Alright...I'm feeling a bit better about the whole thing. I am sorry for being an idiot about it all but personally, I guess I wanted to know who actually liked the story enough to react if I did that. Now that I have come to terms with it all, I'll repost the story. Sorry everyone but I take certain things very seriously. If someone says my stuff is bad, I take it personally even if they are giving constructive critiques. I have to work on it but I promise I will put the story up again.

Warinings are that there are rape scenes and blood and violence. I will put up the warnings where the "evil" scenes begin and end so everyone will feel comfortable. I did rate the story M for a reason and that was it. I knew the story would get dangerous and therefore was trying to keep those who wouldn't like it away. Obviously, it didn't work.

Summary: Ichigo's a normal kid until he and a few friends are kidnapped and he becomes the sex toy of the leader of the neighboring city. A few months pass and Ichigo is given to the only person who showed him decency.

Warnings: there will be rape in this.


The street was dark. It was dark and excruciatingly quiet. The quiet was not the cliché quiet that made people say: "It's quiet...too quiet." It was just the thick quiet that follows he sun's setting. It was thick with anticipation, waiting for the next day when people would bustle through the streets and alleyways. It was the kind of quiet that people fear but find thrilling.

Fog tumbled over the sidewalks as if on cue just before a tall, slim figure reached the crest of a hill. They wore dark navy, boot-cut jeans, black steel toed boots, and a form fitting black tee that hid under an ebony hoodie. The hood was up, hiding the person's features completely unless they walked under a street lamp. Needless to say, they kept their head down to not let anyone know who they were.

They paused for a moment before spinning to the right. They moved quickly down the street, knowing exactly where they were going. Their hands dove further into the front pockets of their hoodie and gripped the wallet and firecrackers that they had hidden there. In the front jean pocket they had hidden a phone that was on vibrate. It buzzed at them, irritated for being ignored for the millionth time that night.

He knew who was calling him. He pulled the phone out and grimaced when he found himself to be correct. He let it go to voicemail before he turned the device off completely. He had to concentrate. He was going to do this. He had snuck away to do this. He was not going to let anyone find him until he was fucking ready.

He felt a shiver run down his spine when he felt the slight pinprick feeling that felt like someone was following him. He knew he had been followed but he also knew who had followed him. She would only follow him for a while until she went to a place he could visit alone. She would already know where he was going and would go there. She would let him do what he felt he had to.

He reached a clinic that was owned by a small family. A father and his two daughters bustled around inside. The girl with brown hair was preparing dinner while the father and the dark haired girl seemed to be playfully sparing. He knew this family. They had lost the mother years ago. The older brother was gone now as well. He felt his gut clench when he realized they had gone on without the brother. He spun on his heel and went back up the hill.

He barely reached the cemetery he had planned to visit. Tomorrow was an anniversary. He had to acknowledge it somehow. He tripped on his own feet as memories plagued him only stopping when he fell to his knees. He held back tears and sobs and went on. He stopped when he saw her sitting next to the grave he wished to visit. She wore black chic trip pants with purple seams and chains. She wore brown steel toed boots on her feet that went well with the dark brown tank top she had on. Her long, highlighted blonde hair tumbled in waves down her back and shoulders. Her hazel green eyes glowed against the perfectly applied forest green, black, and pearl eye shadow, black eyeliner, and black mascara. Her lips were black or velvet, her white teeth shining magically when she smiled at him. In her hands was a bouquet of a dozen or more long stem roses that were red, white, and black.

"Hello," she said calmly as she stood to show off the flowers to him. "I thought it would be appropriate."

"Are you also trying to keep me away from where I'm planning on leaving the firecrackers?"

"Maybe. Actually, I want to place them with you."

He looked at her with slight concern. She smiled her own little cruel and sadistic smile. She was a hacker, a tattoo artist, and an assassin for his boss. She was actually not as bad as her job description said she was. She just enjoyed being herself and wanted nothing but to be near the people she trusted. There weren't many people like that in her life.

"Fine," he murmured. She hugged him joyfully around the neck, giggling happily for the chance to help him and the chance to be destructive. She was a pyro-maniac who happened to be damn good with weapons and computer codes. He smiled a bit and hugged her back. He placed the roses down on the grave of Masaki Kurosaki and led her to his last destination.

It was a private apartment that was empty due to the owner being gone for an undercover thing with his job. The owner was a cop and an old friend of the man who now planned to get him into trouble. He gave the young woman half the firecrackers and a book of matches.

"Set them off through the windows."

She nodded and did as he asked. He moved for a desk and wrote a quick note before going to join his friend. He lit off his firecrackers and threw them off toward the other rooftops. His friend did the same. They left quickly then and she lead him back to the train tracks that divided Seireitei and Hueco Mundo into separate cities. She leapt into the driver's side of a Jeep Commander with tan paint while he hopped into the passenger side. She revved the engine to life and went on to Hueco Mundo's Sixth District.

"You know Grimm is freaking out right?" she asked casually.

"I know."

"You know why right?"


"Then you also know that if you do this again, I will be forced to hurt you to get you back, right?"

"Yes Koori. I know. I won't come back here again."

"You'd better not..." Silence enveloped them for a moment when a thought occurred to Koori. "Grimmjow's got a meeting with the head honcho of Hueco Mundo tomorrow. I'll be staying with you while you take care of the district."


"Grimmjow is going to fuck you so rough tonight!" she laughed. He grimaced. She was right. Grimmjow, his boss, his savior of sorts, and his lover would fuck him senseless when she got him back.

"My ass already hurts." He couldn't hide the slight joy of the idea though. He loved it when Grimmjow screwed him senseless. Tonight, he would probably not be prepared and chided firmly for leaving Hueco Mundo let alone 6th District.

"Good," Koori said, pulling into a blind alley. "Grimmjow really does care about you. You know that right?"

"Yes Koori. I do."

"Fine then. Don't do this again. If you want to set off fireworks though, tell me. I'll help!"

"Thanks Koori. Have a good night." He popped the door open and hopped out. He closed the door and entered the building next to them, his keys jangling loudly in the night quiet. Koori pulled her phone out of the glove box and dialed her first speed dial contact.

"He's inside and heading up," she said. "Sorry it took so long Grimm but he's a good student and you're a good teacher...Night. Be nice to him." She hung up and threw her phone to the dash and slammed her fist against her wheel. She growled a curse knowing she would have to talk to Aizen, the head honcho, about this. She may have worked for Grimmjow Jaggerjaques but she was still an assassin who had been brought in by Aizen. She out ranked the District leaders and, at times, answered directly to Aizen. She backed out of the alley and drove to Aizen's compound. She'd lie. That's what she would do. She did on a regular basis now. It was easy and Aizen could do nothing against her.

"Good night...Ichigo," she whispered to the building's top floor. Good night."

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