my relationship with Lucy was never really that professional. Whenever she was around, I would usually talk to her when she struck up a conversation. Occasionally, she would even make jokes.

"I just wanted to-" she started to say but was interupted by Maria.

"Lucy, what did I just tell you?" she reprimanded.

"I know what you said, but that doesn't mean I care", they were now facing each other, their bodies almost touching. After several seconds of a stare-down, Maria stepped back.

"Fine. Do what you want. See if I care", Lucy was now smiling. Maria walked away, but I was very confused. Lucy turned back to face me. Taking my hand, she lead me down the hall.

"May I ask where we're going?" I questioned.

"My bedroom", she answered excitedly. I froze and she could feel my strain, but she laughed and continued walking.


I had always been mildly attracted to Jasper and I'm pretty certain that Maria knew, but it wasn't until now that I decided to mention it. She was mad, but of course that wasn't going to stop me from getting what I wanted. As Jasper and I walked down the hall to my bedroom, I couldn't stop myself from smiling. After all, I had been waiting for this day for a long time and I had also just stood up to Maria. Once inside my room and the door was closed, I sat on my bed and brought Jasper down with me. Waisting no time, I pushed Jasper back on the bed and climbed on top of him.

"Kiss me", I whispered. He was definately hesitant.

"Come on, Jasper. No one's going to stop you. Not even Maria"

"But she didn't seem too happy about this", he argued. I sat up and narrowed my eyes.

"I don't care! What she says doesn't matter to me. Need I remind you, I'm still your superior, Jasper"

"I know that"

"Then kiss me"


"Just do it", I was really starting to lose my patience when I lowered back down to him. He finally kissed me and I moaned slightly, letting him know I wanted him to do it again. He obeyed and I deepened it. I moved his hand to my hip and we began a sort of battle with our tongues. I had definately waited too long to do this.