Cut to abandoned hallway, we see a skull hiding in the left hand corner, but the kids don't seem to notice as they walk through, Aang in the lead. The kids enter the screen from the dront.Aang: Where is everyone? Katara continues on behind him and closes her eyes sadly. Sokka follows her, looking around with one eyebrow raised. Cut to top view as they walk and a lemur enters the screen. It makes a chitter noise and flies after them. Cut to front view of Sokka as the lemur swoops over his head.

Sokka: Gah! He ducks. Cut to Aang as the lemur lands on his shoulder. It looks at him with large, curious eyes, chittering away. Aang smiles and stops, scratches the lemur behind the ear, and reaches into his tunic. He pulls out a peach and tosses it to the lemur. It gladly nibbles on it. Cut to back view where Sokka and Katara enter the screen. Sokka is scratching his head in annoyance.

Katara: Awww, it's so cute. Cut to Aang smiling.

Aang: You must like peaches. The lemur continues to nibble while making happy purring sounds. I'm going to name you Momo.

Sokka: I think dinner suits him better. Sokka rubs his hands together and licks his lips.

Cut to Aang turning around a glaring at Sokka. He smiles at Momo and rubs his ear again.

Aang: Don't worry, I will not let him eat you.

The three continue on, Momo remains on Aang's shoulder. Time passes and the three come to a wooden door. Aang hesitantly pushes it open and we see that it is his bed room from the opening sequence. Objects are dusty and misplaced. But the thing that catches our attention the most is two skeletons in the corner. Cut to Aang's shocked face. Sokka and Katara looked equally horrified behind him. Cut to the skeletons. We see one is wearing a fire nation uniform, while the other is wearing torn robes and an air nomad amulet. Aang instantly recognizes the amulet.

Aang: Gyatso.. Tears gather in his eyes.

Cut to flashback as it turns out that when the Fire Nation troops raided the temple, Gyatso had gone into Aang's room to mourn one last time. Cut to top view as Gyatso falls to his knees in the center of the messy room. Cut to front view as he buries his face in his hands. The door opens behind him and we see a Fire Nation soldier shoot a fire blast at him. Gyatso quickly turns around and blocks the attack, then sends a quick air blast at the soldier, knocking him off his feet. Gyatso charges at the soldier.

Gyatso: You are not welcome here! Cut to the soldier as he is back on his feet. He aims at Gyatso, and shoots another large fire blast at him. End of flashback.

Cut to Aang. Tears run down his face, yet his expression is filled with rage and his tattoos suddenly start to glow, as well as his eyes. Aang's form starts to rise into the air and incredibly strong winds circumgirate around him as he gets higher and higher. Objects and debris are tossed around from the power of the wind. Katara and Sokka look up at him with terrified faces. Sokka's face grows determined and he drags Katara out of the room, also shielding her from much of the debris. Cut to outside of the room as Katara and Sokka's tiny forms are seen out on the balcony. They duck for cover as the entire roof of the bedroom is blown apart and Aang rises up even higher into the air, the winds circling around him continuously.

Cut to a Fire Nation port where we see Zuko and Iroh walking out onto the docks. Zuko looks around displeased.

Zuko: We should be following the Avatar, not wasting our time here. Iroh puts a calm hand on his shoulder.

Iroh: The men need a break, as well as you. Zuko shrugs off his uncle's hand and walks forward. The two are suddenly approached by Admiral Zhao with two of his guards behind him.

Admiral Zhao: General Iroh he bows and Prince Zuko. He noticeably does not bow to Zuko. What a pleasant surprise. I wasn't expecting to see you here. Surely you aren't taking a break from your search? Zhao smiles coyly.

Iroh: Of course not. We are simply taking a few minutes to eat and rest and we will be on our way. I don't believe Zuko could handle if we stayed any longer. He gestures to a very irritated looking Zuko.

Admiral Zhao: Perhaps not. However, I was hoping that the both of you would take tea with me.

Zuko: We must be moving on. Zuko starts to turn away but is stopped by Iroh's hand.

Iroh: Now now nephew, certainly we have a few minutes to enjoy a nice cup of tea. We would be honored to join you. He smiles at Zhao.

Cut to very dim red room inside Zhao's ship. Zhao, Zuko, and Iroh are sipping tea quietly. Cut to Zhao sipping his tea. A guard walks up and whispers something in his ear, and his eyes light up in surprise. Cut to Zuko glaring up from his tea. Iroh, on the other hand, continues to sip his with eyes shut. Cut back to Zhao. He clears his throat and lowers his cup.

Admiral Zhao: If you don't mind my asking, how is your search for the Avatar coming along?

Zuko: We haven't found him yet. Iroh glances over at Zuko, still sipping his teal. Zhao frowns.

Admiral Zhao: That's quite a disappointment. I'm sure your father, Fire Lord Ozai, would not be pleased to hear that. Zuko's head snaps up furiously.

Zuko: You tell him, and I'll find you, and hunt you down.

Iroh: Zuko, that's enough.

Admiral Zhao: You can't even catch the Avatar. You would never lay a hand on me. It would be treason on your part. Admiral Zhao stands up and paces around the tea table in an interrogative fashion. Besides, I would only be doing the right thing. It's my duty to report your failures to his majesty. However, he stops pacing directly behind Zuko, if you have any information about the Avatar's whereabouts, it could possibly save your honor. Zuko's eyes grow wide.

Cut to a view of the Southern Air Temple where Aang's glowing form can still be seen floating high above the temple. Cut to Sokka and Katara hiding behind a broken stone wall.

Katara: Aang! Can you hear me, Aang?

Sokka: He can't hear you.

Cut to inside Aang's mind where we are surrounded by a misty blue haze and strangely luminous lanterns. The lanterns almost seem to whisper to Aang as he passes by. Cut to Aang from the front as he airbends himself into a tall oak tree. He holds on to one of the longer branches and looks out, but sees nothing more than miles and miles of trees and strange floating lights. One light buzzes over to him. Aang giggles as it swarms around him almost playfully. He tries to catch it, but falls off the branch instead and into a small puddle below. On his hands and knees, he looks into the puddle and sees the figure of a blue dragon. The dragon seems to come closer and closer and Aang gasps in shock and backs away as it flies out of the puddle. The dragon makes low growling noises as it strides toward Aang. Aang is frozen in fear as it lowers its great head to him and touches his arrow with one of its whiskers. A voice enters his head.

Avatar Roku: Aang, it's good to see you.

Aang: Who are you?

Avatar Roku: I am Avatar Roku, your previous life. I have sent my dragon, Fang, to seek you out.

Aang: Seek me out?

Avatar Roku: Yes. It's a very critical situation.

Aang: I'm-I'm kind of already in one. Aang looks down dejectedly.

Avatar Roku: I am aware. You have entered the Avatar State. In the Avatar State, you have the power of all the Avatars before you, and of every element whether it has been mastered yet or not. You have entered this state out of your grief.

Aang: So, grief triggers it?

Avatar Roku: Any strong emotion may unleash its power. But once you have become fully realized, you may go in and out of it at will.

Aang: Wow, so I have all that power…just bottled up inside me? Aang grins widely.

Avatar Roku: It is an awesome gift, and yet, a dangerous one as well.

Aang: What do you mean?

Avatar Roku: As well as being a possible threat to others, the Avatar State is a possible threat to you. If you are killed while in the Avatar State, the reincarnation cycle will be broken.

Aang: Aang's eyes grow wide. So the Avatar…

Avatar Roku: Finishes Aang's statement. Will cease to exist. But that is not the reason I needed to seek you out, Aang. At the end of the summer, Sozin's Comet will return, and Firelord Ozai will use its power to finish the war that his grandfather, Sozin, started all those years ago. If you are to defeat Ozai, you must master the elements before Sozin's Comet arrives.

Aang: And…Aang looks worried. I only have until summer's end to do it?

Avatar Roku: You can do it Aang. You've done it before. Go to the Northern Water Tribe. Find a master. Stop Firelord Ozai. I have faith in you Aang, but the fate of the world lies in your hands now.

Cut back to where Katara and Sokka are hiding, their hands are covering their heads and faces defensively. Suddenly they loosen up a bit as the wind starts to die down. Cut to Aang lowering little by little back to earth. His feet touch the ground and the wind stops. Cut to Katara leaving her hiding place and running over to him. Sokka follows behind her. Cut to Aang, his tattoos and eyes are still glowing. Katara grabs his hand and holds it in between her palms.

Katara: (whispering) Aang…

Aang's tattoos stop glowing. He wipes away the rest of the tears while he slowly falls to his knees. Katara follows him. Sokka puts a friendly hand on his shoulder. Cut to Katara wrapping her arms around his shoulders and leaning into him. A few seconds pass before Aang breaks the comforting silence.

Aang: I have to go. Aang breaks Katara's embrace and walks over to where Appa has remained the entire time. Katara looks panicked and runs after him. Sokka looks slightly angry, following her.

Katara: And where do you think you're going?

Aang: I need to go to the Northern Water Tribe and find a master. There's a comet coming, and if I don't defeat the Fire Lord before it comes, we're all doomed. I must master all of the elements. He looks determined.

Sokka: Looks confused and shakes his head a little. Wait a minute, wait just one minute. One: I have no idea what the heck you're talking about. Two: You aren't taking us back home, so don't you even think about it. And three: Huh?

Katara: Sokka's right…for once. We're your family now. We're going with you wherever you run off to. Besides, she smiles I want to learn how to waterbend properly too. Maybe we can learn together.

Aang: Blushes and smiles Yeah, that would be pretty fun.

Sokka: Okay, obviously you didn't hear my "huh?"

Aang: I'll explain it all on the way. He airbends himself onto Appa. Momo flies onto screen and perches himself back on Aang's shoulder. Cut to Katara and Sokka still on the ground; Katara is smiling while Sokka just frowns.

Sokka: Fair enough. Katara is pulled on by Aang, and Sokka after. Appa leaves the ground with a groan and flies off into the distance.

Cut to Zhao pacing around Zuko again. Iroh has moved over by the door.

Zuko: I told you, we have not found anything.

Admiral Zhao: Slams his fist on the table and gets in Zuko's face. I know you're lying. A proper captain is master at keeping his crew quiet. Your crew, he gestures behind them to where Zuko's crew is lined up against the wall. told one of my guards that you had the Avatar in custody, but let him escape. Zuko bows his head in shame. Zhao leans forward to speak softly in Zuko's ear. Where is he going?

Zuko: He went north.

Admiral Zhao: Smiling secretly He's going to the northern water tribe…to find a teacher. Men! Escort Prince Zuko and General Iroh back to their ship. Fire up the engines, he walks to the door and then turns and whispers to a soldier, And make sure they don't follow us.

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