Naruto Namikaze: Shinigami Shinobi

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Chapter 2: Growing Family, New Hokage

Konoha Hospital

Kisuke, Yoruichi, and Kukaku were standing around Naruto's sleeping form and placed a barrier around them while Kenpachi was leaning against the wall with his eyes closed. Kisuke was analyzing the Shiki Fuuin and he couldn't help but be impresses with the design and the complexity of the seal.

"This is truly a work of art. I've never seen something so amazing. To think that a human is capable of creating something like this." He said with a grin on his face. "I would've loved to meet the boy's father if he was still alive. Hopefully Naruto here has inherited his intelligence." He says while Kukaku's eye twitched.

"Hey bucket head can you please get on with the process? I didn't create this barrier for my health you know." Kukaku says with a peeved expression on her face due to the fact that Yoruichi's former subordinate was going into 'geek mode' while maintaining the barrier outside the room.

Yoruichi who was in the lotus position with her eyes closed and glowing white was smirking. "Please calm down Kaku-chan. You're not the one holding a 'double' layered barrier in place with your own energy. We don't know how the Hogyoku will react to Naruto's body or the Kyuubi so try not to lose focus." The goddess of flash stated while her best friend grumbled.

"Oi Kisuke-kun, get out of geek mode and place the Hogyoku into Naru-chan." Kisuke chuckles sheepishly and nods.

"Sorry about that. Now then." The former captain of the 12th division placed his hand on the seal and it glows white. Kisuke pulls the Hogyoku out of his sirt pocket and let's out a sigh. "I hope I'm doing the right thing this time. I don't want a repeat of what happened in our world." Kisuke mumbled.

He placed the Hogyoku on the glowing seal and the orb sank into it. The glow brightened and Kisuke watched as a cocoon made of white energy wrapped around Naruto's body. "What's going on Kisuke?" Yoruichi asks as she opened one eye.

"The Hogyoku seems to be… rejuvenating his body structure and awakening the power the king used to create the Shiki Fuuin. I can sense his reiatsu already awakening and purifying the Kyuubi's yokai but at a slow pace." Kisuke says while the cocoon pulses.

6 minutes later a few cracks appear on the cocoon and then more of them spread around until it shatters. And some of Naruto's spiritual energy flares around wildly but Kisuke creates a green barrier around Naruto's body and his spiritual energy goes back into his body. The glow fades around Naruto's body and to the four shinigami's surprise, a hollow like fox mask covered Naruto's face but then it cracks and shatters, revealing his face.

Naruto's hair now stopped to his shoulder's (like his father's) and the whisker marks on his face were now gone. His malnourished body was now healthy and showed none of his bones. "It's done." Kisuke said and was impressed that the Hogyoku rejuvenated his body at a quick rate.

Yoruichi and Kukaku dissolve the barriers and let out sighs of relief. "Well that was fun." Yoruichi says and gets back on her feet and pops her back from sitting so long. Kenpachi had a smirk on his face when he saw Kukaku slightly panting.

"Tired Already Kukaku-chan? And here I thought you were tough." He said with humor in his voice. Said female Shiba had a tick mark appear on her head. She turned around and was about to yell until Yoruichi stopped her by covering her mouth with her hand.

"Kenpachi please don't antagonize her. We don't need the boy waking up from one of her rants and" She would said more until Kukaku bit down on her hand. "AAAHHH!" Yoruichi cried as she pulled her hand back and nursed it. She then glared at a grinning Kukaku and started to yell. "KUKAKU YOU BITCH I'M GONNA" She suddenly paused and covered her mouth and turned around slowly hoping that she didn't wake the boy up.

She then sweat dropped when she saw an orange dome surround Naruto's sleeping form. Kisuke had an amused look on his face but his smile was covered by a fan. "Now Yoruichi-chan you should use your indoor voice. We don't want to wake up the other patients now do we?" He asks with humor in his voice until Yoruichi's fist met his face and he was on the ground comically sobbing and clutching his face while her fist was steaming.

"Wow. And I thought you had a short temper Kukaku." Kenpachi stated while she nods. After that little scene Kisuke was back up with no form of injury on his face.

"I have to say I'm impressed that the Hogyoku healed him so quickly. Did any of you sense the fox's yokai emit from the boy's body?" Kisuke asks while they shook their heads. "It's possible that the Hogyoku absorbed the fox and is slowly purifying its energy. A hollow mask appeared on his face also but then dissolved." He said with a serious look on his face.

Kenpachi raised an eyebrow at this and spoke up. "So the kid will become a Vizard?" The warrior asks knowing that the power of a Vizard was nothing to scoff at. "Either that or he'll become a complete hybrid like Ichigo did when he fought and beat Aizen." The genius answered.

Konoha Several days later

Sarutobi managed to get the letters done and had both Taka and Neko go and look for the two sannin. After he had his unconscious bodyguards sent to the hospital and his office redecorated Sarutobi slowly made his way towards the hospital with a frown on his face. When he entered the place he headed towards the room Naruto was in and couldn't help but wonder how his two students would react to him.

He thought that what he did was for the good of the village and for Naruto's safety and that Minato would've wanted this. He hid his inheritance from the boy due to the fact that Iwa would come after his head. Lying to his godparents was what he thought was the best course of action because he knew that Tsunade and Jiraiya would've taken him out of the village and he couldn't allow that.

He found the room Naruto was in and slowly opened the door. When he slowly opened it, a look of dread appeared on his face when he saw two people glaring down at him with hate and betrayal in their eyes. They were Tsunade Senju and Jiraiya the toad sage and they were pissed.

Kenpachi and Kukaku were leaning against the wall smirking at the man while Yoruichi was sitting on the bed with Naruto in her lap. Said blonde was snuggled up and sleeping peacefully in her arms while she gently stroked his hair and Kisuke had his hat tilted down while sitting in a chair.

"Hello sensei. The three of us need to have a little talk." Tsunade says while cracking her knuckles. A bead of sweat was dripping down his face while Jiraiya's right index finger twitched and was tempted to just punch the man right in the jaw.

Kisuke snaped his fingers and Youichi and Naruto were surrounded by a green sound proof barrier.


Tsunade and Jiraiya were running full speed towards Konoha and they were pissed beyond belief. "Tsunade-sama! Jiraiya-sama! please slow down! I can barely keep up with you two!" Shizune yelled out while Ton Ton squealed out in agreement.

They didn't hear her though because they were too busy thinking about killing their sensei and half of the village.

"Damn that Sarutobi! That fucking piece of old monkey shit! When I get my hands on that bastard I'm grind his bones into dust!" a woman yelled angrily as she, with her other two traveling companions traveled at ninja speeds through the trees trying to reach there destination.

"Now Hime, you should really calm down a little or you're going to give yourself an ulcer." The only male of the group joked with a smirk on his face, hopefully trying to lighten the tension with a little humor.

His consideration only did nothing but made him had to dodge a chakra enhanced punch and nearly got his head knocked off his shoulders. Had he not been a veteran ninja with years of experiencing sneak attacks, sudden movements, and used to his female teammate's temper... he would need some serious medical attention.

"Why the fuck should I calm down when my godson has been alive and alone for over 7 years and I'm just FINDING OUT YESTERDAY?" She yelled at her teammate.

"Well disfiguring my skull won't help the situation now would it and did you forget he was my godson as well? I promise Minato and Kushina should anything happen to him I'd be there for him dammit!" Jiraiya argued.

"True but it will make me feel better and get in some good practice before I go back to Konoha and beat the shit out of that old monkey." retorted Tsunade. It had been this way since the two Sannin met up.

While Jiraiya was more clam and reserved about the situation after hours and hours of meditating, speaking with the elder toads, and sparing with a few of the battle toads to subside his anger, Tsunade did no such thing and was literally a walking nuclear warhead that was on a mission to go to Konoha and raze it to the ground. Her grandfather building that village be damned. To her it was a constant reminder of all she lost.

Grandfather Hasirama

Great Uncle Tobirama





And finally…..


Her anger and hatred intensified as the last name appeared in hermind . The villagers, council and Sarutobi will pay dearly for what they did to her, him, and most importantly to her family. As they made it to the main gates Jiraiya and Shizune were out of breath while Tsunade was still hopping mad.

"Ts-tsunade sama c-can we please catch our breath we're very tired." Shizune stated while Jiraiya nodded in agreement. "Yeah hime let us rest for a few minutes I'm not as young as I use to beEEEEEEE!" Jiraya screams out as Tsunade grabs him by the back of his collar and hoists him over her shoulder.

Shizune eeps when Tsunade wraps an arm around her waist and carries her under her arm and takes off like a rocket into the main gate making Gai's speed look like a joke. A blonde blur was seen running through the village and the villagers had very little time to get out of the way as the angry Senju plowed her way through the village like a bulldozer.

"KYAAAA! Tsunade-sama please slow down!" Shizune screamed as she held on to a squealing Ton Ton for dear life while Jiraiya was flailing his arms and legs around crying for his mommy and Ton Ton was squealing like crazy. Shizune saw a large cart filled with fruit in Tsunade's path and she screamed. "TSUNADE-SAMA THE CART!" The brunette screamed as she saw her mentor about to hit it.

Jiraiya looked over his shoulder and his eyes bugged out. "MOOOOMMMYYYY!" Jiraiya screamed out but Tsunade leaps over it but jump to high in the air. She then lands on her feet hard causing a small earthquake and runs towards the hospital. Shizune was on her knees bawling her eyes out and clutching onto a purple colored Ton Ton while Jiraiya had swirls in his eyes.

When she approached the hospital she drops a quivering and babbling Shizune and Ton Ton and Jiraiya who fell flat on his face groaning while she kicks the doors open, knocking them off their hinges which caused the doctors and patients in the hospital to freak out and tremble when they saw the dark and angered form of a woman who could reduce a building to rubble with a flick of her wrist.

That woman was Tsunade Senju. She slowly made her way to the receptionists counter and every step she took left imprints of her heels on the cracked floor and the female receptionist was whimpering in fear.

As Tsunade approached the desk slammed her hands on the table making the woman eek as the female Senju leaned close to the receptionist's face and the murderous look on her face showed that she wasn't in the mood for any bullshit. "Which room is Naruto Uzumaki in?" She asked in a low yet dangerous tone while the receptionist held a shaking finger up and pointed it at the left.

"G-go down the hallway, up the second floor and it's the third door to your right." She stammered out. Tsunade removed her hands from the desk and made her way up the stairs causing tremors with her feet.

Jiraiya staggered to the desk gasping and panting before the receptionist and holding a finger up looking like he wanted to ask a question but she just pointed to the stairs Tsunade went up and the man nods and makes his way up the stairs as well.

Tsunade had just found the second door and made her way towards it. When she did, she forced the door open but before she had the chance to look around a flash of silver made its way towards her head and thanks to her years as a war veteran, she ducked and rolled away while the flash took a few strands of hair off of her head and hit the wall.

She saw a blade was imbedded to the side of the wall and looked up to see a giant of a man who was wearing an eye patch on his right eye and wore an outfit that looked similar to a samurai's looked down at her with a scowl on his face. "Hey! What the hell's the matter with you! You almost took my head off!" She cried while getting back up but then she felt the sharp end of a blade pressed against her throat courtesy to Kukaku.

"Don't move or I'll finish you off myself." She said in a dangerous tone which made Tsunade freeze instantly when her Zanpakuto pressed even closer to her throat. The Sannin then saw two other individuals in the room.

One was blonde and wore a green and white striped bucket hat on his head and the other was female with a dark skin complexion, bright yellow colored eyes, and long silky purple hair that was tied into a pony tail and she apparently holding the sleeping form of Naruto, her godson in her arms. "Who are you and why did you just barge in here? If you lie to us then consider yourself worm food." The Shiba heiress said dangerously.

"W-Wait! I didn't come here to harm the boy." She reasoned while they eyed her carefully.

"And why should we believe you?" Kukaku asks the busty blonde.

"Because I'm his godmother, Tsunade Senju." She answered.

Kisuke tilted his hat up and saw a white haired man stagger in the room panting and before he could say anything a large hand wrapped around his face and lifted him up slowly. "And who is this guy?" Kenpachi asks while Jiraiya struggled to pry the man's hand off his face but Kenpachi had a vice like grip around the Toad Sage's head.

"That's my teammate Jiraiya. He's the boy's godfather." She answered while Kisuke shifted his gaze on the two and saw no form of deception in their eyes.

He pulled out a fan and started to wave it across his face. "It's alright you two. They're telling the truth." Kisuke said in his jovial voice and Yoruichi smiles and nods. The crazy duo were skeptic for awhile but then release them.

Tsunade gently rubbed her neck while Jiraiya rubbed his face. "Kami I thought my skull was gonna get crushed. Who are you four anyway?" Jiraiya asks.

"I'm Kisuke Urahara at your service." Kisuke said tilting his hat up and places it down. "The mountain of muscle with the eye patch is Kenpachi Zaraki." Kenpachi makes a gruff sound while sheathing his blade. \

The woman with the crazy gleam in her eye is Kukaku Shiba." Kukaku grins with both of her hands on her hips. "And last but not least my best friend and fastest woman to ever walk the earth Yoruichi Shihoin." He said while said Flash Goddess waved at them.

"You two must be the Sandaime's former students and two of the Densetsu no Sannin, Jiraiya the Toad Sage and Tsunade Senju the Slug Princess who is also the grand daughter and grand uncle of the Shodaime and Nidaime Hokage correct?" Yoruichi asks which made their eyes widen.

"And how do you know this?" Tsunade asks since neither she nor Jiraiya haven't seen them before.

The four look at each other and nod. "I guess it wouldn't hurt to tell them what we really are." Kukaku states which confuses the two war veterans. So for the next few hours Kisuke explained to Naruto's godparents how the four them use to live in a dimension where Shinigami kept the balance of the spirit and mortal realm intact and how a rogue Shinigami named Aizen betrayed them and used an item Kisuke created called the Hogyoku in order to kill the Shinigami King. They also explained how they participated in a war with the other Shinigami against Aizen and how they each lost their life defeating the madman.

That was when the Shinigami king approached them and gave them a chance to redeem themselves by having them act as Naruto's guardians and trained him in the Shinigami powers he gained from the seal that was endowed with the king of soul's powers due to the fact that Minato summoned said god of death in order to seal Kyuubi away into his son. To say that Tsunade and Jiraiya were shocked and stumped was an understatement.

"So you four are Shinigami who were sent here by the Shinigami 'King' to raise and train Naruto in using the powers he gained from the Shiki Fuin right?" Jiraiya asks and they each nod. "Not only that but Naruto is now in a sense part Shinigami and his powers and abilities are also a bloodline that'll be passed down to any kids he may have in the future?" Again they nod.

Jiraiya scratches his head for a few seconds and shrugs. "Meh I believe ya." He said nonchalantly while Tsunade gave him a look that said 'are you crazy'. "Don't give me that look hime. Even though these guys aren't shinobi they are strong. Scratch that they make the bijuu look like cute animals." He states.

"Plus you got to remember hime that your grandfather was capable of creating an entire forest with just his chakra alone and your grand uncle could pull water out of thin air. And let's not forget about you and your titan like strength and Minato's ability to wipe out an entire army in the blink of an eye and also took on the most powerful of the bijuu." He said while the last senju pondered at this and couldn't help but admit that Jiraiya was right.

"I guess you're right… for once." She replied and the super pervert's shoulder's slumped and mumbled something about how cruel she was to him but the regained his posture.

"I said in my letter that the gaki had a growth stunt seal, restriction seal and a dead man's switch placed on his body right?" Jiraiya asked and his answer was Kisuke frowning and nodding. "Do you mind if I take a look at them? I'm the only shinobi in the village that has a vast amount of knowledge in fuinjutsu aside from my late student and more than likely the only one who can correctly remove them." Jiraiya quoted since fuinjutsu was a very complex and dangerous art and one wrong assimilation for any seal can meet with tragic consequences.

"Very well. Yoruichi place Naruto down on the bed please?" Kisuke asks. Yoruichi looks at Jiraiya for a few minutes but sighs and sets him down. Jiraiya approaches Naruto and notices the dead man switch seal that's over the area where his heart would be. He then carefully turns Naruto's head around and finds a growth stunting seal placed near his vertebrae and restriction seal placed around the area where his chakra coils grew and expanded.

Jiraiya couldn't believe that his sensei would go so far as to do this to Minato's kid. Lying to him and Tsunade was one thing but to destroy his chances of becoming a powerful shinobi like his parents was beyond disgusting. Right now he was tempted to go over to the tower and shove a rasengan down his sensei's throat but decided to save that for later.

"Now to get rid of these." He said and pulls out an ink brush and ink bottle and starts to put removal seals around the growth stunt seal, restriction seal, and dead man's seal. He waits for the ink to dry and places his hand in a ram seal. "Kai." He says and the removal seals glow while the others hiss and start to sizzle away until they were no more. "Good. They're gone. Now all I have to do is check and make sure there are no other seals on the kid's body." He said and did an inspecton Naruto's body to make sure he didn't have any hidden or extra seals on his being. After searching his body for about 10 minutes he stops and smirks.

"No more seals. The gaki's clean." He assured them and then gives the boy back to Yoruichi and Kisuke speaks up.

"So that you all know the kid's life in this village was how do you say 'hell on earth' and the old man is the reason for it and telling by the pissed off expressions on your faces and the letters he sent you two you already know." He stated while the two especially Tsunade.

"So you two hold no resentment for Naruto holding the Kyuubi in his very being?" Yoruichi asked.

"Hell no! Unlike these bakas I know the difference between the prisoner and the jailor and would've cared for him like a mother does her child! Had I known that my bastard of sensei lied to me and found out that he was alive I would taken him outside of this hellhole and trained him until he was fully grown and able to take on an army of Kages, villages wants be damned!" She said in a tone that meant she was serious.

Kisuke then turned his attention towards Jiraiya. "And you Jiraiya-san?" He asks the Gama Sennin.

"Like Tsunade-hime I too would've taken care of him and made the gaki even stronger than his old man was and no one not even my so called sensei would stop me." He said in a serious tone while Kisuke smirked.

"Speaking of sensei, where the hell is that old bastard because I'm gonna make an example out of him by giving him the same beating I gave Jiraiya when he peeked on me when we were younger only it's gonna be ten times more painful." She said cracking her knuckles while Jiraiya paled and shivered at the thought.

"Oh kami if I wasn't pissed at the old monkey right nose I'd feel slightly sorry for him." The sage states which made Yoruichi curious.

"It was that bad?" She asked the man.

"It was the closest life and death experience I've ever had in my shinobi career." He stated which got wide eyes from Kisuke and Kenpachi and grins from Yoruichi and Kukaku. That was when Naruto stirred and opened his eyes getting everyone's attention.

Yoruichi looks down at the boy she had in her arms and smiled. "Hey there Naru-chan how do you feel?"

"A little better but who are they?" Naruto asks Yoruichi.

"These two gaki are your godparents and they were suppose to take care of you but a certain old man lied to them and told them you died during the kyuubi attack. They were also really close to your parents and vowed if anything happened to you they'd be there for you." Kukaku explained.

Tsunade slowly approached a stunned Naruto and knelt down so that her face was leveled with his. "Hello Naruto I'm Tsunade Senju your godmother and the man with the white spiky hair is your godfather Jiraiya. We were close friends of your parents." She said with a sad smile on her face while Jiraiya nods.

Naruto snaps out of his stupor and realized that they knew who his parents were but was confused because Hiruzen told him that he was an orphan the Yondaime picked. "Y-you knew my parents? But Saru-oji said I was an orphan and didn't know who my parents were." Naruto said which caused the two to frown especially Jiraiya.

"I'm afraid he's been lying to you Naruto. You had parents and they loved you more than anything. They were Kushina Uzumaki and your father was Minato Namikaze the Yondaime Hokage." She answered and Naruto's eyes widen especially when he learned that he was the son of his idol and that was when Jiraiya spoke up.

"Naruto your father used you to be the vessel for the Kyuubi and it wasn't because you were the only child born on that day. Your father chose you to be its vessel because he wouldn't stoop so low as to have another parent sacrifice their child. He was an honorable and noble man and it broke his and your mother's heart that they'd have to leave you." Jiraiya explained.

"And we're sorry that we were caught up in our own grief and leaving you under the mercy of these bastards Naruto-chan." Tsunade said looking at the ground in shame while Jiraiya placed a hand on her shoulder. Tsunade saw tear drops fall on the floor and looked up to see Naruto sobbing silently.

"S-so you don't hate me for containing Kyuubi?" He asked hoping that these people weren't like the villagers. Tsunade's answer was a loving smile.

"Naruto-chan I would never think of raising my hand against you and I don't care if you contain the fox inside of you. I swear I would never harm you in any way shape or form and I'll protect you no matter what." She assured the blonde while Jiraiya smiled and nodded his head in agreement. The next thing Tsunade knew was that Naruto leapt off Yoruichi's lap and wrapped his arms around her neck and crying happily surprising the female sannin but she also smiled and hugged her godson back. After wards Naruto fell asleep from exhaustion and Tsunade gently handed to boy back to Yoruichi.

"So you four are gonna be his foster parents right?" Tsunade asked the four shinigami who smirk and nod.

"Yes but Yoruichi and I will be his parents and Kukaku-chan and Kenpachi-san will be his aunt and uncle." He said waving the fan he had. "His crazy aunt and uncle." He said silently only to be knocked upside the head with a paper fan and a lump formed on his head courtesy of Kukaku while smirks.

Tsunade and Jiraiya on the other hand sweat drop at the action. "Something tells me that you and her will get along fine Tsunade-hime." Jiraiya stated while the woman smirked until he said something that set them both off.

"Not only are you both short tempered but you both have the same breast size." He said with a perverted grin in his face. The next thing he knew he was kissing the ground due to the fact that the two big breasted women gave him a double brain duster to the head. Now it was time for Kisuke to sweat drop while Yoruichi snickered and shifted her arms a little in order to make Naruto more comfortable.

After that little scene the six adults talked about what they did in their lives for a while until they turned their attention to the dorr opening slowly and Tsunade and Jiraiya both had murderous looks on their faces due to the fact that the chakra signature was familiar to them.

"Speak of the devil." Tsunade said in a murderous tone.

Flash Back ends

Sarutobi didn't know what was worse. The fact that his two students were giving him a murderous look that would make even Orochimaru piss himself or the fact that they were wanting to beat him into a bloody pulp.

"Ts-tsunade, J-Jiraiya i-I didn't expect to see you two here so soon." He stammered and their glares increased to the point where if looks could kill then he'd be dead right now.

"Cut the bullshit you traitorous dog." Tsunade growled out and slowly cracked her knuckles.

"You'd better give us a good reason why we shouldn't kill you where you stand and afterwards level the village to the ground with our summons because right now I'm tempted to finish what Kyuubi started sensei." Jiraiya said while his hair sharpened to the point to where they looked like needles.

Sarutobi in the other hand paled at the thought. "Please you two must understand. I did what I had to in order to appease the masses" Hiruzen tried to explain only to find himself being slammed into the wall hard by a pissed off Tsunade who had her hand wrapped around his throat and was ready to snap it in two.

"Appease the masses? What you did is condemn an innocent child to a life of hell!" She yelled in his face. "And not just any ordinary child but Minato's and Kushina's son and MY GODSON YOU SON OF A BITCH!"

"I had no choice Tsunade! I had to choose between Naruto and the safety of the village and I chose the village over Naruto's well being! We were weakened and any of the other villages would've taken the opportunity to wipe us out. Since Naruto was the vessel for the most powerful bijuu in the world I couldn't allow you or Jiraiya to take him out of the village. Your grandfather and uncle would've done the same thing if they were in my pla-guuuaaahhh!" Hiruzen suddenly found himself vomiting up blood and collapsing on the floor.

He turned over to get up but found Tsunade slamming her foot in his chest and slowly crushing it. "Don't you ever say that my grandfather and uncle would do the same thing or I'll crush you like the bug you are." She snarled out making the man struggle for air.

"You are nothing but trash Hiruzen Sarutobi and a disgrace to your clan and unfit to lead this village any longer." She said and she and Jiraiya saw the man shrivel up and were disgusted at how weak and frail he looked now.

"Who is going to take my place Tsunade? You? As I recall, this place brings back bad memories, and believed that the whole idea of being Hokage was a 'foolish ambition." said the Sandaime, as he knew how Tsunade lost her loved ones to the title when they desired to have it, and even now saw pain in the eyes of his former student.

"I may not be the perfect choice for Hokage like Minato, but I know I'd be a far better one than you are right now and if becoming Hokage means I can use my power to protect my Godson from the bakas that you allowed to turn my family's legacy into a shell of its former self...then I guess I'm your new successor." said Tsunade with a smile on her face while Jiraiya looked at her in shock but then smiled that she would be upholding her family's title.

It was time a Senju once more became Hokage.

Hokage Tower-Meeting Room-4 Days Later

"What is the meaning of this? Why did the Sandaime summoning us to a meeting now?" asked Fugaku Uchiha because he was called into an early morning meeting with the Clan Heads, and two Councils to an Emergency Meeting by the Hokage.

"Watch it Fugaku. When the Hokage chooses to have an Emergency Meeting with us for something important to the village is at his discretion, not yours." said Shibi Aburame who had for some reason sensed growing hostility between the Hokage and the Uchiha Clan throughout the years while said man scoffed.

"That's not the point. He should make meetings that do not conflict with a Clan Head's schedule and I am a busy man unlike most of you." said Fugaku, as he sat down in his chair, and saw the others around him do the same but glare at him for his ignorance.

"Is that so Fugaku?" Tsunade asked as she turned around in the Hokage's chair to reveal herself to them all, and they were all clearly shocked to see her.

"Tsunade! When did you get back? What are you doing here at this meeting? And why are you in the Hokage's chair?" said a shocked Homura, as he was not expecting this, and it was clear that no one else did too.

"The answers are in order the questions were asked. I got back a few days ago in secret due to a message sent to me by the Sandaime about something important and as for me being here at this meeting" That was when a scary smile formed on her face which made them all nervous. " I was the one that had asked for it, and as for being in the Hokage's I really need to spell it out for everyone?" said Tsunade, as she saw the Civilian and elder Council go pale, the clan heads eyes to bulge from their sockets, Danzo's face to turn red, and Fugaku was furious.

"This is an outrage! I will not stand for this!" said Uchiha Fugaku with his Sharingan activated and he was not about to live in this village where another Senju ruled over the village like they had during his ancestor Uchiha Madara's time.

"Oh and what are you gonna do about it little man?" Said a powerful and masculine voice. Fugaku turned around only to see a giant of a man staring down at him like a spider does a fly before killing said bug. For some reason Fugaku felt fear in his body

"Wh-who are you?" Fugaku asked/demanded with a little bit of fear in his voice. Kenpachi on the other hand scowled at how this weakling is trying to intimidate him.

"Your executioner if you don't sit your sorry ass down." He threatened which pissed Fugaku off.

"How dare you! I am an Uchiha and a weakling like you is not match for me! I am a god amongst men and you will show me some respect or I'll" He would've ranted on but was decapitated by a flash of silver and the now dead Uchiha's head rolled to the ground while the body dropped like a stone.

Kenpachi then used his foot to crush Fugaku's severed head making blood, brain matter, and pieces of skull fly in different directions. "Respect that you piece of shit." Kenpachi said to the smeared head.

Tsunade just waved the scene off while the council member looked at Kenpachi Zaraki fearfully.

"Now then I have something I need to discuss with you fools so shut up or you'll be next to join that fool in the afterlife." Tsunade said in a serious tone while Kenpachi grinned dangerously at the council member. Now unlike the clan heads minus a dead Uchiha, who honor the dying wish of their leader, nearly all of you have abused your powers and have been destroying the village my family created from the inside out. Do you know why I left in the first place? I left because I thought I lost my Godson after the Kyuubi was sealed away by Minato, but it turns out that Jiraya and I were lied to by my old sensei the Sandaime. When we came back, we learned the truth from some friends of ours and I've decided to become Hokage in order to protect my Godson from future harm by you bakas here along with those outside this room!" said Tsunade, as she saw many of them go pale, and the Clan Heads were wondering who her godson was.

"If I may ask Tsunade-sama, but who is your Godson, and why would a man of the Sandaime's stature do that to you?" Shibi asks since he found no logic in betraying Tsunade like that and wondered if the Sandaime had lost his mind before coming out of retirement.

"My Godson's name is...Uzumaki Naruto!" said Tsunade, as she saw the Councils erupt in anger at the mention of the boy, demanding his blood, and also denouncing the child as anything except a demon.

"What madness is this? Uzumaki Naruto is your Godson? I won't accept it!" said Koharu in anger, as she wanted the boy killed, or forced into submission like the Sandaime told her he would do on his terms.

They would've ranted on but Kenpachi slammed his blade onto the table and releasing murderous intent on the now frightened council member. The clan heads on the other hand were trying not collapse from the pressure they were feeling while Tsunade seemed to be unaffected since most of it wasn't directed towards her. "SHUT THE HELL UP RIGHT NOW OR CONSIDER YOURSELVES MAGGOT FOOD!" Kenpachi roared flaring his spirit energy.

After he stopped Tsunade spoke up once again. "Now before any of you get any ideas in trying to harm Naruto let me inform you that Jiraiya is in the village and will be using his network to stop anyone from harming his godson." She said glaring at the pissed elders and civilian council.

"Also I would like for you to meet his new family. She said and snapped her fingers. That was when Kisuke, Kukaku, and Yoruichi appeared but the flash goddess appeared to have blood stains on her shirt and she wasn't happy.

"Which one of you fools is Danzo Shimura?" She asked in a calm yet dangerous tone. Said war hawk opened his single eye and glared at her.

"I am what's it to you woman?" He asked with a sneer on his face and before he knew it Yoruichi shoved her hand into his chest cavity and in the location of where his heart would be. She rips his black beating heart out and crushes it with her bare hands killing the man who remained there with a shocked look on his face but then his eye rolls to the back of his head and falls over.

"I just wanted to kill the man who had his drones come after my adopted son." She said and wipes the blood and grim off her hands.

'And another one bites the dust. Good riddance' Tsunade thought and coughed to get everyone's attention. "There is also one more thing you should know. I'm raising the punishment level on those that have broken the Sandaime's law about the Kyuubi and I know people have. Even as we speak, I'm having all of the financial records seized from every store Naruto was hardly allowed in for food, clothing, etc. All the stores that ripped him off in terms of prices will be charged and taxed heavily and every store that has kicked him out will be closed and will stay that way until I say so." She said and when she heard the civilians and the elders start to protest she flooded the entire room with KI.

"And if there is any mention of the fox by the people in anyway by using names like 'demon boy', 'monster', 'fox brat', and anything else that is connected towards the Kyuubi inside of Naruto they will be arrested by the ANBU, have everything they own taken, and after being interrogated they will be executed and there will be NO EXCEPTIONS!" Tsunade finalized, as she saw those against Naruto fumed but shutted up this while each of the Clan Heads, minus the late Uchiha Fugkau and Danzo Shimura of course were all looking on were pleased by this, and glad this Hokage wasn't giving any slack to these idiots.

"You bitched are in my house and what I say goes. If you don't like how I run things then pack your things and get the hell out and if you so much as even get an ill thought to harm my godson or hire anyone to do so I will kill them personally as well as the antagonist. I also sent a notice to the Daimyo about Konoha's actions against my Godson and he is not happy at all. He gave me permission to remove anyone off this council so please try something so that I can take away all that you and your family have gained." She finished making the council members that were against Naruto pale and now that two of their aids were dead they could do nothing or else they'd face absolute destruction.

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