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...Chapter 1...

"It feels so good to finally be free!" Nicole yelled to the sky, after she walked through the triple thick gates, then she kneeled down to the ground, and kissed the pavement a few times. "God, I missed you so." she whispered, then stood up to the person standing in front of her, with a weird look on his face. "So, Detective Jones, do you have any words of wisdom, before I leave, and go back home where I belong?"

"Yeah." he nodded. "I don't want to see you come back here. I pulled a lot of strings and asked for a few favors, to get you out of this shitty rat hole."

"Well, thanks." she smiled.

Detective Jones frowned. "Nicole, you've spent about five or so years in this prison... you should take this more seriously." he shook his head. "Don't fuck it up."

Nicole stood there, thinking about what got her into this bullshit mess in the first place, then she gave Detective Jones a hug. "Thank you." she whispered in his ear. "I'm very grateful for everything you have done for me and helping me get my life back." she backed up to look at him, then gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks."

He smiled as they broke from the hug. "You're welcome. Hopefully I won't see you around... meaning in here."

"Okay." she nodded. "I'll be good." he nodded, then walked away.

After she watched Detective Jones walk back through the gates of the prison, she turned around, and ran into a pair of arms, who was holding them out, and held on as tight as she could. "Oh, my fucking God!" she yelled. "I've never been so happy to see my big brother." she paused as she had tears falling down her cheeks. "I missed you, Tig."

"Missed you too, Kid."

"What about me?" she heard behind her. "Don't I get a hug?"

She quickly turned around and saw one of her best friends with a smile. "Jax!" she yelled, then let go of Tig, and gave him a hug. "Damn... it's good to see you."

"Yeah." he nodded. "It's been a long five years." he let her go and wiped the tears from her face. "And everyone's missed you."

Nicole looked around. "Is it just you two here?" both of them nodded. "Where is everyone?"

"At the clubhouse." Tig smiled. "Waiting for you to come home."

"And Riley?"

"She's fine." Jax nodded. "My mom has her."

"Wow, I bet she's big by now... and she's five? I've missed everything." she shook her head, thinking about her little girl. A few weeks before she got sent to the Valley State Prison for Women, she had just given birth to Riley and she's only been with her those two weeks of her life. She got sent in there Febuary of 2006 for breaking and entering, assault, and grand theft auto, and was sentenced seven years, but thanks to Detective Jones, he got it reduced to five. While she was locked up, she had Gemma, her best friends Crystal, Katie, Cassie, and the club take care of Riley, since she couldn't do it, and nobody knows who the father is, because Nicole's never said anything, and she refused to tell them, because Nicole knows that it would just become a problem for the club, and she didn't want that.

Jax and Tig, had serious looks on their faces, then Jax took a deep breath. "That's not all you've missed."

"What do you mean?"

"How 'bout we talk about it later?" Tig suggested. "And for tonight, just visit with the family, we'll fill you in tomorrow."

"Sure." she nodded. "Then take me home... I wanna see my little girl." they started walking to their bikes, then Nicole stopped in her tracks. "Wait..."

"What?" Jax asked, turning around.

"She doesn't even know me or know the sound of my voice." she paused. "Does Riley even know what I look like?"

"Of course." Tig nodded. "Since she could understand, all of us would either show her pictures or tell her stories about you."

"Oh." she paused. "I'm a little nervous seeing her."

"She knows that you're coming." Jax started. "And she might be nervous too, so don't be surprised if she's a little distant from you."

"Okay." she nodded. "So who's supposed to be at the clubhouse? You said everyone is there."

Tig growled, then Jax said "That shit between you, Kozik, and Happy... has been squashed, don't worry." he shrugged, getting on his bike. "It was squashed right after you got sent here."

"Okay, good... I'm not gonna come in between them again, I just need to focus getting my life back on track and take care of Riley." she nodded. "Okay, let's go!" she looked over at Tig, who had a frown on his face. "What?"

"I told Kozik to stay the hell away from you."

"Jesus! You two are still fighting?" Tig didn't say nothing, he just glared at her. "Children." she shook her head, then got on the back of Jax's bike. "Okay, take me home."

"You got it." Jax said, starting his bike, then looked over at Tig. "Let's go."

Tig mumbled something under his breath as he got on his bike, then after he started it, they took off over to the clubhouse.

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