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Running Around In Circles

She was wearing his shirt, red and gold alternative stripes, upon a stark naked white colour. It smelled so much like him, and fitted her perfectly. She stood by the curtain-less window marveling at nature and the serenity of it all. It was snowing outside – just a little. It surprised her to realise that within the time she'd been quietly observing, a few layers of white had draped themselves obnoxiously, upon her surroundings.

A rush of wind hit her petite body, as the snow quickened its pace, and all life slowed down. Sighing at the presence of goose bumps now covering every inch of her body, she climbed back in to bed and lay sandwiched between the soft, warm duvet. It took so much energy to not reach out and touch the sleeping body lying next to her. She eyed him wistfully, taking in his appearance.

His eyes were shut tight, as if trying to shut the memories, the pain, the grief, the tragedy, the insecurities, the nightmares out. And she realised his fists were clenched, locking up the limp, thin material of the duvet. Reaching out, she placed a quick kiss on his cheek, and settled in the open space next to him. He inched into her, so that his head was on her lap. Feeling his muscles loosen a little, she let out a sigh of relief, worried about him before.

He suddenly spoke up; his voice was a pitch lower than normal and his words came out as "mmffhsosl!"

"What?" She questioned, amused and confused. Wasn't he just sleeping? Or rather, living a nightmare?

He raised his head, so that his face was right infront of hers, his eyes boring deep into her soul.

He had his father's smirk plastered onto his face, and his cheeks were flushed, round and alive.

"Took you long enough!" he growled. Reaching out for her neck, he began to kiss along her collarbone, sending shivers up her spine, and moved onto her jaw.

She was completely baffled and lost. What was it with him always running around in circles with her?

Pushing him off, she laughed, yet with a completely confused look adorning her face.

"Harry! What are you talking about? I thought you were having a nightmare and I kissed your cheek and …" She trailed off, now fully understanding the situation.

"Like I said Gin-Took you long enough!" This time, he didn't make any attempt to hide the wide smirk and boasting off his pearly whites, his mouth crushed upon hers just as she was about to argue against that.

She felt herself melt into him ad pure happiness flowed through her blood, and she closed her eyes, fully enjoying the moment.

Yes, he always ran around in circles when it came to her… but, she never said she didn't like it...

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