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Edward got serious again.

"There is one more thing though. Bella, will you marry me?"

My mouth opened in flabbergastedness. After that, everything went black.

Chapter fifteen



Wow. Bella had really fainted. I had imagined many possible outcomes of my proposal but her fainting was not one of those. I had of course imagined her jumping into my arms screaming "YEEEES!" Or her silently refusing. Or her wanting to marry me but not yet. So many possible outcomes, but fainting? Only Bella could faint from that. Maybe I should have thought of it for that sole reason. She stirred. My attention shifted to her instantaneously. My Bella would be waking up soon.


My mind had kicked in. I opened my eyes slowly. My vision was very blurry, but I could see Edward sitting beside me. I blinked a couple of times to clear my vision. I started lifting my head but stopped, I had a tremendous headache. A little gasp escaped my mouth. Edward´s face was close the same instant. He looked very worried, which annoyed me. I only had a little headache. Why did he have to be so protective? I heard his voice: "Bella? Are you alright?" "Jeesh Edward, it's just a little headache, it's not like I fainted or something." He laughed. This got me even more annoyed. "Could you stop laughing? Seriously, why are you laughing? Cut it out! Edward!" Slowly he stopped laughing but he still had a smile on his face. "Why were you laughing?" I asked him.

"Fainting was exactly what you did. And right after I proposed." His smile turned sour. "It was the only thing I hadn't expected. I should have though, with you the unexpected always happens." It all came back to me; Edward's totally cute acts, the flowers, and then the proposal. But after that my memory was blank. And we weren't in the field anymore. We were in the living room of the Cullen's house. That led to only one conclusion. I actually had passed out... Wow. But I hadn't forgiven him yet. Well, I had, but he didn't have to know I had. I mean, instead of asking for forgiveness he had asked me to marry him. I had to talk to him about that.

"Edward, seriously, you didn't expect me to pass out? ME? And for the record, you're not forgiven. I mean, come on, asking me to marry you instead of to forgive you? Edward, have you no brain at all? You know how I feel about marriage and I really loved what you did but didn´t you think asking to be forgiven might have won me over? Jeesh..." I breathed heavily; my little speech had given me not much time to breath. I looked out of the window. The sun was going down. I would go soon.

"Look, Edward, I'm gonna go soon, explain it all to me tomorrow." I noticed he hadn't said anything yet. "Maybe you have actually something to say by then... I reached over toward him and kissed him softly on his cheek. That would have to satisfy him for now. I got up. "Edward, I..." Before I could finish my sentence the sun had set and I could not resist the pull of nature all around me. I raced outside while changing into my Nymph form and was soon connected to all. I worked all over the forest, healing here and adding some flowers there.


I felt like a stupid dick.

She had shown me how stupid I had been. I had been so totally caught up in the moment that I forgot all about the purpose of my acts. What could I do to really say sorry? How would she forgive me? Why would she forgive me? I had been such an asshole... A plan started to form in my head. I ran to Alice.

"Alice, Alice" I called. "What is it Edward?" She asked me.

"Do you still have to ask?"

"Well, excuse me, Edward, for not being tuned in on you all the time..."

"I'm sorry Alice," I said, "But can you please help me, I need to know Bella's favourite song..."

"OH, no Edward, not this again. Look at yourself. LOOK! your eyes are totally black. How long ago was the last time you fed?"

I suddenly remembered my thirst. I hadn't felt it because of my excitement and preoccupation. But I was ravenous. If any human would have been in the area it would have been dead by now. I ran outside, into the forest. I took a deep breath to draw the air past my scent glands. I smelled some rabbits, a boar, some birds. Nothing noteworthy. But then I smelled it. The most delicious scent ever. I raced to meet up with the scent. As I came closer to the source I felt venom fill my mouth. This would be a quick kill. I was approaching a clearing in the forest. This was one stupid animal. Or it was very sure it would be safe. It was wrong. I hid myself behind a tree. I was high on this smell. The only thing that held me from attacking was that I wanted to know what it was. I peered out from behind the tree and saw the source of the delicious smell. The prettiest fox I had ever seen was sitting in the field. And then, before my eyes it started to shine and floated up from the place it had been sitting. About a meter in the air the shining light became green and golden and too bright to look at. I turned away and suddenly the delicious smell was gone, as was the light. I looked back towards the field and saw the most pretty being in the world was lying in the middle of the field. Beautiful flowers grew all around her. My Bella. And that second I knew how to reconcile myself to Bella. I knew she would love it.