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I figured i'd take a little bit to answer a question or two you might have on your mind. For the first one, AgeOfMyths asked what sort of interaction Caesar would have with Percy... wouldn't he just step in again? Great question. The thing is, you guys are at a disadvantage not knowing the Lore of elderscrolls and Daedric Princes as well as the ideas I have about what they do... my own brand so to speak. The idea I'm running with is that Caesar can only influence Percy so much, as he is not the owner of Percy's body. It takes a lot of effort to do, and cannot be done for a long time. When Caesar took over Percy's body before, it was when Percy was distraught and emotionally weakened, and Caesar had a one track mind as it were before he and Percy spoke. Since Arleenda, his adopted daughter is the incarnation of Gaia, he won't have the willpower or drive to fight and defeat her. Caesar retains his knowledge and skill in battle, and no doubt that will be fleshed out as he helps guide Percy along in his journey.

Secondly: Percabeth or Percathena? Well, to be honest there are so many Percabeth stories out there, but I won't lie to you, it's not like Percy just stopped loving Annabeth... he would have married her if she didn't die. So those feelings are still there, but I have a feeling Percy will keep in mind Hazel's situation and apply that to Annabeth. He is becoming the Daedric Prince of Life though... so, I think we all know the answer here... MAAAAYYYYYBEEEEE! :D

Thirdly: Happy ending? Well, we all know life isn't about happy endings, nor is it about terrible endings. However, we can't all be nasty Nancy's and Debbie Downer's, life only ends happy if we want it to, success only happens if we have the drive to succeed in most cases. That's how this will pan out, the drive and willpower to do the difficult to struggle for survival and success. I will try not to do a Deus Ex Machina (made popular in Greek Myth where a god would descend and make everything right at the end) but it's hard to do when there are... well, GODS involved :). People will die, some that you might have come to love (anyone is fair game as we will see).

I have it on good record that Percy is a rather stubborn fellow and no doubt he will find a way to do something :). Will he betray his no-killing rule? (he never killed a demigod/god/spirit directly, only monsters) or will something else pop up? Who will be next to die? What happens to Athena? STAY TUNED :O

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Chapter18: Water, The Element of Change

Percy had but one request before the group departed across their journey to stop Gaea, to travel to Camp Half-Blood in order to lay his now deceased wife to rest.

It was early morning when the Argo II reached the borders of Camp, Percy was fine with it hovering over while he hoisted the makeshift coffin in which Thalia the Demigod rested down to the earth. Annabeth offered to go with him to help with the Burial, he couldn't refuse but said the digging was for him alone to do.

The rest of the seven waited aboard the ship for their return. It was a quiet morning, about six a.m. It was a little foggy out, a little cloudy as a result as well yet it was comfortable as far as the temperature went. The pair walked in silence, each holding on to a side of the box which head a dear friend to both, and much more to Percy.

Are you in a stable condition? Caesar's voice suddenly chimed in. Percy was still not used to the former Prince of Life contacting him like that. It was strange enough to know that he inhabited his body as well.

He answered back with a thought, That's a strange way of putting it. I'm kind of glad you're assuming I'm not okay. I was a lousy husband to her. I'll never forgive myself for that. We had our good times together, but I never thought of getting into contact with her after my memory came back.

Percy heard Caesar 'hmm' in thought in his mind. What could you have done? She was out in the wilds tracking you. As far as you knew, she had no communication device on her. Also, with all of the turmoil in New Rome, it is understandable that you would not have been able to think about all of your obligations at once. Young Avatar, you need not dwell on events that you have already been forgiven for. If you are to be a refuge for others, you must first forgive yourself. You cannot be a good influence on the world if you think yourself ugly or if you challenge your own ideas.

Percy frowned, and was glad he was the one carrying the front of the box so he wasn't facing Annabeth. It would be a difficult discussion, explaining about his uninvited guest to her. He dreaded the conversation she hinted about having later. With so many things left unsaid before her death, there was a lot she could have on her mind to talk about. Percy wasn't ready to reopen any wounds just yet. This was the second time he had a love of his taken from him by death. Secretly, this was yet another reason Athena was so appealing to him, albeit there was much more involved as well.

I guess you're right. I can't dwell on this right now, it'll only slow me down. If I end up dying, Thalia would never get over it especially if it was thoughts of her that distracted me. I need to focus on the task at hand. You said you had training for me to do?

They had just about reached Thalia's Pine. It was as enormous and glorious as it was before, with the Golden Fleece flying high in its branches, making it shimmer slightly. A most fitting place for her. She defended camp in her life, and she would continue to in death.

Annabeth huffed as she set her end of the box down, "Alright Seaweed Brain, we're here. Now all we need are some shovels and-"

Allow me. This will take but a second.

Percy's body began to move on its own, he was surprised at this, but allowed his body to move freely without fighting it. A few fluid, sturdy movements with this arms and feet in a wide martial arts like stance and the earth moved, cutting a perfect rectangle in the ground. More earth shifted as his arms moved in a strong, arc like slice in the air, his feet shifting ever so slightly, making slabs of earth rise up and connect. Before her very own eyes, Annabeth saw a grave and a stone coffin rise out of seemingly nothing.

Caesar moved Percy's body over to the box, chopped it with his arm breaking the box open, lifted Thalia's body gently and set it into the new stone coffin, replacing the cover and setting it into the shallow hole. The coffin was larger than the hole cut for it so that it stuck out, the sides of it were lined with columns like the Cabin she stayed in temporarily with a triangular top like the temple of Zeus had.

"Or... I guess... you could just do that. When the hell did you gain that ability?"

Percy gave her a sheepish grin while rubbing the back of his head, "Yeah, it's a long story, heh. I'll tell you about it when we're back on the ship."

Can you make a grave marker, or a plaque or something? Percy asked.

What, do you take me for a fool? It would be nothing for me. What do you want it to say? Caesar answered gruffly.

Percy stood by the earth, his arms lifting a slab up next to where the coffin was, and pushed his finger through the stone like it was butter. He began writing with his finger and when finished, examined the work, nodded, then stood up.

When he backed away toward Annabeth she could make out what the slab said:


Annabeth felt shameful at the jealousy she felt. She knew she shouldn't feel the way she did, but she didn't recall Percy making anything like this for her. However, he did nearly get himself killed for her with that whole incident in the underworld, so perhaps he did care for her equally. She decided it was better just to let it go for the moment.

"Do you need some time alone, Percy?" When she saw the tear track on his cheek, she didn't need him to respond, she headed back to the ship.

When she was gone, Percy requested one last thing from the Prince, "Caesar, can you do one last thing for me? It's a bit much, so I don't expect you to go out on a limb or anything."

A few moments later, Percy got into a wide horse-stance, jutting his arms out in a sturdy downward motion, then twice up to life a block of stone from the earth, between the grave and the pine tree. He leaned forward, bringing his arms in an arc, one arm above the other making contact with the block. Moments later, the block cracked and fragmented, revealing a tall, life-like statue of Thalia, Aegis and spear in hand in a stoic pose.

Now, it was perfect

"Thanks Caesar."

It was nothing. In time, you to will possess these powers and skills. We should begin your water elemental training immediately though.

"Agreed. If I want to stand a chance against Gaia, I'll need to be a fully-realized Avatar, won't I?"

Yes. My daughter has unbelievable physical strength alone. I could not believe it myself for the longest time. She is also a master at bending earth. She followed the same path I did, I am afraid, and because of that has quite a stock of strategic knowledge. I will pass onto you as much as I can.

"Well, we should leave then. Goodbye Thalia, you were too good for me." Percy turned in the direction of the Argo II and stopped in his tracks. A man stood there in a pinstripe suit with a fedora on the top of his head, though his black hair had gray streaks in it, he exuded power.

Percy wrapped one arm over his stomach and bowed, "Lord Zeus." He wanted to say more, but he didn't know what he should say, after all, what excuse could he possibly provide for the death of his uncle's daughter?

The Lord of the Sky nodded back at Percy, then fixed his gaze on the statue, then the coffin. He walked forward, kneeling at the front of the stone replica, placing a hand on the roof of it.

"She is truly gone from this world then. My daughter is gone from me." It was more of a statement than a question. In truth, he had known the instant it had happened. This time around though, he could not preserve her.

Percy felt a knot form in his throat, preventing him from speaking, he pressed on though and found a few words, "Yes. It's true. I have no excuse. I failed her completely. Though it means nothing now, I'm sorry." The hair on his arms began to rise. The sheer emotion he was feeling right now, the hurt, the anger, the fury and hate towards Gaia and her minions was still very fresh in his mind.

Zeus stood up, he didn't take his eyes off of the statue of his daughter, "No, I don't suppose anything could have prevented this from happening. You are not to blame for this. Had you recovered your memory sooner, and went to her, New Rome would have been doomed. Still, I sensed that she was at her happiest when she was with you. You have my thanks for that. It is not easy being one of my children. You helped lift part of that burden for her in the end."

Percy looked down at his feet, unable to make his gaze rise, "I didn't do it alone, I had help."

Zeus sighed, "I am aware of that. My wife's plan might damn us all to Tartarus before this is all over. Still, what is the best decision to make? Difficult indeed. The others are not adjusting well to this predicament either."

Percy raised an eyebrow, "The whole Greek and Roman thing?"

The Lord of the Sky nodded, "Yes, that whole affair. Some of us, such as Aphrodite, are more universal and therefore remain mostly intact, the same as it were. Others such as Athena are so staunchly one-sided that anything else, that deities like that desire to remain completely separate. It is easy for Venus and Aphrodite to exist at the same time, for there is no quarrel with the domain of love, but the complex issue with Athena and Minerva is quite a disaster indeed. This whole war is folly. My father could not defeat Gaia even in his prime. With us Olympians in such a state of disarray now, and in this modern time, I do not know how we will prevail this time around."

Percy frowned, "I'm working on that, actually."

Zeus raised an eyebrow, genuinely intrigued, "Oh? And what could a demigod do that even the lord of the Titans could not? Not that I doubt your resourcefulness, but this is the Earth Mother we are speaking of."

Percy gave a little chuckle, the first since the death of his wife, "As it turns out, I'm not just a demigod. In fact, my ability with water may have little to do with being a son of Poseidon. Apparently there is a spirit of the world incarnate called the Avatar, one who can master all four elements in nature and is tasked with bringing balance to the world. I didn't believe it at first, but after what happened in New Rome, I have no doubt of it. I'm on the way to becoming a fully-realized Avatar in order to combat Gaea."

Zeus narrowed his eyes in thought, "Even with such power, even if this is true, Gaea is the earth. I do not believe it possible for her to be defeated in mere combat. What makes you so sure your plan will work?"

Percy sighed, "I don't. But it's the best I've got right now. The Daedric Prince of Eternity, Ashur, told me about the multiverse in a dream I had a while back and-"

Percy stopped when he saw the confused look on Zeus's face, "Yeah... a really long story. Half of it I don't really get right now. The point is, no matter what, I won't abandon the Gods. I want to face Gaea herself and show the world that an era of love, peace, and unity can really work. I want to prove that no matter what, justice and equality can exist as more than just words. I want to bring the world together. I'll need the help of Olympus for that, and anyone else that can be mustered. Please think on this, she'll just come for you guys anyways if I'm defeated. Better to band together now for the best chance, you know?"

Zeus stroked his beard in thought, "What you ask for is beyond dangerous. I will bring this consideration to the Council. It will take time, but if your request rings true to the others, you have my word that we will stand with you. I had doubts before of you, the love and loyalty you have shown my daughter has proved to me that you can keep your promises. If you say you will stand with us, than I believe that. I must return to Olympus now, things are beginning to unravel as we speak."

Without waiting for an answer, the Lord of the Sky disappeared in a flash of lightning.

Percy. I should make some things clear to you before we press on. You will need the previous Avatar to advise you. It has always been this way, as the Avatar is an immortal spirit that is reincarnated into a mortal body in the sequence of the elements and seasons. He, or she in this case, is to be your spiritual guide.

Percy considered this, "So I guess we won't be speaking often then?"

That is correct. As you gain power and begin to replace me, I will fade more and more. When the process is complete, you will take over my position. You will not become a Daedric Prince until your mortal life is over. Though you may exhibit changes now, you will technically still be the Avatar until that time comes. I will try to contact you when you need my advice, but trust in the previous Avatar, you will meet her when you are ready. As the Avatar is the spiritual bridge between mortals and the spirit world, it is your destiny to do so. I trust her completely to aid you in your quest, impossible as it may seem.

Percy was worried, "But I don't see any elemental benders around. I guess Leo could count, as he uses fire, but that's not the same really. What if I can't figure out how to master the elements in time? What if I lose? What if Gaea takes over the world?"

I believe you can do this, Percy, for you have done it before in countless lives before. I believe your pure nature and heart will do wonders for healing this broken world. If there is a bloodless way to end this war, you will find it. I will attempt to contact those outside this universe for aid. Perhaps some will venture forth to answer the call. Know this though, you will have to face Arleenda, or the perversion of her spirit, alone. This does not mean that you will not have friends and companions along the way, but the final battle WILL be between you two, and only victory in the Avatar's hands can bring true peace. Anything else will be seen as a bloody grab for power on one side of the war camp.

Percy didn't feel any better than he did already. This was impossible. How the hell was he supposed to locate an elemental bending teacher? People would think him insane for doing so. There was no established tradition of it like where Caesar came from, how would he learn and master the elements? How would he do it in the time he had? His quest looked more and more futile the more he traversed it. As he walked back to the ship, he noticed something. There was a woman out in a flannel long sleeved shirt and jeans. She wore hiking boots and her dark hair flowed over her shoulders. She carried a map and a walking stick in her hands and looked as though she was lost.

There was no way. There was just no way this could be true. Could Athena be trying to locate him? No, this was just some traveler or camping enthusiast. Someone on a hike early in the morning... that's it. Someone from out of state. Either way, he should probably set her straight on her way, right?

He approached the woman and cleared his throat to get her attention. When she turned to him, he almost stopped breathing. His heart surely stopped for a moment. It WAS Athena. Right?

"What do you want!? Can't you see I'm in the middle of a very important journey?! This blasted map is useless, just like the Roman Empire! Fools! How dare they toss me aside like some used dish rag? No wonder they lost the the outsiders! They deserved it, bastards! Take my spear and shield will they?! Cretins! Monsters! Blasphemers! Usurpers! Dogs!"

Percy sweatdropped. This was NOT Athena. Whoever the hell this was... she was... kind of scatterbrained.

Caesar laughed in Percy's mind. She's not who you think she is young Avatar. This must be her Roman side. Too bad. Seems like you have the dishonor of meeting Minerva, the watered-down goddess. Tread carefully. She's a woman, you know. I suggest offering her any chocolate if you have it. (AN: Sorry, I had to).

Shut up, Caesar! The situation is bad enough without you mocking me!

Heh heh, sorry, you are right. It is just that we have grown so close, and I wish to cherish our remaining time together. You may proceed.

I think I liked it better when you went all crazy back in New Rome. You're creeping me out.

Believe it or not, when things were peaceful in Aurnion, I was quite a cheery fellow with my daughter. But enough for now, your punishment awaits.

Percy decided a diplomatic approach was best, "Ma'am. You seem to be lost. Where might you be going? Perhaps we can figure it out?"

Minerva sneered at him, "What use are you? You stink of the sea... like Neptune. The fool. He got what he deserved. But me? Why me?! Mars and Bellona are worthless, second rate deities. I should be the one they worshiped. I should have been their war goddess. But did those barbarian thieves think? No!"

Percy was getting angry at this point. Gods she was infuriating. On the bright side, AMMUNITION FOR WHEN ATHENA GOT BACK! She'd NEVER live this down. That made him smile a little.

He cleared his throat again, dragging Minerva out of her thoughts for a moment, "I'm on a path to find what destiny awaits me. The path to enlightenment and self discover. Come along with me, why don't we find where you're destiny leads as well? What have you to lose? It's better than just standing here, lost, right?"

Minerva arched an eyebrow, considering the request, "Self discovery you say? Enlightenment? I suppose I could entertain that thought. Very well. Be warned though, the wrath of a goddess slighted is indeed a terrible sight to behold."

You like self-punishment, don't you? All of the women you choose to love abuse you physically or emotionally or verbally. I do wonder if you are into some kind of kink-


The former Prince chuckled in Percy's mind.

They walked in awkward silence back to the Argo II, when they climbed the rope ladder to the ship, the other members of the seven greeted him cheerfully, yet when they caught sight of Minerva, a sea of confusion spread rapidly.

Jason was the first to speak up, "Percy... who's this?"

Minerva glowered at him, "Of course a spawn of Rome, and Jupiter no doubt would overlook me so easily. I am beginning to think that this was a grand mistake of mine to follow you here."

Jason frowned in confusion, and from being rebuffed like that. He tried to keep his pride in check, as it was a fatal flaw for the children of the King of the Gods, but even he made mistakes and slipped up from time to time. He settled for crossing his arms and huffing.

Percy dared to look in Annabeth's direction. She still had not noticed who had followed him back. On their brief trip to Camp, she had told him what had occurred between herself and her mother. Less than agreeable as far as visits go. She had shown him the Mark of Athena and told him about the quest she was given. At first he couldn't believe Athena would be so cruel. Then he learned it was Minerva who actually spoke to her and was relieved. He was worried all that Athena had shown him, all that she had changed was just a lie and a game.

When she looked in their direction... well, if looks could have killed, Percy would be a bloodstain splattered on the deck of the ship. She avoided even walking over to the group and instead went down to the lower cabin where the stables were located... clearly she wanted to speak with him as soon as possible. He was batting a thousand right about now.

He decided it was best to be blunt and put everything out there at once, "Guys, Minerva is going to be coming with us for a while. I have my own little adventure to go on and she has agreed to accompany me on it in order to answer some questions that we both have. I hope that's okay with everyone."

There was murmuring amongst the others in discussion. They seemed to allow it for now. Leo piped up after a few moments, "Oh yeah Percy, we got a delivery a while ago from Hermes, he said he hadn't seen anything like the package he had for you in a long time. Said something about international shipping fees and what not. Anyways, there's a box for you on your bunk when you're ready."

Percy thanked him and gave a light hearted goodbye. He beckoned Minerva to follow him to where the main cabin was. When they reached his bunk, true to Leo's word, there was a large black and gold box on his bed with flame embroidery all over it as well as images of chinese-looking dragons and ancient looking writing. There was a note attached to the box that read:

Dear Percy Jackson (Or should I say, Avatar Perseus, am I right or am I right?! I'm right.) It came to my attention that you did not have the proper attire worn by previous Avatars on their journey to master the elements. When an Avatar would visit a nation to master its element, they would wear proper training clothes in order to show respect and that they had no true allegiance to anyone, but to the world. This will help things be a little more official. Also, a little birdie told me that you might be interested in getting in touch with someone who could guide you on your way. You might want to check out any spiritual like places to the north or south. Traditionally the Water Tribes live in cold places in order to be surrounded by their native element and to be as close to the moon spirit as possible. Anywho, I also included one of my brother's dusty old relics. Should come in use in due time.

Ta for now!

Prince of Eternity,


The nerve of these people. His family, now extended family, was full of crazies. That was the conclusion. If Gaea didn't do him in, these relatives would for sure.

Percy opened up the box, sighing, and looked at the various outfits. There were four total, once of each Nation's style. The blue outfit, the one he would wear first, represented the Water Tribe and was dark blue and crafted from animal furs with wave and moon symbols embroidered on the sleeves, hems, and the waist. It had a heavy feel to it, and had a fur hood as well as warm looking hand sewn boots that were lined with fur as well.

He needed to change.

He turned to Minerva with a sheepish look on this face, "Uh, do you mind," he nodded to the blue outfit, hoping she'd get the picture that he needed privacy.

Minerva considered the outfit, "Not at all. Go right ahead."

She didn't budge. Gods damn it all.

Well, nothing like a little humiliation to start the day, right?

After an embarrassing yet quick (he never got dressed so fast in his life) ordeal, he was in his new clothes. Minerva gave him a nod of approval, which hinted that there must be some form of Athena within her. Interesting.

He looked in the box again and found something else, a bo staff that was pure black and looked to be made out of some kind of metallic alloy. It had faces carved into it, young and old which were white, giving it a very dualistic look of ying and yang. Percy surmised that it must represent the beginning and end of life, the tenure in the Prince of Life's domain. It looked like pieces of it could detach, four on each end. He'd have to ask Caesar about that later. Now he needed to get under way.

Caesar, your brother contacted me.

Wonderful. Just what we needed. He was his usual fool self, I presume?

Not at all... well... maybe.

Of course.

That's not the point. He gave us our first clue, I need to find a spiritual place to the north to begin finding my guide, the previous Avatar.

Ahh. I see. Let me think... The North Pole has been a traditional spot for Water Benders to go pay homage to the moon and ocean spirits. Perhaps there is something like that in this world? It's been such a long time... eons since I last was conscious. I have forgotten, but that would be my best guess.


You realize your clothing is lined with tons of fur... for a reason, right? And here I thought you were clever. A pity.

Go to your room.

I find that highly impossible young master.

The crew of the Argo II was not happy to be going so far north but it had to be done. In time, they relented to the new avatar's wishes and north they went. Percy took this time to head down and see Annabeth. Each step added more dread to his heart and fear in his mind. As if he needed more to deal with at this time. Minerva, thankfully, contented herself with the books that were on board, leaving him to deal with Annabeth alone.

As soon as he entered she met his nervous gaze with a scowl. She was seated on the mound of hay in the middle of the room. Though she patted a spot next to her, Percy knew there was no friendliness in the gesture.

He sighed and slowly made his way over.

He wanted to say something, but she beat him to it, "Percy. I love you. But what the hell were you thinking? Do you have any idea how utterly stupid your decision to bring her aboard is? Did you even consider my feelings about her?"

Her gaze was piercing and angry, there was genuine hurt there was well.

Percy returned her gaze with a look of sympathy and understanding, "She's lost Annabeth. Something's wrong with her-"

"Oh you can be damn sure there is! How dare she-"

He cut her off with a firm look of his own, the power of the avatar glowing in his eyes silencing her and causing her to find the hay very interesting.

Though he was a bit ashamed of it, the intimidation that came with being the avatar came in handy sometimes, "Listen Annabeth, That's not her. As I was saying, she's not okay. She needs our help. If you don't want to come along, that's fine, but she really is lost. Zeus told me some of the gods, Athena in particular, have a terrible time coming to grips with their other half. I honestly think that if one side is threatened more than the other, the gods lean more toward that side. The thinning of the mist doesn't help either. I'm sorry Annabeth, but the kind of position I'm in right now doesn't allow me to be partial to one side. I have to be fair to all people involved in this, if I'm to bring balance to this world. I can't attach myself to the loyalties of one person. That was something your mother told me a long time ago, back when we met the gods for the first time after we rescued Artemis."

Annabeth looked shocked, "She told you that?"

Percy nodded, "She told me personal loyalty is a grave liability, yet she said it was not all bad, but that the flaws like that were the most dangerous. She said she thought I'd sacrifice the world for a friend, and that because of this, she didn't approve of our friendship."

Annabeth looked even more pissed than before, if that was possible, "What the hell?! I knew something was wrong... Percy, she's wrong about you, she-"

Percy shook his head, "She was right. I swear, I would have died to protect you. That, while romantic, is stupid. I would have screwed us all had I actually died defending you. She was right about me, I just lucked out majorly. Credit where credit is due. I still don't think it's a flaw per se, but it is dangerous. Athena was right about that. I realize that now more than anything."

Annabeth frowned, "I don't trust her. She's going to slow us down, Percy."

She's going to be the biggest nuisance of all, Percy Jackson.

She's the one I want most watching my back!

You may come to regret those words.

The conversation Percy had with Hera popped into his head. He couldn't help it. Annabeth didn't mean to, but he started to realize that she was allowing her feelings to cloud her judgement. Even if she didn't mean to mislead Percy intentionally, he had to be careful around her. There was no doubt Annabeth was still bitter about this whole ordeal. At the end, she'd have to go back to the Underworld. It's not like Hades would give her a pass. He never did.

Annabeth leaned over and tried to kiss him. When Percy backed up, she scowled again, "I thought you used to like that. I didn't realize you found me that revolting."

He drew her into a hug, holding her tightly. Silence filled the room for a few moments.

"Percy, what's going to happen to us?"

Percy pulled back to meet her gaze, "Wise Girl, I'll always love you. But we can't be together anymore. Look at Orpheus and the others. As much as he's a dick, Hades does keep his word. Hazel is in the same boat. Apparently at the end, Thanatos is going to have to take her back. If I let myself love you that way again... I'd be in utter agony when that time came for you. I can't."

Annabeth broke the hug, "So I presume you'll end up with someone else then? Perfect. Just perfect. Well, that's that I guess."

Percy didn't let that one go, "You watched me bury her in the dirt this morning, if I recall." The anger in his voice filled every word.

Annabeth had tears in her eyes, "Percy... I'm sorry, it's just-"

At that moment, Piper stuck her head in the doorway, "Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know, the uh-"

She noticed the scene before her. Not a good time. Not good at all.

"Uh- yeah. Soooo, we're here...heh. Whenever you're ready, that is. Uh, yeah. Is that Leo calling? Better go check on that, bye."

Percy gave a light chuckle and shook his head. She tried her best, he gave her that. "Look, Annabeth, I get your anger and why you are so upset at everything. I get it. I really do. We'll get into this later, I promise. There's a whole list of things I have to tell you yet. I forgive you. Alright?"

She nodded and followed him out.

The rest of the crew and Minerva stood on one side of the Argo II, overlooking what looked like a perfect circular pool with grass and a few trees, and a waterfall in the middle of a sea of frozen icy water and small pools. Sea otters and a polar bear looked out at them.

"Well, will you look at that? When you think you've seen everything, something always proves you wrong," Frank whistled.

"I could really go for a cup of cocoa right now guys, I think i'll be down in the cabin if you need me," Hazel said through chattering teeth. The others agreed with her.

Percy looked out into the distance at the pool surrounded by grass and trees, "I'll be as quick as I can guys. This is what I was looking for."

"I shall accompany you. After all, if this adds to your enlightenment, then it shall add to mine," Minerva suggested.

Percy nodded, avoiding the angry look and glare she was giving Minerva behind her back, the others had to pull her along into the cabin.

Percy was going to offer her his coat, but realized Minerva had changed into a gray snow parka during the time he was with Annabeth.

I'll never get used to how she does that.

I know right? Looking good young master. I can see you picked her not for her dull personality, rather, her captivating beauty. I see it now, 'Inuit Illustrated' with her on the cover-

Percy hit his head to quiet his nosy neighbor.

"Shall we get underway?" Minerva offered.

Percy agreed, "Yeah."

He tried meditating for a good half hour before he realized Ashur never gave him a hint as to how to go into the spirit world or to even contact a spirit. He wasn't a monk or anything, he didn't know how to do this properly.

"So much for that," he mumbled to himself.

A few more attempts and about two hours later, there was no progress. He got bored and stood up, looking into the pull of water, seeing if it would do anything for him.

"Well, it's official, I have no freaking clue what to do next," He announced to one of the otters.

"Why don't you try turning around?" A voice whispered.

Percy jumped and scrambled back giving a cry, even Minerva didn't notice they weren't alone.

The woman behind them giggled, covering her mouth, "I was wondering how long you were just going to sit there. Greetings Avatar Perseus. I was your previous life and incarnation, you may call me Avatar Vaermina."

She had a bluish glow of a spirit and was dressed in orange robes of that which a nun might wear. Her platinum colored hair was long and fanned out on all sides, with two long strands of hair that flowed from either side of her head down to her knees. She wore a warm smile and had a brooch of wood with what looked like air gusts coming from the center of it each ending in a swirl. She had a few wooden ornaments in her hair to keep it pushed back and her eyes were gray like the clouds in the sky.

"Shall we begin your training?"


EVOL! Muahahahahaha, cliffhangers of DOOM! Well, this thing is over 6K words and that's huge for me. Besides, I haven't updated in a while (more on that) and it seems a fitting place for a chapter break.

I have to admit that this isn't easy, it's not a true crossover, since it doesn't use places, names, and events of the Avatar-verse, it does use the elements and chakras, but those don't count since many forms of Indian, Chinese, and Japanese mythologies use these concepts, although, it is fair game since Bryan and Mike did give their own spin to it...

I won't really be following any events in Avatar: The Last Airbender or the Legend of Korra... besides the idea of elemental bending and Chakras, tha'ts pretty much it. No character references either besides the general idea of Avatars and the mythos surrounding them (like nature of elements, what the avatar should be, etc... etc...). I will include some quotes though, Iroh's, the previous avatars, and some others are really really profound and awesome.

I don't know where rick is going with his idea of Greek and Roman deities... sometimes he explains it as them being one entity (Hera and Juno appearing to Jason as the same person), two identities (like with Leo and his thoughts on Hephaestus and Vulcan being in two places at once). Or a fight between both like with Aphrodite and Venus appearing to both Greek and Roman demigods present... I just don't know what he's thinking so that's why i'm a bit lost there... my thinking is that Athena wants to eradicate Rome and Minerva as a part of that, so she's fighting her presence, making Minerva scatterbrained. Athena cannot be present, as she wants to resist being assimilated by Minerva, since Minerva doesn't like what she is, and likes what Athena is... YEAH... REALLY CONFUSING! Thank rick for that one!

In Avatar, they'd explain the element (YOU SHOULD TOTALLY WATCH IT IF YOU HAVE NOT AS IT IS GODLY AMAZING) and Aang, the main character, would train with it for an episode or two, it wouldn't dwell on redundancy, and neither will I, I will do much the same and have the adventure fill out the rest.

Keep in mind, like that show and Rick's books, this is NOT about DEATH or HATE or SORROW! Though those elements are within the story, I want to use them as a way to illustrate perseverence, personal strength, overcoming the odds, staying true to your ideals, and seeking out happiness in a war torn world while trying to remain a normal kid (or guy in Percy's case). So yes, while I will try to keep it as real as possible (where was the freaking war? Like what, three people died in the Titan war and none for three books deep in HoO? What the freak? That aint no WAR!).

Also, I want your opinions... should I include the mortals in this? I mean, should I have Gaea/Arleenda attack mortal cities and have that as a plot point? I'm kind of torn, Rick doesn't really focus on it but it would make sense that Mortals would have a part since this is Gaea we are talking about... can't really tip toe around the mortals.

Also, threw in some Annabeth/Percy in there and it took me forever to think around the whole "how do I include Athena/Minerva?" the idea of the Minerva meeting in MoA gave me that influence, I ran with it. It's hard to balance both fandoms and universes while adding my own flair here and there, but trying to stay true while putting in good lessons, experiences, and obstacles :P.

Trying to flesh out the characters personalities and give more depth to the story, flesh out some plot points and relationships... not too fond of the Seven, will try to do a better job incorporating them but it's hard enough figuring out how to do a believable way for Percy and Athena/Minerva to be together on a quest... the whole "self discovery" thing made the most sense to me to make peace with Athena's inner conflict with herself (Kind of like Zuko in the Last Airbender and his two heritages :O). Tried to throw in more gods and characters where they made sense. And tried to give more depth to Caesar so he's not just a murderous psychopath

Anywho, next time we get to meet the Air Nomad Avatar Vaermina, see what she's like, and get Percy to master Water Bending. Probably throw in some Gaea and, a new thing I'm trying out, let me know if you like this new preview feature or not! Also, feel free to PM me with any suggestions/thoughts/comments/etc... it's much easier that way and I can't reply to reviews until I write a new chapter. Obviously the more detailed the review the more likely I am to remember it and respond to it. I appreciate all reviews regardless of how large or small, they show that you care about the story and that you are interested... it's your way of talking back to me like Age of Myth and the others did. As you see, I try to give a shout out here and there. Thanks!


Next Chapter:

"Percy, wait!" Minerva yelled against the water whipping around in tentacles as Percy himself was encased in a sphere of water, violently churning like a stormy sea. His eyes... they glowed with white light as the markings on his skin glowed as well. Percy was gone. This was the avatar spirit. She had to get through to him or they were going to die.

"Percy, listen! I know you are in terrible pain now, but you must get control of yourself! Please!There is too much at stake! PERCY!"

One of the tentacles lashed around and struck her aside, as she crashed into the icy wall, everything stopped and Percy descended, the glow retreating.

"Minerva! Gods no! What have I done?!"