Aang: Noah Ringer

Katara: Nicola Peltz

Sokka: Sterling Knight

Zuko: Shun Oguri

Admiral Zhao: Hiroyuki Sanada

Kanna: Melendy Britt

Princess Yue: Seychelle Gabriel

Chief Arnook: Shaun Toub

Uncle Iroh: Chow Yun-Fat

Suki: Jennie Kwan

Master Pakku: Sab Shimono

Monk Gyatso: Brian George

Haru: Isaac Jin Solstein

Haru's Father: Keong Sim

Lo & Li: Takayo Fischer

Azula: Nam Sang Mi

The screen fades into a dark room as a panicked kid is seen scuffling around in the room which is presumed to be his, obviously looking for something and knocking objects to the floor. You can hear the sound of thunder and rain and see the room light up briefly with lightning showing the kid's face and his intricate tattoo of an arrow. The screen then looks down on him as he finally finds a small silver whistle. The scene switches to a hallway where a pair of footsteps can be heard over the noise of the storm and a dark figure is shown almost running through the corridor, face not visible through the darkness. We see the kid again facing the window of his room with a long staff in his hand. Rain and lightning are visible outside. The kid looks behind him in panic when he too hears the approaching footsteps before stepping halfway out the window. His staff turns into a glider and he jumps, letting the glider carry him out of vision and into the storm. The door to his room is thrown open as the figure, who's face is now visible to be an old man, steps in and looks around quickly.

Gyatso: No. Stepping toward the bed where a note was left. He reads the note and quickly turns to the window. No!

The camera zooms out of the window and into the storm where the kid we saw earlier is now riding on a large flying bison. He struggles to steer the beast through the storm and blinks away the moisture in his eyes, possibly a mixture of rain and tears, even though he is now wearing a red hooded cloak. He shoves the metal whistle that he had used to call the bison into a pocket in the cloak. We see them as the fly away and then we see the Southern Air Temple as it gets smaller before disappearing completely in the mist and rain. The kid still struggles to keep his bison under control before the reigns fall out of his hands and the bison falls slightly, then lifts itself back to the normal altitude. We see that the two are now flying over a large body of water. The bison stuggles to fly straight. Waves reach up to whip the creature's large feet. The bison drops altitude once again, but this time a giant wave forms ahead.

Aang: Hold on boy! He almost slips as he climbs on Appa's head and tries to grab back the reigns. His head jerks up as the wave reaches them and we hear his scream and the bison's roar as the wave shoves them down into the blackness. The kid sinks below the water and appears to be unconscious. His bison can be seen also sinking farther down below him. Suddenly the arrows on his hands glow blue, as well as the arrow on his head. His eyes open and reveal that they too have the eerie glow. In a swift movement the kid forms a whirlwind around himself and the bison, freezing them into a large sphere of ice. The screen fades to white.

The scene fades back in as we are now high above the South Pole, overlooking part of the ocean and ice cliffs everywhere. The camera starts to move over the beautiful white image of the South Pole as "The Last Airbender" is shown in large silver letters with flags of the four nations below it. The title fades and "Book One: Water" appears on the screen in the same font.

Well, I thought that was pretty good. However, the decision is up to you and your comments.

I don't think, in fact I'm pretty damn sure, that I was not the only one who completely HATED The Last Airbender movie. For those of you who haven't seen it, don't waste your time. Anyways, I was complaining to my dad how I could've written a better scrip, and now I am!

I will continue writing the script to the entire movie, yes the entire movie, and if you don't like it then just don't comment.

I do not own Avatar: The Last Airbender. I do not own the crappy movie that was made on it either.

If you do not like my casting choice- TOO DAMN BAD! LOL

Enjoy my version of the script, and the second part should be coming out soon. :)