Letting out all their suffering, they cried into each others shoulders.

Seconds passed before Angelina pushed them to the nearest chair. George sat down and pulled her over his lap. She complied in silence, sitting across his legs, pressing his head against her chest and planting soft kisses on his temples and neck while whispering soothing words along the way.

"I'm here now. I'm never leaving again. Even if you try to push me away, I'm telling you now, you won't succeed, mister," she said firmly with a sweet smile, grabbing his face between her hands and making him look into her eyes. Maybe that way he would really believe she was speaking from the heart.

They looked at each other, feeling the anticipation and desire float in the air. Her mind drifted to that day they kissed for the first and only time. His eyes had shone the same way they were shinning right then, and she knew they had both waited too long for this to happen. Angelina wasn't willing to stretch it another second.

With more force than necessary, she moved towards him, closing the small gap between their mouths. Her lips met his in a hungry kiss, full of pent up passion and longing. His response had as much intensity as hers. George didn't waste a second as he slid his arms more tightly around her waist, pressing her whole body against him. Every inch of her skin was covered by him, making her feel safe and at home again.

It wasn't long until they had to break apart in order to catch their breath. However, Angelina barely had time to open her eyes when she felt George's lips against the sensitive skin of her neck. A gasp escaped her lips as he bit lightly, occasionally running his tongue over the same spot. His touch became urgent. Hands travelled over her figure, resting on her bum as he lifted her.

Next thing she knew, plates, glasses and all the things that were on the table were flying across the room and piling by the sink. Angelina saw him waving his wand quickly, as he pushed his hips forward and making her lie down on the now empty table.

Her agitated breathing was keeping time with her heart. The warmth his touches created on her stomach went south as she felt his erection against her thigh. Angelina could feel herself getting wetter as his hand touched her breast, erecting her nipples through the thin shirt she was wearing.

"No bra?" he whispered huskily, wetting his lips as his eyes, dark with lust, stared at her flushed face.

Angelina thought she was going to come right then and there. The teasing tone was all too familiar and oh, how she had missedit. His sexy smile and his eyes showed nothing but the love he felt for her.

"Oh, for Merlin's sake!" she exclaimed, clearly exasperated by all the teasing. "It's been too damn long that I've wanted this, George. Don't make me wait another second," she gasped with difficulty as she reached for his wand. A small flick and all their clothes disappeared.

It all happened so fast, that before she noticed, as he kept moving, George thrust right into her. They both cried out in pleasure. The small pain she felt as he stretched her disappeared instantly. George filled her like no one ever had.

"Are you okay?" he asked worriedly against her ear. She could even feel his heart pounding against his chest as he leaned over her, covering her body completely.

She nodded silently. "Move."

His thrusts were slower than before. The urgency they had shown minutes ago was now gone and replaced by sweet caresses and loving touches. Angelina moaned loudly in pleasure as he moved in and out of her, awakening every nerve of her body.

"My first... time...should haveā€¦ been with you," she blurted out, opening her eyes in horror as she realized she had voiced her thoughts.

George chuckled against the crook of her neck. The hot air sent goosebumps all over her skin. He moved enough for him to look right into her eyes, a small smile on his lips. "What a way to set the mood, Angie," he whispered with a wink.

"My first time was crap. I wish it was with someone I lov-" Angelina flinched and mentally kicked herself. Couldn't she just keep her mouth shut and enjoy they moment?

However, George just laughed, quickening the pace. She could feel him harden even more inside of her, something she hadn't thought was possible. "I love you too, Angelina," he whispered against her parted lips. "But please don't leave me again. I wouldn't be able to take it," he gasped as thrust harder into her, his hands holding her closer against him, as if he were afraid she would disappear any second now.

"I won't," she said, kissing him deeply. "I won't. Never again," she promised, moving her hips and letting him go deeper into her.

Her moans filled the kitchen as her body started shaking. Shocks of pleasure travelled through her limbs as her walls clutched around him while crying out his name. Two more thrusts and George came inside of her. Her name fell from his lips as he let his limp body fall over hers.

Chests moved up and down as they both tried to recover their breath.

Suddenly, Angelina started giggling. Each giggle shook his head, as it was resting against her chest. "What?" he asked lazily, tracing random figures with his fingertips against the side of her stomach.

"We must be quite a sight," she said, looking at her surroundings.

He joined her laughter. "And Percy said I should buy another table. That this was too old and fragile."

"Hey, I don't weigh much!"

"Nope." He rested his chin against her chest and looked up at her face. "But I didn't think it would tolerate so much action," he said with a wink.

Angelina just smiled in response. "I love you, George. I'm really sorry," she said in a serious tone.

"Don't ruin the moment," he whispered against her lips before kissing her. A kiss that was soon broken as he started laughing.


"Just picturing Percy and Oliver's reaction if they come back to the flat right now."

"Oh my! I completely forgot!" Angelina made an attempt to stand up.

"Not yet."

It took very little convincing on his part. His tongue tracing her lips and his hands roaming over her sides, was all it took for Angelina to sigh happily in surrender. Getting ready for another go would have happened faster than she thought possible if they hadn't been interrupted by footsteps coming from the living room.

"Oh, sweet Merlin!" Percy's scream echoed in the kitchen, making the couple blush as they hastily looked for something to cover themselves with. An attempt that clearly failed as their clothes had been vanished minutes ago.

"Ha! Who would have thought. Your brother has freckles on his bum too, love! Look!" Oliver pointed from the doorway. His amused tone only embarrassed the rest of them. "Aren't we the luckiest people on Earth, Angie?"

The End

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