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Bella POV:

I'm lying on my bed, doing nothing. Again. This is practically what I've been doing since my true love left me. I'm hearing the same sentence over and over again. The sentence that broke my heart, and apparently, it doesn't want to leave until my heart has fully disappeared. "I don't want you to come, Bella." I really thought he did love me. I really thought we would have a fairytale happily ever after. Silly human I am.

I'm not crying. I've passed that phase a while ago. I can't cry anymore, I guess every person has a certain amount of tears they never use up. I did. I think my eyes have been wetter than the ocean will ever be. But I am probably wrong again. After all, I'm just a silly human.

"Bella?" It was Charlie. Silently he opened the door. He was whispering, always he was whispering. Since the day I turned into some sort of spoon. A bent, rusty spoon buried underneath a tree. I simply turned my head to look at him, that way, he'd know I was listening. "I made dinner, Bella. It actually worked. The pasta isn't burned, and the sausages look good." Charlie's cooking skills had improved big time, at least I heard him say that. I hated to hear him this way, so proud of himself, so hopeful I'd actually come to eat. He asked the same thing every night. "I'm not hungry" I said. Ugh, I sounded like a zombie who was having a bad day. I looked at my father. Which I really shouldn't have. A glistering drop of water went down his cheek, coming from his eye. He was crying. "Dad, I…" I was trying to sound sorry, but the stupid zombie tone had it's own will. "It's okay, Bells. I love you." My father closed the door as silently as he had opened it.

I guess I could have known this would come, the falling to sleep part. I had lasted a week without sleeping, but my body just couldn't take it anymore. Struggling didn't help. I fell to sleep, and my nightmare begun again.

I was lying on the forest floor, between the orange leaves of the fall. I lay there, silent. Nothing moved, nothing made a sound, not even me. I didn't breathe, and my heart didn't beat. I was alive though. Then, everything went dark, except for two little golden dots in the darkness. His eyes. Then they faded too, and nothing was left to live for.

"Good morning! We decided to play something really different today! Here comes Debussy's masterpiece, Clair de Lune!" I was fully awake and aware immediately and slammed the off-button with all the force I had. The sound stopped with a scared "dzz".

Great, I even scared my alarm clock. But it was it's own fault, I tuned it on a hard rock radio station, and then it decided to "Play something really different." Stupid radio. I got up, and put some random clothes on. I didn't really care what I wore anymore. I walked downstairs, and I was determined to make Charlie feel happy. Okay, so that wouldn't work. I would try to make him NOT feel sad or guilty.

"Morning dad." I said, as I tried to smile. I guess it must have looked like I swallowed sea-urchin. "Good Morning, Bells." He said, a little surprised, and with a little hope in his voice. I had been really that bad, huh. "I made you pancakes, just in case…" he hesitated, trying to figure out if there was any possible way that would hurt my feelings.

"Thanks dad, I'm pretty hungry, actually." It wasn't until after I said that, that I realized it was true. Well, it was about time to see if Charlie's cooking really did improve that much anyway. He smiled. Make-Charlie-not-feel-sad-mission completed.

He shove a way to big stack of American Pancakes on my plate, with syrup and a piece of butter on the top. Just like in movies. I took a bite, and was shocked. "Dad, it's… it's delicious! How did you improve so much?" A huge smirk spread over his face "Thanks Bella!" He said. I noticed he didn't say how he improved, so I decided to ask again.

"Dad, How did you become so good?" His smirk faded away and his head turned tomato red. So that's where I got my blush from. He murmured something about cooking lessons for lonely mothers, but so softly that I think I wasn't actually supposed to hear it, but I did.

And it was pretty damn funny, could you picture it? The chief of police with a wooden spoon and an apron between women who where whining about their lost husbands. The big bite of pancakes was all over the table in no time, because I laughed. I laughed really hard. Almost until I cried.

I hadn't laughed in months and it felt awesome! Charlie was not looking happy. He was looking overjoyed. And at that precise moment, I decided to move on with my life, or at least give it a try. To make me, and the people I care about, happy. Edward would still remain a bugger of course, but that couldn't be helped… I would just have to try not to think about him. It would be hard, but I'd manage.

Hello world! Goodbye zombie!