My Summer of Pain and Regret

Written By Heaven Rex

Chapter 1

My head was filled with nightmares and flashbacks, and thoughts of funerals, funerals of the ones I loved that I had attended all over my summer. I witnessed four of my best friends murders and I can't identify the guy ,the rotten bastard who did this. The tortureous event will haunt me for the rest of my life. I relive it every morning when I wake up and realize my life will never be the same. A trip that was supposed to be the trip I would always remember, is now the nightmare I never want to relive. Who knew that when Farrah and Alexis went to the cabin rental shop they would be making the mistake of there young lives.

Rachelle, Syberia, Alexis, Farrah,Ebigail, Elliana, and I were best friends until the day they died. We were so close we planned on going to the same colleges, all of us. We were going to the McCaver Camp Ground's for the week after graduation. While our lives were all very busy, we always made time for one another.

We all enjoyed doing things together and we definitely enjoyed doing things to help each other. When Michael and I had our monthly break up then make up all of my friends would help me. They brought over the chocolate and relationship magazines for a fun night with no boys. I loved them all ,but sometimes I guess I couldn't love them enough.

No matter how much and hard I prayed during those two days the lord just wasn't enough. I need to except the fact that life is full of all things some good, some bad. I have learned to except that life isn't all it is bargained for, I learned the hard way. I learned young. I will never, ever forget my friends the friends I loved, the friends that were there for me the whole time until there deaths. I am what they would be proud of I am a survivor, I am strong.

All my life I will remember them. All of my life I will live in there name and regret that day. My life will never be full. As, Alexis and Farrah walked through my door to share with us that we would be staying in cabin #6 with four bedrooms and a master bedroom I knew something might go wrong, but it was graduation weekend and I was not worried at all. I pushed that feeling aside making a huge mistake.

" The cabin is beautiful."

"Yes, and it has a water park right next to the trail."

Life was good, life was fun. We were just a few teenagers ready to get our lives started. We were dumb and young. I will never again make a decision without thinking it through. I will never again overlook that gut feeling.

The trip there was fine. We played loud music and talked the whole time. We stopped to go shopping on the way. We bought food, mostly junk food. When we got to the camp grounds we found our cabin and unpacked our bags. We were set to have the best trip ever. It was fun until the third day. Up until then, We swam,flirted, and just had fun. On the second day Alexis met this guy, Trevor, He was nice at first. He partied with us and helped pay for the beer. Alexis invited him to the cabin on the third day. Everything started okay, they started to get a little steamy.

Farrah barked at them to get a room. They walked to the master bedroom and had intimate relations for a while. They came out and then we just went to sleep for the night, the last normal night of our trip.