How could I not write this? *sigh* so basically its Umbrella Academy with MCR tossed around in it.

"This is stupid! I'm NOT special!" Mikey shouted as men dressed in black suits pushed him toward the mansion like house, he squirmed in their grasp as we shoved him up the path. "What about Gerard? He does weird stuff besides shove things down his pants!"

"I'm sorry Mr. Way but your brother just isn't as special as you." One of the men said as they reached the door of the mansion. "Now be nice to Mr. Monocle when you meet him."

"No, no please just take me home!" Mikey cried as the door opened and a man in a turban.

"Is this the boy?" he asked. Mikey's eyes were wide with fear as the men nodded and pushed him inside. "This way." The turbaned man said leading the group to an office where a man with red hair and a large MUSTANCH sat reading though something. He looked up as they entered sitting the glasses-ed boy in a chair in front of the desk. Mikey tried to stand and one of the suited men pushed him back down.

"Please, sir," Mikey said addressing Mr. Monocle "Please let me go home."

Mr. Monocle had a motion with his hand and the other 3 men left him alone with Mikey. "I'm sorry boy but I can not do that."

"Why? I'm not special!" Mikey said panicking "I'm really really not."

Mr. Monocle looked Mike up and down "From now on you will be know as Number 00.08." the man walked around "You see boy 15 years ago 43 EXATODIANERY children were born to mostly single woman all over the world who showed no earlier signs of pregnancy. I adopted the 7 that survived, and Mr. Mikey Way you are the 8th. You will be distressed to here that your own mother has just recently put you into my custody. She's done with your shenanigans and wished you away. There is another girl, maybe you've heard of her, Sheena Page. I've arranged for her to join us here too."

Mikey sunk low into his chair "So I REALLY have no say in this what-so-ever."

"I'm afraid so." Mr. monocle said "Now go. I shall have Abhijat show you to your new room. I take it you brought your belongings in the bag of yours?" he pointed at the leather duffelbag at Mikey's feet and then the back pack. Mikey nodded slowly as the door opened and the turban man, Abhijat, ushered him to his room. He bid Mikey a good day and left the 'extra ordianary' boy to unpack.