Hello there, Oldspice signing on…

Since I've gotten quite a bit of favorite's and kind words for my first story for the PJATO series, I've decided to write another story and take another stab at fanfiction glory. This time around, it's a Percy/Athena story. This one will have humor in it, but not as much as my Percy/Artemis story, since that pairing was a bit more ironic. This story will take a darker turn, it is a story of redemption, loss, and recovery. A story about growing up and learning to let go and live on.

I won't lie to you, there will be character death in this story, and so if you're not into that, I suggest either you skip those parts, or, even though I would rather not… go read another story about this pairing. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to include as many characters as I did in my previous story, It will be in Athena's PoV, I find it easier to write in a non-percy type of view because it is more refreshing, original, and for me, easier.

Sit back, relax, and let the story take you to a galaxy far, far away…

Dear Diary,

I feel like I am at peace when I confide my deepest thoughts and emotions upon these pages. I am known for my cool, calm disposition, even in the heat of battle and also for my wise counsel. Having this diary is a bit of a guilty pleasure, and an excuse to not be "myself" even if it is for a few brief moments. However, I digress. I have decided to create a new entry because the most astonishing and unpredictable series of events has been allowed to occur, and with no objection of myself either.

Just hours ago the end of the world was at hand and all seemed to be hopelessly lost to darkness and destruction. It seemed as though all the wisdom in the world could not prevent the annihilation of my brethren and I. Typhon, a beast far older and more powerful than any other had been released from his immolating prison beneath Mount St. Helens and was hell-bent on arriving in New York, the current residence of the gods' seats of power, Olympus. We gods could not afford to allow the father of all monsters to reach his destination, and so, even with Kronos advancing upon our home with his leagues of minions, we could not turn our attention to the Titan Lord without first dealing with the very creature that threatened to bring our doom upon us.

Some of us (Demeter, Persephone, Hades… cowardly louts) decided against lifting so much as a finger to aid our valiant effort to vanquish this foe; while others (Poseidon… selfish kelp face) decided that a mere palace was worth more than his own blood relatives. This made the war effort that much more bleak and I confess; I did not think that us Olympians as well as our demigod children could prevail under any circumstances. It simply was not logical.

Yet somehow, even with the fire of hope so dim and nearly put out; the unthinkable happened. That Jackson boy, the spawn of Lord Kelp Face had persuaded his own father to assist us Gods fighting Typhon in the west. With the aid of that cursed Sea God and his army of Cyclops we were able to send the father of monsters back to the pits of Tartarus. It seemed as we sealed the beast, Hades had arrived with his dead minions to hold back the forces of Kronos while the Titan Lord was confronted by our children. It was no doubt with the wisdom of my own daughter, Annabeth Chase, that Jackson, his Satyr friend, and the daughter of Lord Zeus himself, were able to defeat Kronos, thus completing the great prophecy.

Later, on Olympus, victory speeches, congratulations, and rewards were exchanged. While the other Olympians were granting their wishes for their children, I knew exactly what to bestow upon my daughter. I would have liked to destroy that pestilent sea-spawn in her honor, but my dear Annabeth seemed to be quite smitten with Perseus and so I decided against it, rather, I would ensure that she would be the one to rebuild the Eternal City.

Perseus however, seemed worthy of receiving the most highest of honors possible for a mere mortal, the chance of becoming a God. Of course, being a simple young man, the prospects of having immense power and the ability to live forever with authority over quite a bit of people would be far too tempting to resist, any dimwitted being could deduce the outcome of such a choice. And then he said "no". I had thought that there was something in my ears, some kind of insanity that had allowed me to mistake his answer for the opposite, however, my relatives confirmed that, yes, he had just refused immortality. And what could he possibly held higher in his mind than becoming his father's lieutenant for all time?

Our respect and upholding our responsibilities to our children… no seriously, that's what he asked for. Can you possibly make sense of this? I surely cannot… at first I thought he was simply the biggest imbecile to grace the earth, insulting us by refusing our offer. However, I believe it was a choice born out of selflessness, and a desire to be with my daughter (as if THAT would ever come to pass).

As he left, I gave him a stern warning to mind his choices from now on, specifically those pertaining to my dear Annabeth. And I have decided to watch him like an owl. I will end this entry now and return to confide more of my thoughts to, my silent witness.

Alrighty, so that's the little teaser/prologue here. TLO has been concluded with this, and now the real fun can begin. This will be different from my other story, since that was a Oneshot and now this one is a chapter based story and so the chapter will be smaller, about 1.5k a dose ;).

This is a different cup of tea, and I hope you enjoy this flavor, there will be perverted moments and awkward humor, but mostly, it will be a more mature theme of growing up and going through the challenges of life and romance.