Title: The Holiday


I do not own Karen (as much as I'd like to, because she is sooo cute!)

Ben (as much as I'd like to, because he is funny XD)

Jake (as much as I'd like to, because he is well fit)

Pete (as much as I'd like to, because he is hilarious! XD)

Sue (as much as I'd like to, because she is funny and I love how she copes with her kids XD)

Or Outnumbered (as much as I'd love to!)

I do, however, own the storyline. It is based on my own holiday. Hahaha! So, Enjoy!

"Da-ad! I need the toilet!" said Karen, pulling a face to show how desperate she was. The Brockman family was currently stuck in extremely slow-moving traffic, somewhere near Plymouth.

"There will be toilets at the hotel in 10 minutes." replied Pete, turning around in his seat to face her.

"But you said that 10 minutes ago. And I really need the toilet!" retorted Karen stubbornly, raising her eyebrow at her dad, and pulling another pained expression.

"You'll be fine, Karen." sighed her dad, shaking his head slightly as he turned back round. Karen put her hands on her hips.

"No, I won't. If you don't go to the toilet, you can burst a kidney!" replied Karen matter-of-factly, frowning at her dad.

"Erm..." said Pete, faltering and looking at Sue for help but she was concentrated on the traffic jam.

"Yes, well, you're not going to burst your kidney." he replied, turning round to face his daughter again. But Karen wasn't having it.

"Well, when I'm in hospital because I burst my kidney and the nurse asks why I didn't go to the toilet, I'll tell them that I didn't go because my daddy was too mean to take me because he said that I wouldn't burst my kidneys." rambled Karen, doing hand gestures to accompany her speech. Pete put his head in his hands.

"Ooh look! There's the aquarium!" said Sue brightly, pointing to a tall grey building out of the window. Pete looked out of the window at the building she was pointing at.

"Um, Sue, actually that's a nightclub called Oceana." he replied, trying to ignore Karen's groans of 'I need the toilet' from the back of the car.

"Oh." said Sue, running her hand through her hair; she was already flustered and they hadn't even reached the hotel yet.

"Wait." said Karen, stopping her moaning "There's an aquarium?"

"Yes." replied Pete, relieved to have something to talk about besides Karen's need for the toilet. Karen tilted her head to look at her dad.

"Can we go?" she asked, bouncing up and down in the seat, seemingly forgetting the fact that she wanted the toilet.

"Yes, we can probably go tomorrow morning...maybe..." replied Pete, looking at the pile of papers on his lap. Karen sat back in her seat, disappointed.

"You always say maybe...There's an aquarium where we live, but we never go there." Karen sighed, looking at her parents accusingly "It's not fair!"

"Sooo...that's a nightclub then?" asked Sue cheerily, trying to change the conversation topic. Pete nodded in reply, suddenly engrossed in his maps.

"No going to the nightclub then, Jake." laughed Sue, attempting a (very bad) joke. When she got no reply, she turned around in her seat. They were still in traffic, so it was safe to turn around.

"...Jake?" repeated Sue, wondering if her son could hear her.

"...JAKE?" she said, in a louder voice, trying to make herself heard. Karen giggled slightly.

"He's not listening again, is he? Uh, he's got those blasted headphones on again." sighed Sue.

Karen mumbled something that sounded suspiciously like "I still need the toilet!"

"Oi! Jake!" yelled Ben, whilst elbowing Jake violently in the ribs. Jake pressed the pause button on his iPod, and turned to Ben, his face livid.

"Hey! That hurt! What the heck did you do that for?" snapped Jake, glaring at his younger brother and rubbing his sore ribs.

"Mum was talking to you." replied Ben simply, shrugging his shoulders.

"But you were listening to your blasted headphones and were deaf to the world." finished Sue, in a disapproving tone. Jake faltered.

"I was not!" he snapped, in a defensive voice "I was...revising."

"Revising?" repeated Sue, her eyebrows raised in disbelief. Jake nodded fervently, fairly pleased with his, admittedly lame, excuse.

"Yes-I'm listening to that song that helps you remember the periodic table." added Jake, trying to make his story sound more believable.

Karen looked at his iPod, and pressed the centre button so that the 'now playing' song came up.

"No, you're not. You're watching that video with that girl from the X Factor. The one who's your desktop background on your computer." Karen said, looking at Jake accusingly.

"I am not watching Diana Vickers' music video!" retorted Jake, grabbing the iPod from his sister's hands and turning the screen to black so that nobody could see it.

"Anyway, I can't use my books to revise because they're in the suitcase." added Jake, still trying to formulate an excuse.

"No, they're not." interrupted Ben, looking up from what he was doing. Jake looked at him.

"Well, where are they then?" asked Jake. Karen began to moan about wanting the toilet again.

"Umm...I don't know..." replied Ben, hurriedly stuffing some papers coloured in red and green felt tips underneath his seat. Jake gave him a suspicious look, but the talk in the car had returned to the fact that Karen still needed the toilet.

"Dad! I still need the toilet and I am either going to burst a kidney or wet myself." declared Karen, frowning at her dad. Pete sighed.

"10 more minutes Karen." he replied wearily; obviously he had been hoping that the conversation would not return to this.

"YOU SAID THAT 20 MINUTES AGO!" yelled Karen, really fed up that they weren't moving. She clutched the front of her trousers, with an anguished look on her face.

"I need to go NOW!" she cried "Or I will burst a kidney!"

Pete gave a huge sigh of relief as, at that very moment, they pulled into the car park of the hotel they were going to be stopping in.

"Okay, we're here. Now, can you wait for a little bit whilst we sign in?" Pete asked Karen. She screwed up her face as though she was thinking (or it could have just been that she needed the toilet so badly!)

"No." she decided finally. Pete gave a deep intake of breath, somewhat annoyed.

"But I'll try." added Karen. For the first time since that conversation had started, Pete smiled widely at his daughter.

"Good girl, Karen." he smiled at her. Karen smiled, but then pointed to the door.

"If we have to sign in first, can we at least make it quick?" she asked, looking pained as she crossed her legs. Her dad nodded.

"Karen? You're taking a long time?" shouted Pete, through the toilet door in the hotel room. On the other side of the door, Karen rolled her eyes.

"Because it's a long pee, because you made me wait so long!" Karen yelled back. Jake scrunched up his nose: why did his family have to be so crude?

"Oh, and the door is locked and I can't open it." added Karen brightly, leaping off the toilet seat.

Pete looked at the door, with a confused look on his face: surely it would have been better to mention the locked door first?

"So, you're locked in?" asked her dad, through the door. Karen nodded, before she realised that they couldn't see her.

"YES!" she yelled back. Jake put his face in his hands: surely this sort of thing could only happen to his family?

"Let's leave her and go crabbing!" shouted Ben, jumping up and down on the bed. Sue glared at him.

"Now, Ben, that's not nice!" she sighed tiredly.

On the other side of the door, Karen was getting worried and agitated.

"Daddy! Get me out of here!" she yelled. She didn't like being in the toilet; it was scary and it smelled funny.

"Karen, I'm trying!" called her dad. He pushed the door in, and heard something click. He smiled triumphantly.

"Try now!" he shouted to Karen.

She pushed and pushed against the door, until it fell in with Karen on top of it. Luckily, Pete was stood to one side and Sue, Ben and Jake were perched on the beds.

"Aww...I wanted to leave her in there!" said Ben.

Not a one-shot, so more chaps coming soon! =)