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The next week passed easy, Mikey found out he had classes like in normal school but also training time. Training time in which he got to get his ass kicked by one of the others. He was getting better though he could take more blows everyday, and he could hold his own against the other boys. The academy had a fight simulator thing that they used to train; it gave you a terrain and a 'bad guy' to fight. Mikey had to admit it was kind of fun, it a freaky video game way. They were currently fighting something from OUTTER SPACE (Kraken had already made jokes about it and Space Boy) in the rainforest at night. Mikey and Rumor were on team together while the others were spilt up in doubles also.

"Way, can't you, y'know light up the path?" Rumor asked

Mikey shrugged and raised his hands slightly and rays of white light shone from his skin like sunlight through water the light washed out the shadows around them "Ta da." He said smirking

"Still not as cool as my power." Rumor told him as something made it's crashing way though the forest. "Get out of the way!" Rumor shouted pushing Mikey aside as Kraken burst though the brush followed by something big and mean. It was horns and mean, mean teeth.

"Kraken!" Rumor shouted running toward the beast and her brother. Mikey stood as Séance floated easily into view after his buddy.

"What happened?" Mikey asked reaching for the bow and arrows on his hip.

Séance shrugged "Kraken pissed that thing off."

"Like he always does," Mikey said the lights from his hands flickered he glanced down at them "I have an idea…" he said "Rumor, Kraken close your eyes!" Mikey shouted as Séance wondered if he should too and received a glare from Mikey in 'Yes Stupid' kind of way. Mikey took a deep breath and watched expectantly as the lights grew strong and brighter before they were blinding, at which point the large mean beastie keeled over… defeated. Apparently beasties don't like that much light. Mikey let the lights fade, out of breath and exhausted. He doubled over trying to catch some of his breath as Kraken smacked him on the back.

"Well done, Way." He said smirked "Impressive."

Mikey smiled slightly straighten up. "What was that?"

Kraken shrugged "Dunno, pretty sure it was something meant to stop us from getting to the control tower." And then suddenly he disappeared back into the trees.

"Doesn't like to play with others," Séance said "'Crabby little brat' as Pogo says."

Rumor looked at Séance "I'm following him." And she too disappeared after her brother, and maybe the glory of saving the city.

"We should…" Séance said looking after them

"Incase they die" Mikey added as they started off into the trees.

The actual size of the simulator was about the size of half a regulation size gym but the simulator made it seem MUCH MUCH larger. So in reality the pair only had to run the length of the gym, but it seem like a shit load farther. When they did finally reach their destination they found that the rest of the 6 members were already fighting what ever you would can the culprit of wanting to destroy the world this time. Two joined the fight, killing more beasties and trying to bring down the big space thing. Suddenly the robot/zombie/alien started to flicker and tweeter on it feet before falling and just before hitting the ground it disappeared. Everyone looked at each other to see who had done it as the rest of the room flickered and disappeared into nothingness. This wasn't right… it shouldn't happen this quick unless someone had terminated the program. Kraken was the first to walk to the door muttering about the training being terminated. Just as he reached it a voice came over the intercom.

"Children please report to my office IMEDATLY."

"Dad…" Rumor said rushing to the door and out of the room.

"We better follow her." Horror said "Don't want to get on Dad's bad side."

The rest of the 'children' followed Rumor meeting up with Vanya on the way. They soon stood in the midst of Mr. Monocle, an angry Mr. Monocle. He ranted at them about how wrong it was to tamper with the Simulator, how he though he'd taught them better that to fuck around with his inventions.

"But sir we didn't ever touch the control panel to the Simulator." Mikey said finally "None of us know where it is."

"Are you trying to be SMART with me Number 8?" Mr. Monocle bellowed

"No it's true." Kraken said "We were training. Unless Vanya did it." He shot a pointed glare at her

"I was practicing!" she shouted "it wasn't me!"

Just before everyone started turning at each other and tearing at their throats, Abhijat entered the room with the two men who had dragged Mikey here. "Excuse me sir," he said bowing "but we found this girl outside trying to hack into the security system."

The girl he was talking about Mikey's height, dark hair that was long and messed. She was just wearing jeans and a t-shirt. She head was covered by the hood of her jacket hiding her face. Mr. Monocle pushed back her hood.

"My God!" he said smiling "It's the girl we've been looking for…."