Little Miss Unappreciated
Sequel To: Little Miss Seductress (Started by Tenshi-Chan008, continued by me in Little Miss Seductress: Take Two)

Sometimes in life if you wanna do something good, you gotta do something bad. Kelly, The Girl Next Door

Sasuke had to admit- a live-in maid was pretty useful.

He could now consume meals that didn't contain more preservatives than actual content. He was also privy to the luxury of a made bed and dust-free furniture.

Sakura also had to admit- maids were pretty useful.

She could hire one to do all the hardcore maid work while Sasuke was out at University and then bundle her out and take credit for it all when he came back. Now, this kind of thing should have made her feel guilty… but she tipped 20%.

"How was class?" she asked. They only ever made small-talk… Sasuke was a changed man. It seemed that without his memories of his friends and- okay, not lovers exactly, more like wide variety of bitches-&-hos he no longer felt the need to be an arrogant prick 24/7.

"Hn. Fine." He grunted, shovelling rice into his mouth with his chopsticks.

"What made you choose Medicine? Your mum told me your family prefers business."

He swallowed a large mouthful before answering. "Itachi's older."


"He becomes CEO."

"Don't you think that's a little… I don't know. Unfair?"

"What, that the eldest son inherits the top position over the younger regardless of who's more deserving?"

"No. That anyone in the Uchiha Family gets the position by default at all. I mean- what if there's someone who could take the company to greater heights than you could even imagine. I have a friend back home called Shikamaru. He's an absolute genius. He can see the way things work and how to make the best of any situation that could ever arise. Who's to say he wouldn't be a better candidate for the job than you and your brother combined?"

Sasuke was silent as he mulled over the thought. "Hn. Whatever." He put down his chopsticks and left the table.

Sakura finished the washing up and headed towards her room. On her way, she passed Sasuke's room and couldn't resist the urge to peek in. 'What am I panicking for? I can just ask him if he wants anything before I go to bed.' She knocked lightly. No response. She knocked a little louder. Still no response. So she slowly eased open the door and peered inside. Sasuke was lying, presumably asleep, with his head buried in a giant copy of Gray's Anatomy on his desk. 'He's going to get a cold sleeping like that.' She crept over to him and gently shook his shoulder.

"Sasuke? Hey, Sasuke? You're going to catch a cold. Go sleep on the bed." She shook him a little harder. "HEY! Sasuke!"

Suddenly, his eyes flung open and he grabbed her wrist. "The chocolate pudding is mine, bitch."


He shook himself, as if coming out of a dream, and looked at her with a confused expression painting his face. "What the hell was that about? I don't even like chocolate pudding."

"Yes you do!"

He raised a cynical eyebrow. "You've known me what? A month? Maybe less? How would you know what I like."

"You…" she took a deep breath. "You fought me for one. Why don't you remember?"

Sasuke's expression darkened. "If you ever ask me to 'remember' anything ever again. I swear down I will hurt you."

Sakura resisted the urge to pound him with her tiny, ineffectual little fists (A/N: Props to anyone who gets the reference ;D) and just looked at him with a look of pity.

Suddenly, she found herself with her back against a wall, Sasuke's arms blocking her escape route in both directions. His voice was low and terrifying- as it had been the day he'd broken off their engagement. "And don't you ever give me that look of pity ever again. I'm a million times better off than you'll ever be."

He visibly reined himself in and retreated back to his seat. "Now get the hell out of my room." Sakura hesitated. "NOW! Before I make it my house."

The problem was that Sakura didn't know the method used to rid Sasuke of his memories. He hadn't been hit over the head or in an accident, so she couldn't re-hit him/ make him re-experience the trauma and hope they came back- Bollywood film style.

From what she could tell, it had been a Men In Black flash-wipe affair. But the chocolate pudding thing proved that they were still there. Safely locked away in some back cabinet of his sub-conscious.

She just needed a way to unleash them. And for that she needed-

"Hey Ino. Is Shika there?"

"And a hello how are you to you too!" Her blonde friend chirped.

"Sorry. It's important."

"OMG! So is this. Me and Shika did IT last night. How totally cool is that? And OOOO Sakura, he is SO SO GOOD! It's as big as a sa-"

"Ew. Ino! TMI!"

"Hinata fainted, Ten-Ten threatened to tell the sordid details to Neji. Who else am I supposed to tell?"

"Keep it to yourself?"

"Seriously? Do you seriously expect me to keep something like that to myself? And hey- if I don't share the dirty details, you won't tell me about you and Sassykins. Speaking of which- how's the memory revival thing going?"

"That's what I need to talk to Shikamaru about."

"Ahh, right. One second. He's naked at the minute and he has this thing about not answering the phone unless he's at least in boxers in case the person's like, ringing from outside and wants to come in. And I'm like, er hello, the only person you answer the door to wearing only underwear is me because otherwise I would totally-"

"Ino. Just shut up and give him the phone."


"Hi Shika. Sasuke remembered the chocolate pudding."


"He was dreaming, and he remembered it. But then he forgot it as soon as he was properly up."

"So… his memories are still there?"

"That's what I figured. Just- he doesn't have them when he's conscious."

"Then remind him when he's knocked out. Wait until he's asleep and then start whispering things to trigger memories. The best you can hope for is that the triggers will be strong enough for him to remember the dream when he wakes up."

Sakura gulped. "You want me to sneak into Sasuke's room. At night. And whisper random comments in his ear?"

"Not random. Just, romantic, intimate and private…"


"Run. I have to go now, Ino's being Ino and I'm starting to-" There was a loud groan.

"Oh gross!" Sakura hung up.

She waited until 3am.

She decided against sneaking into his bed and made do with kneeling on the floor beside it. "Hey Sasuke. Remember Naruto? Neji and Shikamaru? Ten-Ten, Hinata, Ino? Do they ring any bells? Leaf High. You were pretty much Jack the Biscuit there. Everyone loved you. You liked me. You found out our schedules and changed them so we'd be with you. We knew that was your doing by the way. Remember the airport? And Tsunade?" A lone tear trickled down her cheek. "Remember what you said? What you did? You gave up everything. I'm so sorry Sasuke. You did it all for me and now you've lost everything. Your best friends, your family, your love."

"Teme." There was soft mumble that startled Sakura. "What… hell… down a hole?"

"Yes!" Sakura grasped at the straw. "The island. Remember? That damn island. Itachi came? We slept on the sand? Sasuke please remember."

"Nnn." He groaned. His eyes began to flicker. Horrified, Sakura ducked and rolled under his bed. She felt the bed creak above her as Sasuke sat up.

Sasuke wiped his hand across his eyes to find it came away damp with tears. As he sat there and wondered what he could possibly have been dreaming of to cause them, Sakura lay under his bed. Her hands tightly covering her mouth in the hope that the sobs she felt rapidly building up would somehow be contained and not escape.

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