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Chapter 12: The Beast Awakens

Forest of Death

The participants were facing a large yet dark and gloomy forest that was surrounded by a large set of gate that kept it separated from the village due to the deadly creatures that inhabit the forest. Anko was standing before the students with her hands on her hips and sported a predatory smirk due to seeing some of the genin looking a little edgy and scared and could already tell that only a quarter of the newbies would make it to the next round alive.

"So this is the infamous Forest of Death? I'm betting it didn't get the name just for kicks." Naruto said as the place practically screamed danger. Anko chuckles at the comment and speaks up.

"Right you are gaki this little forest behind me is a place that even ANBU don't venture through and for a good reason." She said as her smile grew from the fear she sensed only to hear Sasuke scoff.

"Oh please there's nothing scary about a stupid forest." He remarked only to flinch as a kunai nicks his cheek and was about to yell at whoever threw it but froze when Anko brought an arm around his form and had the tip of a kunai aimed at his jugular with her other hand.

"You know, people like you tend to be the first to die in this place," She whispered into his ear, making him shiver from the sweet yet vicious tone in her voice "Spilling all that blood on the ground and your body becoming either fertilizer or a quick snack for the creatures luring in the shadows and if I were you kid, I'd get that pole out of your ass otherwise, you'll die."

Makoto shook her head in disappointment and sighs, wondering why Sasuke couldn't just shut up for once less it gets him killed. Yakumo looked impassive while Naruto simply smirked as he saw the sexy proctor put Sasuke in his place but then frowns and vanishes from site.

Anko's senses alert her to a presence from behind and draws a kunai in reverse form, ready to attack whoever was attempting to sneak up on her, only to see a long haired Kusa-Ninja stopping in her tracks due to the sharp edge of a blade under her neck courtesy of Naruto. "Look buddy we're all itching to get this exam started but please try to show some restraint." He advised to the foreign ninja who glanced at him and then Anko before smiling.

"No need to be alarmed I was just simply returning her kunai even though it did cut some of my hair off." She said though Naruto could tell that the smile was fake as she turned around and walked back to her teammates. Anko released Sasuke and shoved him out of the way while watching Naruto sheath his blade.

"You've got some skill Blondie, I guess the rumors of you killing the Demon of the Mist wasn't a farfetched tale." She commented with her hands on her hips, parting her coat that showed off the fishnet outfit that hugged her body like a secondary skin.

"Maybe but Zabuza-san was a strong opponent and my victory wasn't through luck and I'll show that once I crush the competition." He informed the proctor as he met her eyes and not her assets, resulting in her smile growing and nodding in approval

"He hasn't even tried to sneak a peek at me so that must mean he's either smart enough not to ogle a woman who can kill him in his sleep or he's mentally commenting on how sexy I look though I can't blame him for that." She thought. "Pretty cocky aren't ya?"

"Nope I'm just confident in my skill lady," He turned around and walks back to his teammates "Oh and I'll give you an A for effort in flashing your sexy body to me." Anko was now gob smacked when she realized that he played her.

"Oh that little… no one gets one over on Anko Mitarashi and lives to brag about it! I'll get you back for this Naruto Namikaze."

After that little scene Anko went to explain the second part of the test which consisted of the teams venturing in the forest wielding either an Earth or Heaven Scroll which they must obtain from the other teams in order to make to the tower that's in the middle of the forest within five days while evading the dangerous fauna and flora that roamed the forest. She also had them sign waiver so that Konoha would not be responsible for the deaths of the participants and warned them not to try and open the scrolls until they entered the tower other wise they would get a nasty surprise.

Once Naruto and his team received the heaven scroll, Naruto held the scroll out to Yakumo. "Naruto-kun why are you giving me the scroll? Wouldn't it be better for you to hold it?" She questioned since it was obvious that he was the strongest of the three.

"No I've already got a target painted on my head due to being a Namikaze and beating an A- Class ninja so early in my career." He replied back. "And I already know you two are far from being weak and I'm pretty positive no guy would risk trying to lose their jewels if one of you were holding it since you can hide it in places no ale would dare to go."

Yakumo and Makoto blushed a little from the implication and couldn't help but agree in his logic. "Oh and before we enter, steer clear of Kabuto and that Kusa ninja." This warning brought a form of confusion to their faces until they noticed the serious look on his. "Something about them is off especially their level of chakra being higher than average and their scents reek of snakes and blood."

"But don't you have an abnormal amount of chakra?" Makoto asked and got a nod from him.

"Yeah but that hereditary since I gained it from my mother's side of the family but for them… it reeks of darkness and malice so if we can steer clear of them." Makoto glanced at the Kusa ninja and Kabuto and activated her Sharingan for a sec and turned it off.

"From what I saw their chakra levels are unnatural even for chunin. Is it possible they could be jonin or even ANBU disguised as genin?" She wondered.

"It is possible especially if they were secretly assigned to kill any potential threats to their village and weaken their military strength." Yakumo theorized as her uncle did inform her that things like these did happen in the past in order to lessen another village's status in military strength or to weaken the competition for missions and clients.

"Yeah and the same could be said for any of the other foreign genin in the exams." Naruto finished but then hisses as he felt something tug through his mind, alerting Yakumo and Makoto.

"Are you okay?" Yakumo asked as she placed a hand on his shoulder. Narutoshook his head and nods.

"Yeah just minor headache, nothing serious." He assured the heiress of the Kurama clan before looking the other way with a grim expression on his face. "Dammit, it's happening so soon? My inner hollow is working its way into my mind a lot sooner than I thought." He shook these thoughts off as his team headed to the gate they were assigned to and met up with them.

Once the automatic gates were opened each team dashed into the forest where they would either be the hunter or the hunted where anything could happen.

Team Kurotsuchi

"Hey Kurotsuchi are we gonna go after the Namikaze?" a genin named Berugu asked as he wanted to kill the son of the Yellow Flash and be renowned as a hero for killing the spawn of that accursed man. The kunoichi however frowned and shook her head.

"No Berugu our first priority is to get the scroll we don't have and head to the tower." She replied back to her shocked teammate whose eyes widened at the granddaughter of the Sandaime Tsuchikage.

"But what about get back at the bastard that weakened our village in the last war? Don't you want that bastard to pay for what he's done?" he questioned, only to get a fierce glare from the leader.

"The Yellow Flash is already dead so what kind of relief would we get for killing the son of a man who's been dead for a decade? I swear you're just as stupid as the rest of those one track minded idiots back in our village who hate him even in death. The man's dead and I doubt his son wants to finish what he did in the last war now do me a favor and grow up! If you want to kill him, do that on your own time because I'm not going to lose my chance at moving up in the ranks to inflate your ego." she said, making him flinch and scowls.

"So taicho what do we do if we happen to run into his team? From what I've heard he killed the Demon of the Mist and not just by mere luck?" a genin named Taro asked his leader, he may not like the last Uzumaki/Namikaze but he wasn't stupid enough to fight a person who could beat a swordsman of the mist.

"If that happens then we fight but flee if it gets bad for us," Her answer made Berugu snort and once again she glared back at him "You got something to say Berugu?" She questioned and shook his head.

"Baka." Taro muttered as he caught up with his leader.

With Naruto's Team

A genin from Iwa cried out as Naruto shot a bolt of lightning through the area where his heart was and kicked him into the tree with a look of annoyance on his face while Makoto cut another down with slash to the throat. The third one was caught in a genjutsu by Yakumo which consisted of him being strangled by a tree before being killed by earth spikes that shot out of the ground.

"Kami this is the 8th team that's attacked us." Makoto complained as she searched through the dead genin's body for extra supplies and the scroll, which happen to be an earth scroll.

"No kidding," she said and sighs, pointing up to the trees and getting a nod from Naruto who spun around and throws several kunai at the underbrush in the trees, hearing three cries and said bodies of three Ame nin fell out of the trees with kunai embedded in three vital parts of their bodies and hit the ground "Make that nine and now we have about 5 heaven scrolls not including the one we have in our possession and 4 Earth scrolls. Should we go head to the tower now?"

"Might as well since we've got more than we need and-" He was cut off by a powerful gust of wind that caught them off guard and sent them flying across the forest. Naruto curses as they flew across the forest and adjusts his form "Bakudō # 37. Tsuriboshi ( Binding Art # 37 Suspending Star)" He chanted. Behind them a ball of blue energy forms and several tendrils extend outwards to the closest objects which happen to be several large tree branches that attached to them and the spell solidified into a flat elastic-like cushion, catching Naruto, Yakumo, and Makoto.

"What the heck was that?" Makoto wondered "That blast of wind just came out of nowhere!"

Yakumo nodded in agreement, "Yeah it was a wind based jutsu and whoever did that must be very strong." Naruto looked around for any sign of the person that performed that technique and frowns when he couldn't find the source. Makoto looks down to see a large shadow loom over them as did Yakumo and Naruto. The trio turned around to see a giant snake hiss and descend towards them with its mouth opened wide.

"Scatter!" Naruto yelled and they each leapt in different directions as the snake crashed through and destroyed the elastic cushion Naruto created earlier. As Naruto landed the giant snake spins around and heads for Makoto who performs a few seals and releases a large fireball at the serpent but to her surprise it dodged the jutsu, forcing her to leap away as it clamped its mouth shut around the branch.

"Is it common for snakes to dodge jutsu?" Makoto yelled as the creature got its fangs stuck in the branch.

"No it's not. Any ordinary snake would by charcoal." Naruto stated before using shunpo and appears over the snake with his leg raised. He descends down and delivers a powerful axe kick that crushes its skull and sends it crashing to the forest floor and flips backwards, landing on a boulder. He taps a seal on his arm and brings out Ryujin Jakka in its normal state. "Regroup, we're not alone." Yakumo and Makoto appeared beside their teammate in their battle stances.

"No you're not," Said a eerie and feminine voice and rising from the ground was the Kusa-nin and the smile on her face unnerved the girls. "I must say I was impressed that you manage to kill my summon so easily Naruto-kun, you are indeed stronger than the rumors state." She said while licking her lips with her slightly longer tongue.

'Disgusting' he thought.

"But I wonder, if you friends here are able to handle their own like you can." The pupils in her eyes grew slit and Yakumo and Makoto eyes widened in horror as they were hit by a blast of murderous intent that was beyond their comprehension and visualized themselves being mutilated in the worst ways possible before getting a kunai to the skull and collapsed on their knees when the visual fades away.

"Dammit!" Naruto cursed as their forms trembled and Makoto vomited from the move.

"Oh how disappointing, only you were able to withstand that level of KI." She said mockingly and drew two Kunai from her pouch. "But don't worry I'll be glad to put them out of their misery."

"Like hell you will!" Naruto declared as he placed a hand on the hilt of his blade. "All things in the Universe turn to ash… Ryujin Jakka." As he drew it, flames erupted from the ground and around Naruto and his teammates with the Kusa ninja's eyes widened and being forced to leap away from them and landed in the trees as she is almost engulfed by the flames.

The flames rose up even higher and danced around the forest, protecting Naruto and his teammates. "What kind of weapon is that?" The Kusa-nin wondered but once again is forced dodge several tendrils of fire which hit some of the trees and reduces it to nothing until she could no longer see Naruto and the girls until a few minutes later the flames slowly dissipate, revealing nothing but trees burnt to a crisp and the ground scorched with smoke rising from different parts.

"I see… he used those flames as a cover for their escape," A smile slowly rose on her face and she licked her lips in glee "And now the hunt continues." She sank into the ground to search for her new prey.

Naruto was using shunpo to cover the distance between them and that kusa ninja and once he felt they were far enough he landed near an empty cave and gently placed Yakumo and Makoto down and they were still shivering from the KI that they were hit with.

"Not good, they're still out of it and it's only a matter of time before that ninja finds us." He thought. Naruto crouches down to their trembling forms and gave them each a light tap to the forehead, bringing them out of their stupor.

"Naruto?" Makoto asked and got a nod from him "Wait where is that ninja?"

"Don't worry I manage to make a cover for our escape but she'll find us soon." He informed the female Uchiha.

"Her murderous intent was so unnatural… I've never felt so vulnerable and weak…" Yakumo muttered while Naruto rubbed her back in comfort.

"Yeah it was very unnatural to disable you guys like that. Can you move on your own?" He asked the two.

"A little but I'm still unnerved." Yakumo answered with Makoto nodding.

Naruto sigh and then curses. "Damn she's getting closer."

"What do we do? We can't fight someone who can disable us with just a simple gaze." Makoto stated as she didn't want to go through that ever again as it made her feel useless and vulnerable.

"You can't but I can." Naruto declared getting shocked looks from them.

"You're gonna fight her by yourself? Are you nuts she'd rip you apart!" Yakumo cried as she didn't want to lose Naruto to that monster in human skin.

Said hybrid however narrowed his eyes as he sensed her getting closer "Listen Yakumo-chan I'm the only one here who could possibly stand up to her if only for an hour at least. Something about her just screams danger and is on a level that not even Zabuza could match. She's the real deal meaning I'm gonna have to go all out but I can't do that if you both are in the way." He explained.

They wanted to protest but couldn't due to him being correct since the woman was way out of their league and if she was even stronger than Naruto than what chance did they have? "… Just promise us you'll be careful?" Yakumo asked.

Naruto nodded and places a hand on their shoulders. "I promise." He assured them and they each gave him a kiss on the cheek before leaving the cave and took off into the forest where there was plenty of places to hide in. After sensing their chakra signatures were gone, Naruto's puts his game face on and tosses his jacket aside, showing off the physique he worked on since the day his adopted parents trained him.

The Kusa Ninja once again rose out of the ground with an eerie smile on her face. "So you decided to stop hiding though I don't see your female friends anywhere."

A smirk forms on Naruto's face as he plants his Zanpakuto into the ground and removes his arm bracers. She raised an eye brow at this, wondering what he was doing but when they fell to the ground, a fiery aura flares around his body and spreads outwards across the forest, surprising the ninja as it shifted and turned into a pillar of light that shot up into the air. "They're not you concern, I am." Naruto declared as he picked the ancient Zanpakuto up, resulting in the flames erupting around the area once again.


Gaara had just crushed a kiri ninja in his sand coffin technique while his siblings defeated the other two. He was retracting his sand his eyes widened as he felt a vast power from the distance and looked in the direction it was coming from. Temari and Kankuro felt it also and couldn't help but tremble from the raw power that threatened to crush them. "My Kami what this feeling? I can barely breathe under this pressure." The puppet user says while his knees buckled.

Temari was feeling the same effects and noticed her brother's shivering form. "To think there's someone out there who can scare even Gaara." She thought.

Back with Naruto

The Kusa Ninja's eyes widened in awe as she felt the power the boy was unleashing as well as the flame coated sword he was wielding. "I don't have time to play with you, whoever you are so I'm gonna end this using every ounce of my strength." Naruto declared as the fire dance in his icy blue slit eyes. The Kusa nin snaps out of her stupor and simply smirks.

"Impressive display but what makes you think you can beat me boy?" She taunted. Naruto says nothing and simply vanishes and appears behind her in a battoujutsu stance and instantly cut her in half, separating her upper half from her lower half her eyes widened from the moved but then turns into mud. The ground behind him exploded revealing the form of a large snake that hisses and lunges at him.

"Homura Dama (Burning Soul)" He spun around and swung his flaming blade in an arc, slicing the snake in half and incinerating it at the same time, reducing it to ashes in a matter of seconds.

"Not bad, but let's see you handle this," She performs a series of seals and inhales winh chakra into her lungs "Futon: Daitoppa (Wind Release: Great Breakthrough)" Like last time she releases a powerful burst of wind at him.

"Tch, child's play." Naruto mutters and unleashes a flamethrower from the tip of the blade that engulfs the wind and expands the flames, forcing the kusa ninja to dodge the blast only for Naruto to appear before her and grab her by the collar and run his blade through her torso. "Burn" her entire body was wrapped in flames that made her cry out in agony and harden into black clay, causing Naruto to scowl once again and toss the clone aside.

"Impressive Naruto-kun, I would expect nothing less from the son of the Yellow Flash," The Kusa Nin rose from the surface of a rock, smiling with glee as she eyed her prey "You have definitely proven that you indeed killed the Demon of the Mist"

Naruto ignored her praise and narrowed his eyes at her. "Are you done showboating? I know you're just testing me so why don't stop with the act and show yourself?" Instead of shock, her smile grew and chuckles in a way that unnerved him.

"Very well, if that is what you wish I'll show you the face of the one who will kill you." She reached for her face and peels it of slowly, revealing a pale faced, snake like person causing Naruto's eyes to widen.

"Orochimaru?" Said snake man grins as he tosses the fake face aside.

"So the younglings of the village do know about me." He said in a deeper yet silky tone and licks his lips.

"Yeah I know who you are from the textbooks. The greatest traitor to ever leave the village all because my dad took what was rightfully yours." He said in a slightly mocking voice, causing the man to scowl.

"The title of Hokage was suppose to be mine but that Old Monkey gave it to some two bit brat." He replied back but smiled again "But it doesn't matter, I can pay him back by reuniting him with his son in the afterlife." He opened his mouth and regurgitated a double edged blade and grabs it with by the hilt.

"This guy is disgusting, first the bizarre tongue now he's pulling swords out of his guts?"

"Don't think for a second I'm gonna get cold feet and run just because you're a sannin." Naruto said while the man laughed.

"I admire you courage but it's wasted as I am superior to you in every way and not even that sword will help you." Orochimaru says before vanishing, as does Naruto before their blades clashed.

"My sword thinks otherwise, right Ryujin Jakka?" Naruto asked the former biju who replies by unleashing a fire wave that the man avoids and attempts to run Naruto through only for the blonde to shunpo away and aim his palm at him in the air. "Hadō #33. Sōkatsui (Blue Fire, Crash Down)!" His palm generates a torrent of blue spiritual energy and fires it at Orochimaru. It hits the target and causes an violent explosion that shakes the area.

The snake leaps out of the smoke with his clothes slightly singed and frowns. "What type of Jutsu was that? All he did was call out the name and released the attack with no hand seals." He wondered only for his senses to alert him and spun around to block a flame coated sword and hisses when some of the flames burn his arm and engages the blonde in a duel of blades.

Orochimaru was inwardly impressed with how he was able to face him evenly in kenjutsu with each strike aiming to cripple or kill him. When he deflected one attack and swung downwards, he frowned when the Kusanagi didn't cut through him but instead left a thin cut that bled a little when it hit his arm. Naruto turned his blade downwards and stabs it into the ground, resulting in the fire around the blade to thin and sink into the ground. "Saku Hasu Hana (Blooming Lotus Blossom)".

Flames erupted around him and Orochimaru, for several seconds before dying out while Naruto stood in the flames, while a pattern of a lotus flower outlined the area. "This game is over!" The missing nin suddenly appeared before Naruto with his right arm reared back and the tips of his fingers coated in purple flames. "Gogyo Fuin (Five elemental Seal)!" He thrust the arm forward and into Naruto's torso, getting a grunt of pain instead of an agonizing scream, causing him to stumble back and clutch his gut from the impact.

"You are indeed a powerful ninja for your age and if I allow you to live you could become a great threat for me in the future so you must die." He declared as his blade gleamed in the sunlight, ready to take his head off.

"… you fool… you shouldn't … have done that." Naruto whispered out as his hair shadowed his eyes , getting a raised eyebrow from Orochimaru.

"Oh? And why is that? Because I cut you off from your biju?" He questioned but little did he know that Kyuubi or Ryujin Jakka was no longer sealed into Naruto but was still bonded to him though in the shape of a blade.

"No… because you've let something else out…" white fragments started to take shape around the right side of his face and his voice started to change.

"And pray tell what did I let out?" Orochimaru questioned, not realizing that his curiosity was going to get him killed and then an unknown chill went up his spine when he heard a chuckle that was so eerie it put him on edge especially the grin that was forming.

"You… have… awakened the beast from within who also happens to be… his darker half!" His head snaps up, revealing Naruto with a crazed grin on his face and sporting half of a hollow mask that seemed to be taking the shape of a fox. The sclera of his right eye was pitch black with a yellow iris that sported a black slit pupil.

The next thing Orochimaru saw was a flash of steel and blood erupting from his now stump of an arm, causing him to howl in surprise and pain as Ryujin Jaka hacked his arm off and his the ground with his blade still in the appendage while the transformed blonde cackled psychotically. "Finally! I'm free from those accursed chains!" Oturan declared as he gazed at the blood on the blade and then at Orochimaru. "And I have you to thank Hebi for giving me my freedom and I'll reward you… BY PAINTING THE FOREST WITH YOUR BLOOD!" He lunges at Orochimaru and unleashes a fire wave the snake was forced to dodge only for more blood to erupt from his sides as Oturan cuts him open with Ryujin Jakka.

"This… feeling of Malice and Darkness… it exceeds my own!" He substitutes himself with a mud cloned that is cleaved in half by the cackling blonde and lands on a tree branch and curses as he is forced to evade a fire blast that incinerates the tree.

"Woohoo! Burn Baby Burn!" Oturan launches another fire tendril that zips around in a serpent like pattern that tries to catch Orochimaru in its coils but the man's odd flexibility and speed make it impossible but laughs as he heard man let out a curse due to being burned in the face.

"Damn you boy!" he said a launches several snakes at the dark blonde who cackles and hacks them to pieces with swings that moved like blurs before bringing his palm forward and fired a beam of energy that atomizes everything in its path. Orochimaru dodges it by leaping into the air but a hand clamps down on his shoulder, making him turn around and come face to face with the grinning face of Oturan.

"Surprise hahahahahaha!"

From the surface of the forest a dome of the same red energy rose up around the area and erupted violently into a blazing explosion, releasing a shockwave so strong it made the trees reel back and the ground to shake. The entire area around the Dark Ninja was either black or reduced to nothing Orochimaru was worse for wear due to his clothes being tattered, his body bloody, and was missing both of his arms.

"Damn you Namikaze… Damn you and your father!" He snarls out as he tried to stagger to his feet but was having difficulty without his arms.

Oturan was grinning like he won the lottery while the hollow mask looked more defined. "You can damn me all you want you armless worm but it doesn't matter because you're going to"

'Disappear' His left arm suddenly grabbed his mask and attempts to rip it off.

"No! What are you doing?! Can't you see I'm trying to kill the bastard?!"

"Give me back my body asshole! There's no way I'm letting you go on a mindless killing spree!" Oturan swung the zanpakuto around, hitting nothing as his left hand struggles to rip the mask off.

"Stop you fool! Letting him get away is a lot worse than me keeping control of your body and finishing that traitor off once and for all!"

"Don't care, if I leave you free, you'll just cause needles slaughter and I'll be damned if I let that happen!" With one final tug, he rips the mask off while the hollows screams die off and get suppressed back into his mind. Naruto pants and falls on one knee, using his zanpakuto for support to regain his bearings.

Orochimaru however manage to get away and descends deeper into the forest. 'Damn that brat! I can't believe I, Orochimaru got bested by a child!' He seethed in anger as the thoughts ran through his memory and in only infuriated him more. 'Just you wait Namikaze, when we meet again I'll kill you in the worst way possible and destroy Konoha and everyone in it!"

Naruto glances at his surroundings and whistles from the damage he and his other half caused before noticing the sword he used planted on the ground. He approached it and then pulls out a scroll and seals it away. "Well at least I got a trophy out of it."

"Naruto!" Before he knew it, Yakumo and Makoto tackled him to the ground, much to his surprise and were clinging onto him.

"Girls get off I can't breathe." He strains out as he fell oxygen leaving his body and sucks it back in once they let him go only to get a brain duster to the head. "Ow! What was that for?"

"For worrying us you baka!" Yakumo replied, giving him a glare that made him cringe from it as he never saw her so angry before. "You're lucky to come out of that alive!"

Naruto remained silent but nods in agreement. "You're right, I was lucky to get out of that fight alive because that Kusa Ninja was none other than Orochimaru, one of the Legendary Sannin." After hearing that name and title, they turned pale. "That guy was on a whole different level than Zabuza but luckily the guy had an ego the size of the Hokage mountain and underestimated me so now he's off somewhere licking his wounds."

Makoto blinked a few times when he said this. "You manage to injure him?" She questioned and got a nod from him.

"Yeah but now's not the time to reminiscent on that, we have to head to the tower because the level of power I released possibly attracted every genin in the forest." He advised and with that, they leapt off to their final destination.

Forest of Death Tower

Naruto, Makoto, and Yakumo made it into the tower with no encounters. They each look around to see none of the other genin in the tower aside from themselves. "Looks like we're the first ones to make it." Makoto stated.

"Considering the fact that we got more than what we needed?" Yakumo reminded her teammate.

The female Uchia scoffs and folds her arms. "We can thank Naruto-kun for that." She remarked and said blonde simply shrugged.

"Hey at least we cut down the competition." He informed the two girls until an ANBU appeared before them.

"So you're the first team to enter the tower? Impressive for a group of rookies. Since you already have the two scrolls required to pass I'll take the rest of them. Also since the exam is for five days, there are some spare rooms that you can use to rest up and get refreshed." Naruto nods and tosses the bag of scrolls to the black ops agent he was about to turn around and leave until Naruto spoke up.

"Hold on ANBU-san I need you to inform the Hokage about something important and it involves a white snake returning to the leaf." As soon as white snake left his mouth, the ANBU's eyes widened beneath his mask and nods before vanishing. They headed down the hallway and stopped at a door that reveals a large room containing some beds and two bathrooms.

Yakumo tosses her bag to the side as well as her equipment and leapt onto the bed, letting out a sigh of relief. Makoto sits down on the edge of the bed and places her bag on the ground as well as her ninjato and armor. "We were only out in the forest for only 30 minutes Yakumo but at least we don't have to camp out." She turns her gaze to Naruto. A blush formed on her face as she saw him shirtless, showing off his well-toned upper body and tosses the sleeveless shirt he wore to the side. Yakumo reacted the same way and tries to avert her gaze from his physique but was failing to do so.

Naruto however was smirking inwardly as he knew they kept taking glances at his physique when they thought he didn't noticed. He pulled the same trick on Haku a few weeks back when she watched him train in Kisuke's training room for about three hours where he got all dirty and sweaty which only made the blush on her face grow before she had to excuse herself, leaving Naruto to snicker at her retreating form.

"I'm gonna go wash up before getting something to eat, do you two want to join me for lunch?" He offered and got nods from them. Naruto comes out refreshed and the trio head over to the cafeteria with Naruto until the same ANBU appears before them. "Hokage-sama needs to see you now Namikaze-san regarding who you ran into in the forest."

The blonde hybrid nods and glances at his two teammates. "I'll catch up in a little bit Makoto-chan, Yakumo-chan, go ahead and get something to eat I won't be long." The to nodded before the ANBU placed a hand on his shoulder and they vanished out of the tower.

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