Title: Take a chance on me
Pairing: Seamus Finnigan/Tracey Davis
Rating: G
Prompt: Chance
Word Count: 196
Beta: Thank you grander_fanfics
Warnings: None.
Summary: Seamus makes a move on Tracey...again.
A/N: Originally writtn for Week 63 on sortinghatdrabs . I decided to give this pairing another chance (I've written a drabble of them for the same community for St. Patrick's Day and nobody liked it). I find their story (the one in my head) very cute and I kind of like the two of them together. Anyway, people didn't particularly like it this week either, but I won't give up on them :) Oh! Inspired by this scene (htt p:/ / ww w . yo utu be . c o m /watch ?v=g3fZa QxV9nU).

Take a chance on me

Tracey Davis had just entered the Great Hall when a female chorus sounded over the soft murmurs of another Saturday morning.

All of the heads that had been turning towards her snapped to the Gryffindor table when Seamus Finningan stood up on the bench. Even though the Slytherin mockery must have shaken his confidence, Seamus tried not to show it, beaming at her instead.

Tracey couldn't suppress a giggle. This was not Seamus' first attempt at inviting her on a date, but it was definitely the most inventive .

"If you're all alone, when the pretty birds have flown. Honey, I'm still free, take a chance on me!" Seamus sang along the rest of the chorus as he made his way towards her.

A fierce blush burned across Tracey's face when Seamus took her hand. His low voice stood out from the rest, and all eyes were on the two of them when he kept singing, "Gonna do my very best, and it ain't no lie. If you put me through the test, if you let me try."

A twinkle danced in his eye when he whispered, "What d'ya say, Tracey? Take a chance on me?"