Namikaze Naruto: Shinigami Shinobi

Hey Everyone! It's me again with a fic based off of VFSnake's fic Hollow fox but the difference between his and mind is that I'm not using the Espada. I'm using four Shinigami who be Naruto's adopted parents and adopted aunt and uncle. Can you guess who these four are?

Disclaimer: I don't own anything affiliated with Naruto or Bleach but I do own the weapons and techniques I created.

Chapter 1-New Beginnings and First Family

Zaraki Kenpachi, the strongest of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads in Soul Society looked around the dark realm he found himself in, and wondered if this was the place where he went to when one died? He had just defeated the last of Aizen's Espada with the help of the noble prick of a Shinigami Captain Byakuya Kuchiki, but the damage done to Kenpachi was severe, and yet the man did not know the meaning of the words "give up".

After that, the 11th Division Captain rose to fight once again with his target being Aizen. However, when that happened, the prick had used his new form to destroy Kenpachi, and the two had died with those close to him also dying while being sent here.

Wherever here was anyway.

"Hey! Is there anybody here in this shithole? If you're here and you're strong then I want to fight!" said Kenpachi, as he had not intention of being, and doing nothing while the rest of the Universe did its own thing without him.

"Well if this isn't a surprise," said a feminine voice behind the former captain of the 11th division and turned around to see her standing a few feet away.

Kukaku Shiba

"What the Hell? What are you doing here Kukaku?" said Kenpachi, as he wondered how the Shiba Clan Head was here, and not in Rukongai District.

"I was Aizen's Assassin Squads." said Kukaku, as she told him what Aizen did, and how the man had sent Assassin Squads through out the different districts killing potentially strong people that could oppose him in the future.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but I hope Aizen is barely alive, and gets the crap kicked out of him when he faces judgment." said Kenpachi, as he hated Aizen, and loved fighting while being alive.

Now he couldn't do the latter because of death.

"You need not concern yourself with that now former members of the Gotei 13." said a deep sinister voice with its spiritual pressure suffocating the two Shinigami.

"Who said that?" said Kukaku, as she drew her sword, and so did Kenpachi but caused them to drop when the pressure increased and forced them both to their knees. "I did," said the demonic and ghostly being hovering above them with a crown of bones on its head.

"Who the Hell are you?" said Kenpachi, as he tried to stand, but didn't have the strength, and saw Kukaku was doing the same. "Who am I? I am the Shinigami King," said the ghostly image above them became a tornado of power and changed a regal middle aged man with blood red eyes.

'This is the guy Aizen wanted to kill? Ha! Good luck with that dumbass. I almost wish Aizen was here to get his ass handed to him,' thought Kenpachi, as he could tell right away this being made Aizen look like a pansy, and wipe the man out.

"Normally, I don't interfere in the affairs of the Human world, the Shinigami World, and even Hueco Mundo though make no mistake with my power I could wipe out all the Hollows there! I see more that goes on in all three worlds, then anyone else from each world, and I have been waiting for just the right individuals for a mission that if completed will clear each of your slates." said the Shinigami King, as he let up on the spiritual pressure, and let the two rise.

"What mission?" said Kukaku, as she was curious about the mission, and from the Shinigami King himself that was saying it was important.

"In another place and time in another dimension of the Human World there is a child that was burdened with holding a powerful demon by his own Father. This demon was so powerful that the man, who was called the 'Hokage' of this village that he chose to summon me personally to seal it away, and asked his child to be seen as a hero. The boy was not." said the Shinigami King, as he showed them moments of the boy's life where he was attacked, hated by everyone around, and was shown little kindness with some of the people only betraying the young blonde in the end.

"Shit. Not even Aizen would go so far like these idiots," said Kenpachi, as he felt his anger rise within his body, and Kukaku could easily agree with him on that subject because she felt like using an explosive and kido spells on these fools.

"Yes. Because of my seal, the boy will be gifted with the power of the Shinigami, and one day have his own zanpakuto. However, because of his years of abuse in the very beginning of his life, the child will also gain a Hollow side, and will one day come out when the time is right. He will one day become what is known as a Vizard. Not unlike the one called Kurosaki Ichigo that you yourself encountered on more then several occasions Kenpachi." said the Shinigami King, as he saw the two look at him in surprise, and then back at an image of a lonely blue eyed blonde boy wishing to be loved.

"So we go this world, meet the kid, and then train him to be a badass? Is that mission? "Kenpachi asked, as he had an eyebrow raised, and ignored Kukaku walking towards the blown up image of a depressed Naruto.

" You will not just train him. You will both raise him as if he were part of your own family," said the Shinigami King, which made both warriors look at him in shock, and then at each other with wide eyes.

"WHAT? What the Hell are you thinking with that line of thought?" said Kukaku, as she had nothing against Kenpachi personally aside from the whole Shinigami thing, but she didn't like him like that, and was pretty sure he didn't like her that way either.

"I agree. Why put both of us together for this? Since I am the stronger of the two of us just leave it to me and send this weakling into the abyss," said Kenpachi sharply while his eye narrowed at Kukaku looking at him with her usual anger.

"What did you say?" said Kukaku looking ready to beat the snot out Kenpachi.

"You heard me. And don't get your impossibly large breasts in a twist about it since we both know its true." said Kenpachi, as he grinned at her, and the woman was ready to use every form of explosive Kido on the man right now.

"ENOUGH! You two will not be the parental figures raising him. I have charged two others with that responsibility," said the Shinigami King, as he revealed one Shihoin Yoruichi, and Urahara Kisuke smiling at the surprised pair.

"Hey Kukaku. I see you've finally found a husband to settle down with." said Yoruichi, as she saw the woman now shooting fire out of her mouth, and acting more like a dragon then a woman.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?" yelled Kukaku, who tried to run over to Yoruichi, and tear the anamorphic former Shinigami Captain a new hole had Kenpachi not held her back by her shirt with his massive hand with a bored expression on his face.

Kisuke was rubbing the back of his head and sweat dropping at Kukaku's reaction. "Yoruichi-chan must you irk Kukaku-chan now of all times?" The Hat and Clogs wearing man asks his best friend while the purple haired woman grinned loving how she always made Kukaku lose her temper.

"You can kill Neko later. This mission comes first and that Naruto kid needs saving." said Kenpachi, as he saw the blonde was currently in trouble, and needed their help.

"Fine! We save the kid and kill my best friend later. Now let's go already!" said Kukaku, as she got a sweat drop from Yoruichi, and Kisuke seeing the interaction between the two.

"Can you imagine what their kids will be like if they settle down together?" Kisuke asked and got a nod and shudder from Yoruichi who was now fearing for Naruto's sanity when around these two.

"Very well. I will send you there now. Before I do, you must know Shiba Kukaku that your lost arm will be returned to you, and to not blow it up a second time. And Kisuke." said the Shinigami King seeing the woman look at him in surprise and then Kisuke looked up.

"Yes Shinigami-sama?" The blonde man asks and watches the ruler of souls hold his hand out and in a flash of light a light purple orb appeared in his hand shocking the four. "Th-that's." He said pointing at his greatest yet feared invention that was the cause of the war against Aizen.

"Yes Kisuke this is the Hogyoku your greatest yet dangerous achievement." The King stated. "B-But how? Aizen infused himself with it. How did you." He stammers while the King snorts. You stupid genius I am a god, gaining something as miniscule as this is simple for someone of my caliber. Now then when you get the chance I want you to place this into the boy's soul. With it he'll be able activate his shinigami and hollow powers a lot faster and keep them balanced until he faces his inner hollow. It'll most likely do something to Kyuubi but what it'll do to the fox will be… interesting. This device will help Naruto in more ways than you think and he will without a doubt become a god amongst men. Do not mess this up Kisuke Uruhara." He said in a strict and serious tone making the genius nod instantly as he took the orb and placed it in his pocket.

"Now I wish you all luck in this mission. Farwell." He says and in a flash of light they were gone.

(Konoha-Sometime Later)

Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto was running. Not surprising given it was his birthday and nights like this normally involved him running for his life from mobs of people wanting to hurt or kill him for something he had no idea about. It was unfair to the blonde that people hated him, called him names, and tried to destroy anything that kept the kid mentally sane.

'Why? Why are they doing this?' thought Naruto, as the mob got closer, and the injured boy was having a hard time dodging the various object thrown at him from the closing mass of people wanting his head on a pike.

"GET THE DEMON!" yelled the leader of the mob holding a katana he had acquired and was seeking to kill the blonde they thought was the Kyuubi reincarnated.

'Why do they call me that. I'm not a I?' thought Naruto before a rock hit him in the back of the head and he fell to the ground with the mob soon ready to pounce on their victim like a pack of rabid animals.

"THIS IS FOR THE YONDAIME!" yelled the leader, as he was about to use the point of his sword to pierce the boy's unguarded defenseless back, but the blade was stopped by a large hand shocking and infuriating the mob wondering who would dare stop them from 'saving' their home.

Towering over them was a very tall and muscular man with a wild and aggressive appearance. He was wearing a black samurai shirt with matching hamaka's, socks and sandals and a sleeveless haori with the kanji 11 n it which had a ragged look to it and his hair was spiked up with small bells at its tips and wears an eye patch that has a gold-like lining and had a chain as one of the straps. He has pronounced hairless eyebrow ridges and a huge scar running down the left side of his face.

He was staring down at the bewildered and frightened mob members like they were bugs. Bugs that were going to be squashed.

"This is why I hate weaklings. They get together and pick on others who can't defend themselves thinking they're strong enough to take on anyone. It pisses me off and makes me want to puke. "said Kenpachi, who snaps the katana in half like it was a stick with his bare hand, drew his sword, and cracked his neck in each side making the wielder back away in fear.

That was when three others appeared. One was a tall light-skinned man with messy, light-blond colored (almost pale) hair and gray eyes that are usually shadowed by his hat. He wears traditional Japanese wooden sandals and a green and white bucket hat He also wears dark green pants with matching dark green shirt and a dark grayish-green coat, having large white diamond patterns along its bottom half. In his hand was a katana with an oval-shaped cross guard and black hilt-wrapping in a deep red sheathe.

The other was a dark-skinned woman with golden-colored eyes and long purple hair, which she keeps up in a ponytail. Her standard attire consists of a backless, black sleeveless undershirt, an orange over-shirt with two white straps on each shoulder, a large beige sash around her waist, black stretch pants and long beige wrist warmers, secured by bands, and long beige leg warmers with brown light shoes.

And the last one was a youthful-looking woman of average height with long messy black hair she wore bandages over. She wears a white skirt and provocative red robe exposing her bosom. She also had a katana strapped to her right arm.

They were Kisuke Urahara, Yoruichi Shihoin, and Kukaku Shiba. "Ganging up on a little kid eh? You bastards must be real proud of yourselves." Kukaku said in a sarcastic manner causing the once scared mobsters to glare and scowl at her.

"That thing isn't a child it's a demon in human skin and it must be destroyed now move or we'll make you." A member said thinking that their numbers would give them a chance against these demon lovers. Boy are they in for a surprise. Kenpachi scowled at their stupidity and grabbed the man by his head and lifting him up like he weighted nothing and then crushes his head like it was nothing, leaving a bloody smear in his hand while the body fell to the ground.

The mob was now scared and started to back away in fear as the man made his way towards them. "Now Kenpachi-san, there is no need to be too bloodthirsty, and make a mess of things when...ugh, too late." said Kisuke, who was blocking the view with a fan he pulled out earlier and was ignored, while the man from Zaraki District was upon the screaming mob in an instant slicing them to pieces with their blood spraying everywhere except on Naruto.

"Are you going to tell me I should let them go Kisuke? Fuck that! You saw what I did about the kid's abuse. The only way it will stop is if such people are dead and those that follow them see the boy's life is no longer theirs to destroy." said Kenpachi, as he saw Kukaku, and Yoruichi look over Naruto with looks of horror on their faces.

The boy was badly malnourished. You could make out his skeletal structure easily he was so thin. They sensed the Kyuubi's demonic energy leaving the seal and healing the boy, but it was strained in doing its job, and could only do so much before it had little to no effect in saving Naruto from certain death.

"This poor kid needs help." said Yoruichi, as she bent down and picked up the boy, and the now awakened child began to tremble and struggle in fear of being held since it only meant to prevent him from escaping further pain. "P-please don't hurt me. All I wanted was some food. I didn't do anything wrong." The little blonde pleaded not wanting to get hurt.

"Easy little one. We're not going to hurt you." said Kisuke, as he saw the blonde look at him with disbelief, and the former 12th Division Captain got the distinct impression this wasn't the first time someone lied to the kid in this manner.

"He's telling you the truth Naru-chan. We came here to help you." said Yoruichi, as she tried to soothe the troubled blonde, and hoped he believed their intentions were true.

"R-Really?" said Naruto, as he looked at the two, and then the others in front of him.

Big guy bathed in blood kind of scared him.

"Yeah Really! However, since we're new to your village, can you help point us to the direction of the hospital so we can get you healed, and a nice bed to sleep in?" Kisuke asked, as he saw the boy shiver a little at the mention of the hospital, and it made the four around the boy silently seethe in anger at the child not finding sanctuary there where those injured get healed.

"I-I'm not welcome at hospitals," said Naruto slightly scared to go there.

"Don't worry Naruto-kun. We'll make sure this time is different," said Yoruichi, as she held the child close to her body and letting him know she wasn't going to harm him. Narutolooked into her eyes and saw that they held no form of ill intent in them. He rests his head against her chest and points them in the general direction of where the hospital was.

"Let's take him to their hospital. If they give us any lip, we blow them all up and find someone who will heal the gaki." said Kukaku with the two former Shinigami heading to the hospital, as she saw Kenpachi grin at her, and felt heat rush through her face.

"I've never heard violence be expressed in such a sexy manner before." said Kenpachi, as he grinned at the blush rushing through Kukaku's face, and it soon went from blush to being red in the face with anger.

"You baka! Shut up and move. I'd expect Kisuke to try and get in my panties like he does Yoruichi, but don't get any ideas with me, and your version of sweet talking." said Kukaku pointing her finger at his chest...his incredible and well muscled chest that made the Shiba woman's beet red face.

"Sweet talk? Don't know the meaning of the words. If I wanted to screw you, I'd give it to ya hard and fast until you couldn't walk anymore in blissful satisfaction." said Kenpachi, as he saw Kukaku look at him with full face blush, and fish face mouth sputtering before she wisely decided to keep her tongue from helping her pronounce words since she didn't trust it right now.

Or her actions.

(Konoha Hospital)

"Get that retched thing out of here! Its kind is not welcomed in this hospital or the Leaf!" said the receptionist, as she glared daggers at the weak and barely conscious child before her, and almost wished to stab the blonde with the pen she had in her hand.

By this point, Kukaku had little patience with anyone standing in the way of the kid's health, and decided to make her presence known. Grabbing the bitchy woman by the throat, the Shiba woman pulled the other close, and let the rage she felt at the abuse being done to the boy be known through the spiritual pressure coming off of her. Making the female tremble in fear.

"Listen here you fucking whore! If this kid isn't helped by a respectful doctor right now, I'm going to blow up every single person in this place that's had a hand in Naruto's abuse, and then I'm going to blow this place up so everyone in this shithole of a village doesn't have anyplace to recover from their injuries. GOT IT!" said Kukaku, as she saw the now frightened woman to shake like the preverbal leaf, and nod her head quickly before being shoved by the Shiba woman into her chair.

Within moments, one of the rare doctors and nurses not hostile to the blonde came to their aid, and began to assess Naruto's situation. Due to the malnutrition the boy was facing, they couldn't let Naruto leave here until his condition improved, which could be several weeks if given the proper regiment of nutrients, and that no one came to snuff the life out of the blonde in the process. No sooner had the doctor left to help the blonde with IV bags needed to help in his recovery did the Hokage himself appear with ANBU in full battle gear on each side of him.

"I am the Hokage and leader of this village. Just who are you? And why are you with Naruto?" said the Sandaime Hokage, as he saw the big guy with the weird hair practically covered in blood of villagers, and saw the other three not looking too pleased at seeing the leader of the Leaf village.

"Us? Us? You have this kid being beaten, practically starved almost to death, and your asking about us?" Kukaku yelled as she was really pissed off right now, and made the ANBU around the Hokage reach for their weapons.

"Naruto's life is not your responsibility since you are not from here." Said Sarutobi, as he sensed these four were incredibly strong, and the tall one seemed to be the strongest.

"Yeah well the job you've been doing so far with the gaki isn't exactly what I would call great right now Hokage-sama!" said Yoruichi, as she glared at the old man, and eyed the ANBU in the room with a calculating gaze.

"You must understand the village has suffered much with the loss of loved ones at this point of time on the anniversary of the Kyuubi's attack and the boy..." explained the Sandaime before an intense pressure that the man had never felt before flooded the room. Kisuke had to use a shield made of energy to cover Naruto from it since the boy's condition would only worsen under the other former Captain's power.

Kenpachi was towering over the old leader and his ANBU who were now trembling and almost buckling from the pressure this man released. When they looked into his eye they each visualized their death by his blade.

"Suffered? Old man, your home is about to get wiped off the fucking map in the next two seconds because of the crap this kid's been through." said Kenpachi, as he was reaching for his eye patch to remove it, and use his spiritual energy to wipe out this village in one shot.

"Unless, you can provide us the means to help Naruto recover, and have a proper place to stay after he gets out of the hospital." said Kisuke, as he didn't want to do that to the Leaf unless it was absolutely a last resort, and from what he saw of Naruto's past the kid had made a few friends that didn't deserve a painful death.

"I'll see what I can do. Until then, I'd like to leave my ANBU here to guard Naruto, and the four of you can come with me to discuss this further." said the Sandaime, as he saw the four narrow their eyes at him, and the old Kage felt himself sweating under their gaze.

"Forget it you old coot. I'm staying here with the kid because frankly I don't trust you or you so called guards." said Kenpachi, as he sat down on a chair that was straining under his weight, and had his sword at the ready should someone try to come in that wasn't friendly.

"I must insist you all come. My ANBU are more then capable of protecting the boy." said the Hokage, but the man's one eyed gaze unnerved him, and wondered if this was Ibiki's distant relative.

"Old man, I've done a lot of fighting, killing, and protecting in my day. I know when someone is going to protect and when someone is going to kill. Your boys here in sissy little masks aren't going to protect Naruto while we're gone. I'd bet my eye patch they'd kill the boy within 5 minutes of us leaving this hospital and claim it was some crazy bullshit to get out of being punished. Either you talk to these three in your office or we leave this poor excuse of a village with the boy and take him somewhere else and if you think that these weaklings can stop u then you better get ready to have the morgue get ready to work overtime for the next few days." said Kenpachi, as he sensed bloodlust coming from these fools around the Hokage, and if the old man couldn't sense it then he wasn't fit to lead this fucking place.

'He's right. These guys are all out for blood and its Naruto's blood they want.' thought Kukaku, as she scowled at the masked group around the Hokage, and sensed they were all feeling frustrated at the lost chance to kill Naruto and she had a kido spell ready to kill these fools if they tried anything.

"Kisuke and I will go with you Hokage-sama. Kukaku and Kenpachi will stay here to watch over Naruto." said Yoruichi, as she knew that negotiations were not Kukaku's or Kenpachi's strong point. Their strong points involved protecting Naruto and hurting others through violence at this point in time.

"Very well. Let's go." said the Sandaime as he left with the ANBU and the two former Shinigami Captains. Kukaku let out an angry sigh and looked at the now sleeping blonde wondering what kind of people would do this to an innocent kid. Her expression softened a little as she walked over to the kid's bed and knelt down and gently stroked his hair.

"Don't worry gaki. No one's gonna lay a hand on you anymore." She says while Kenpachi grunts in agreement and had his sword planted on the ground, getting ready to kill whoever would try to harm the kid in the hospital.

Hokage's Office

Yoruichi and Kisuke were currently in the man's office standing before him with unhappy expressions on their faces. Yoruichi had her arms crossed over her chest while Kisuke had his had tilted down and his hands resting on his Zanpakuto. It may not look like it but he was ready to kill a few of the ANBU who were releasing their own KI on them but they shrugged it off as id it didn't even exist.

Hiruzen was frowning at their expression and was nervous from their gaze but was doing his best to keep up a front. "Now can you tell me what you're doing with Naruto?" He asks as he wanted to get some info on them. "If you must know I am Yoruichi Shihoin and the man in the bucket hat is Kisuke Urahara." She stated while the man smirks and does a gesture with his hand.

"Now then before we even get into depth to what we're doing here you better start explaining why you're allowing a kid no older than 7 be treated like he's the Kyuubi when he's the one who's keeping the fox from razing this village to the ground?" She asks in a pissed tone making Sarutobi flinch and have a look of fear on his face. "H-how do you know about his condition?" he asks.

Kisuske smiles and tilts his hat up. "Simple old man. Like you we're apart of a higher authority that goes above even yours and frankly our… leader cares about Naruto to the point of having a someone of our caliber watch over the kid since its clear you're incapable of doing it yourself." Kisuke finished in a serious tone and not wanting to tell the man that it was the Shinigami King that sent them to help Naruto reach his full potential not only as a ninja but as a Shinigami as well.

Sarutobi had a look of guilt and shame on his face and looks at the table. "You two must understand that I have done everything I could for the boy but" He tried to explain only to have his desk be sent flying to the side and into the wall and being reduced into piles of wood. He had a look of surprise on his face has he looked up at a pissed off Yoruichi whose eyes were now slitted and was ready to tear this man in half with her bare hands.

"You're lying. You have done nothing to help the boy you senile old fool. We know you don't really care about Naruto like you claim because if you did you wouldn't be keeping his heritage from him." She growled out. The so called professor had a horrified look on his face. "H-how do you know about that? It's a top secret in Konoha and only I and a few people know about it." He asked while his hands trembled at the fact that some outsiders knew about Naruto's family.

"Like I said earlier. We know from someone who's higher in the chain of command." Kisuke finished as he saw his best friend getting ready to rip this man to shreds. "And I suggest you stop lying to my friend here if you want to live to see another day. Now what about his godparents the two loyal Sannin of Konoha. Why are they not here looking after the kid?" Kisuke asks.

Sarutobi looked like he was gonna have a heart attack. They even knew who his godparents were. "B-because they have their shinobi duties and-ghrrrggghh!" He never got to finish because Yoruichi snatched him up by his collar and slammed him into the wall.

"You're lying to us again but I guess you're too stupid and ignorant to listen to someone who has your life in their grasp and can crush you without even trying." She says as she starts to slowly squeeze the man's throat while Kisuke just watched. He may be a goof and laid back at time but he knew better than to try to stop a pissed of Yoruichi. The last person who tried that ended up having their legs twisted into the form of a pretzel.

Sarutobi was struggling to get out of her grasp but her hand was like a vice grip. "P-Please e-everything I did was for the b-boy's sake. If word got out that he was the Yondaime's son then Iwa would declare war on us for what he did during the last war." He explained but gurgled as she slowly squeezed the air out of him.

"Don't give us that bull shit you pathetic excuse of a human! You did the bare minimum and allow those villagers treat that poor kid like he was the devil incarnate! Well that stops here and now. You are going call his Godparents back here and they are going to accept their responsibilities to Naruto...or else!" She says and was very tempted to send this man on a one way trip to the after life and be cast into the ninth level of hell by the Shinigami king.

"I can't! The boy's Godfather is elusive due to maintaining his spy network for the village and his Godmother swore never to come back here due to the painful memories of losing loved ones from the last war. Even if I could tell them something, they will not act on it, and will not comeback to Konoha." said the Sandaime, as he saw the former captain of the Second Division of the Gotei 13's eyes glow and she let out a dangerous hiss.

"Well then Hokage-sama you're gonna send them a letter telling them that they need to return to Konoha ASAP and say that it's not optional. Did they know Naruto is still alive or did you tell them that he died during the sealing along with his parents?" She demanded and the man was silent for a while until Yoruichi slammed him into the wall again causing him to cry out in pain. "I-I created a blood clone of the boy after Minato's Sensei checked the seal and made it look like a dead body and told them he didn't survive. "H-his Godparents were Tsunade and Jiraiya." He answered.

"And what about that growth stunt seal, restriction seal and dead man switch that was put on the back of his vertebrae and around his heart? From what I was told only the Yondaime and Jiraiya were the only seal masters in this village and I know good and well that the boy's father wouldn't place those on his only son so who placed them on the boy?" She demanded.

"They were placed there by me the council was demanding for the boy's death and make him into a weapon and to satisfy them I place the seals on personally to insure he stays loyal to the village." He explained.

Anger and Rage were flashing in Yoruichi's eyes and white energy started to flare and cackle around her body like lightning. The entire office was trembling and slowly falling apart from the energy Yoruichi was releasing. The ANBU appeared and tried to stop her only for her energy to strike them and send them crashing into the wall and knocked unconscious. "You mean to tell me that you placed those seals on him so that you could hinder his potential and kill him if he turns on the village? She asked in a dangerous tone and got a weak nod from the man. "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" She roared and reared her fist back at the frightened leader who was trembling in fear and was about to splatter his brains all over the wall until she felt her wrist being gripped.

She turned her head to see Kisuke was the one to stop her attack had his hand around her wrist. "Not here Yoruichi-chan. Killing him would only make the situation worse. Please calm down." He said in a calm but cold tone but it wasn't towards her. She took a glance at his left arm and saw it twitching slightly knowing he was trying to refrain from killing this man also.

Her reiatsu died down and she let out a frustrated sigh. She nods and drops the man on his ass and he gasps for air and holding his neck in pain and trying to regain his composure from the overwhelming power he felt. 'Th-that was unbelievable. Her power was on par with a bijuu's. How can someone hold that much power in their body and not explode?" He thought while recuperating on the ground.

Kisuke leaned into Yoruichi's ear and starts to whisper. "Yoruichi. I'm heading back to Naruto's room and preparing to place the Hogyoku in Naruto's body where the Shiki Fuuin seal is. I don't know if it's at full power yet but hopefully it can make Naruto's recovery go faster and he can be up by tomorrow." He says getting a nod from her. "Okay but wait for me to be there to help you with the process. We don't know how the fox will react to it." She states.

"Hai. I'll see you there in a few minutes. Hopefully Kenpachi hasn't cause another massacre in the hospital." He said in a joking matter while she chuckles. He then flash steps away while she walks towards the man and kneels down, grabs him by his collar once again, pulls him to her face and gives him a stone cold glare. "You listen to me old man and you listen well because I am not gonna repeat myself. You're going to send those two a message. You're gonna tell them the truth about their grandson and you'll explain to them in that letter what his life has been like since the day he could walk and they need to be here to take care of him now andif you don't do this I'll head to the Fire Country capital and tell the Fire Daimyo what you have done since the Namikaze clan happen to be in good graces with the man and I'm pretty sure he won't be happy with you and the village treating the last surviving heir like garbage." She ordered getting a weak nod from the man and then shoves him back into the wall. He crumbles to the ground while she shunpos away to help Kisuke with the preparations.

Sarutobi was wondering if this was his punishment from Kami for causing an innocent child to suffer a fate worse than death.

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