Naruto Namikaze: Shinigami Shinobi

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Chapter 4: Friends Enemies, and Zanpakutos pt. 2

Underground Training Camp

During Naruto's training, Kisuke created a training ground similar to the one he and Yoruichi trained in when they were kids so that Naruto can train privately with his Shinigami powers. Right now an explosion occurred and smoke rose from the air. Leaping out of the smoke was a 12 year old Naruto wearing a dark green shirt with black cargo pants and black shinobi sandals and he was skidding back a couple of feet with Engetsu drawn. He had Ryugin Jakka strapped to his back and had a couple of cuts and tears in his clothes.

Ever since he gained them the four Shinigami upped his training to where he'd train with them each and they didn't give the boy any slack since they each wanted him to be prepared to face anyone especially those stronger than him. They also had him do some meditation training in order to communicate and bond with his Soul Slayers so far he can only hear their voices but they haven't revealed themselves to him yet and stated he wasn't ready to know their names yet.

Naruto was panting a little while setting his gaze on the rising smoke. Coming out of the smoke was none other than Kenpachi Zaraki grinning with his Zanpakuto drawn and dragging the blade across the floor, making sparks fly and then brought it up and let it rest on his shoulders. He also had a few cuts on his chest and clothes but they weren't as bad as the ones Naruto had. "Come on kid you're cutting me but you're not doing any real damage. You need to come at me with the intent to take my life." He stated but inwardly he was impressed that Naruto was actually able to 'cut' him and hold his ground even though the former captain of squad 11 was holding back allot of his power but increased it every now and then so that Naruto can keep his guard up.

"I know that. What does it look like I'm doing? Trying to cut through your skin is like me using a butter knife to cut through solid steel. I'm cutting you but not doing any damage." Naruto replied and had to admit his uncle, while not as strategic as his parents and aunt, was one hell of a fighter that was able to give even captains with their Bankai unleashed a run for their money.

"And do you want to know why? It's simple. Look at my blade." He said holding his sword out sideways and his spiritual pressure rose around him. His zanpakuto appeared to be vibrating and a golden glow surrounds it. "Do you see this? My blade is filled with the desire to take your life." He answered and pointed at Engetsu. "Yours on the other hand lacks that desire because of your fear to strike me at your fullest!" Kenpachi said and shot towards Naruto in a burst of speed with his blade raised.

Naruto's eyes widened when Kenpachi brought his blade down on the blonde's head. Naruto raises his blade to block the attack with his other hand on the flat end of the blade. Another explosion of dust erupted from the ground and the training grounds shook from the power Kenpachi put behind the blade.

Naruto was gritting his teeth in frustration from the strength Kenpachi put into the blade and was struggling to keep the man's sword from cutting him in two. "D-damnit." He growled between his teeth. Kenpachi smirks and starts to unleash a series of slashes and thrusts that were aimed at the vital parts of the blonde's body. Naruto was having a hard time blocking and evading them and ended up getting a series of cuts on his body.

"Come on kid, you're making this too easy for me." He said and suddenly kicks Naruto in the torso. Naruto spits up and is sent flying backwards and crashes into a rock structure that explodes from the impact and crashes into the ground, tumbling backwards. As he skids to a stop, the blonde painfully gets up and coughs up some blood while clutching his side.

His eyes suddenly widen when he saw a foot descending towards his head and he uses Shunpo to get away in just the nick time because the foot hit the ground so hard that it left a small crater. Naruto's panting increased while Kenpachi walked out of the crater he created with a disappointed look on his face. "What is wrong with you kid? Why are you running away like a coward?" He asked which pissed Naruto off.

"I am not a coward." Naruto stated but then he froze up when Kanpachi's golden reiatsu flared up and made the ground shake.

"Spare me the bullshit kid. Look at you. I'm merely releasing a fraction of my spiritual pressure and you look like you're ready to keel over. You're afraid of me because I'm coming at you with the intent to end your life. If I was the enemy then you'd already be dead." He said and raised his blade in the air and brought it down, releasing a yellow shockwave that descended towards a stunned Naruto.


Kisuke, Yoruichi, and Kukaku were watching the fight from afar and saw an explosion of golden energy. "What is that idiot doing? Is he trying to kill Naruto?" Kukaku asked in a pissed tone and looked like she was ready to jump down there and stop the fight before Kenpachi actually kills Naruto.

"Kukaku don't jump down there." Yoruichi said in a serious tone which made her best look at her in shock. "This is for Naruto's own good." She said while she clenched her crossed arms because she too wanted to stop the fight going on.

"His own good? I know you two are doing this so that he can know the names of at least one of his Zanpakuto's but look who he's facing damnit!" Kukaku yelled pointing to the direction where another dust cloud appeared.

"Don't you think we know that?" Yoruichi snapped back surprising Kukaku because she's never seen Yoruichi snap at anyone unless she was pissed off which was very rare. "Look Kukaku I know the Shinigami king brought us back to life and help Naruto reach his potential and be ready to face any threat that comes his way but we can't be there to always bail him out of trouble and you know it." She finished.

Kukaku gritted her teeth in anger but nodded. "Don't worry though if it gets out of hand I'll personally stop it." Kisuke said seriously as he had a binding spell ready should Kenpachi go to far and actually hurt Naruto.

Back at the fight, Naruto's left arm was bleeding and blood dripped from the side of it. Kenpachi was slowly making his way towards Naruto while said blonde was gritting his teeth in anger. 'Damnit! Even though I went through all that training I still can't face Kenpachi even when he's holding back? Why? I practically trained until it hurt to even breathe but it's still not enough. What am I doing wrong?' The blonde thought in frustration and looked at Engetsu.

He was wondering why his Zanpakuto won't reveal themselves or give him their names. They kept saying he wasn't ready and that he'll know when the time comes which just frustrated him. How could he not be ready?

As he pondered on this he found himself in his mindscape. In there the sky was dark and there was a crescent moon shining into the sky. "What the? Where am I?" Naruto thought as this was one part of his mindscape that he has never seen before.

"So you want to know my name boy?" said the voice, as he formed and stood before him seeing the blonde. Apparently the man appeared to be in his early to mid 40's and had unkempt facial hair and long ragged black hair that stopped to his shoulders. He was dressed in a tattered all midnight blue garbs with black sunglasses and a long flowing overcoat that flares out into ragged ends. On the back of his coat were two crescent moon patterns that were facing away from each other. As he set his gaze on his wielder Naruto feeling pissed off that they meeting face to face now.

"Yeah I would like especially since my uncle is about to tear me to shreds. Is is too much to ask to know your name? Why can't I learn it? I've done everything I could to show you how much I respect you and tried to bond with you. What is preventing me from learning your name?" asked Naruto, as he saw the man just stare at him for a while before speaking up.

"If you wish to learn my name Naruto, then you must first learn to abandon the fear that is locked away in your heart." said the man as he saw Naruto frown, and it was clear the blonde didn't understand.

"Fear? What fear? There is no fear in my heart?" said Naruto until the man used a portion of his power to make Naruto fall on one knee and clutch his chest due to the lack of oxygen in his body and said man was starting to lose his patience with the boy due to the fact that he's acting stubborn and ignorant.

"Do not patronize me boy! You know the fear I speak of! Don't deny it isn't there for I have seen it myself. The fear of letting those close to you down! The fear that they will die when you could have saved them had you been there to help them as well as the fear of dying before someone stronger than you!" The man bellowed, and he saw Naruto look away with and knew that he had hit home.

"So what do I do? How do I get strong enough to face those that are stronger than me? How do I keep the ones I cherish the most from dying? How do I make those that care about proud? Tell me! How can I accomplish this?" Naruto asked the nameless man standing before him, because he wanted to be strong for those close to his heart, and protect them when they couldn't protect themselves.

The man made his way towards Naruto and then placed a hand on his shoulder. "It's quite simple Naruto. Abandon your fear. Look forward. Move forward and never stop. You'll age if you pull back and you'll die if you hesitate." The man answered while Naruto pondered on what he said.

'He's right. If I continue to fear and hesitate I along with those I care about will suffer. I must remove all fear and all hesitation. I must look to the future.' thought Naruto, as he opened his eyes, and saw the man in front of him and gave the spirit that was his Zanpakuto a nod.

"So you finally understand what I meant? Good. Now rise Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. Rise and use my power to aid you in fighting against the enemies that await you and to protect the ones you cherish. Now say this incantation to release me and speak my name!" The man bellowed, as he spoke his name to Naruto, and the blonde nodded his head.

Outside his mindscape

Naruto knelling body started to glow a silver white color and it suddenly erupted from his body and flared around wildly until it formed into a pillar of light. Kenpachi stopped moving towards Naruto's fallen form and blinked a few times. "What's this? His Reiatsu is rising and growing stronger but how? A few minutes ago his power started to dwindle unless…" He said to himself but then his eyes widen when he sees Naruto lift his head up and saw that his eyes were the same color as his Reiatsu. Kenpachi grinned as he felt the amount of energy Naruto was releasing. "So he's finally done it huh? He found out the name of his Zanpakuto."

The other three saw the pillar of silver white energy appear and they eyes widened. "Incredible. He's finally found out the name of his partner." Kisuke said while Benihime vibrated from the energy she was feeling.

Naruto slowly stood up and raised Engetsu into the air. "Tear a Path of Destruction throughout the Heavens and rip the Moon apart with your mighty fang, ENGETSU!" Naruto cried out and his Reiatsu exploded outwards but after a few minutes it receded. Kenpachi's eyes widen when he saw Engetsu in its released state. The blade looked exactly like the shikai of Ichigo's blade Zangetsu but with a major difference.

The blade's silver edges was serrated and on the silver edge was a black crescent moon on both sides as well as two white crescent shaped moons on the black side of the giant cleaver but were in a reversed form.

A silver hilt with gray-wrappings and a short length of chain was formed at its base and the blade itself curved inwards at the backside of the tip similar to a trench knife All in all, the blade looked pretty wicked. "Uncle." Naruto said in a calm voice getting the man's attention. "I suggest you try not to take this next attack head on." He advised while the blade glowed.

Kenpachi on the other hand raised an eyebrow when Naruto said this. "Oh? And why is that Naruto?" Kenpachi asked and the answer to his question was Naruto lifting up his head and the irises of his eyes were now silver.

"Because right now I can barely control it." Naruto replied and the ground underneath him exploded and formed a ring around him. Kisuke's eyes widen when he saw this and inwardly cursed.

"Kenpachi remove your eye patch now! Do not face that attack head on!" The man yelled. Kenpachi's eyes widen when he heard Kisuke tell him not to take that attack head on and felt the power emitting from Naruto's shikai.

A battle cry escaped from the blonde's mouth and he swung Engetsu downward, releasing a powerful silver white energy wave that descended toward Kenpachi. "Shit!" Kenpachi said and instantly ripped the eye patch off. Kisuke, Yoruichi, and Kenpachi were forced to cover their eyes as the attack emitted a bright light and debris flew in opposite directions.

As the attack died down they uncovered their eyes and saw a long and wide deep crevice that stretched on for miles and Kukaku whistle. "Wow talk about destructive. Wait where is Kenpachi?" She asked and was inwardly fearing for the worst and thought that the man was vaporized by the attack.

"There he is." Yoruichi said and saw the man was a couple of feet away from the crevice. Said battle hungry warrior's eye pact was gone and there was a deep gash that started from his shoulder and ended at his torso. Blood was dripping down his arm and the left side of his clothing was gone.

"Man that was close." Kenpachi muttered as he saw the deep crevice. "Had I not removed my eye patch I would've lost my arm." He turned his attention to Naruto and saw the blonde was sprawled out on the ground snoring with drooling while Engetsu was planted on the ground.

Kenpachi chuckled at the site and walked over to the unconscious shinigami/shinobi in training. "Good job kid. You put everything in that move and actually cut me." He said and that was when the other three Shinigami appeared beside Kenpachi and Kisuke chuckles.

"Would you look at that? The poor kid used so much of his energy into that attack that he knocked himself out. Talk about reckless." He said jokingly while Engetsu reverted back into its sealed state. Yoruichi walked over to Naruto's unconscious form, puts Engetsu back into the sheath, and picks up Naruto, placing her son on her back.

"Yeah reckless just a certain orange haired boy we all use to know." Yoruichi stated with a smile on her face since Naruto did remind her a little of Ichigo since the teenager had a knack for pushing himself over the edge especially for those he cares about. Afterwards, she carries him off into the compound while Kisuke looks at the damage and sighs.

"Well I guess I'll need to get this place repaired." He said and shunpos away. Kukaku walks over to Kenpachi and sighs when she sees him a torn.

"You baka haven't you ever heard of the word restraint?" she asked as she placed her hands on her hips while Kenpachi snorts.

"Please restraint is for cowards and weaklings and no nephew of mine is gonna be one." He said only to get slapped upside the head by the female Shiba but he hardly felt it.

"Baka! He's a kid for crying out loud! You're suppose to train him not beat him near an inch of his life like you did those idiots" She yelled while he smirked.

"It's called tough love Kukaku. So are you gonna just stand there ogling my torn up body or are you gonna get me patched up?" He teased making the woman blush and glare at him.

"Shut up or you're sleeping on the couch for a week." She threatened but all that made Kenpachi do was grin.

"That may have an effect on Kisuke but we both know who'll be missing who in the bed at night." He responded while her cheeks puffed out and she walked away dragging the man by his torn collar. Kenpachi on the other was checking out Kukaku's swaying hips and ass and whistled.

"Is it just me or are your skirts getting tighter?" He asked and Kukaku's entire face turned scarlet and steam was coming out of her ears. It took all her will power not to punch the man dead in the face but if she did that, she'd only be hurting her own hand if not breaking it since his skin is tougher than steel.

In Naruto's Mindscape

Engetsu was floating in the midnight sky staring at the moon. "So when do you plan on revealing yourself to the boy?" Engetsu asked as he kept staring at the moon and that was when a pair of red slit eyes appeared behind him.

"Soon but right now he's too impatient to know my name let alone meet me. Once he learns to balance himself out I will appear before him but for now he's not ready." The deep and powerful voice said and Engetsu nods.

"I agree but he does have a lot of potential to become even greater than our former wielders with us by his side." Engetsu states.

"Indeed he does but until then train him well Engetsu." The voice says and the eyes fade away into the night.

"And Train him I shall… Kyuubi." Engetsu replies.

Two Year Timeskip

Underground Training Camp

The sound of a sword cutting through flesh was heard in the training area and a creature with a hole in its torso and was wearing a white skeletal-like mask howled in pain and dissolve as it was sliced diagonally by a blade. When it collapsed, a 14 year old blonde had Engetsu drawn and leapt onto the ground. He was 5'6 and was wearing a dark blue sleeveless muscle shirt with a pair of black pants that had a silver line going down and wore a silver belt around the waist and wore ANBU like sandals. He also wore a pair of black fingerless gloves with metal plating on them.

His hair was shoulder length and it was wild and spiky with jaw length bangs on the sides. His eyes were deep blue with slit pupils and a pair of canines jutted from his upper lip. His face and body was derived of baby fat and he had the physique of a trained fighter but his speed and strength were well balanced so in other words he was ripped.

Strapped to his belt was the sheath of Engetsu while Ryujin Jakka was strapped to his back. He was Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. Ever since he learned the Shikai of Engetsu he'd always ask his partner for advice when he was training with the blade. Apparently Engetsu got along better with Naruto than he did Isshin since Naruto started to become calmer and less hot headed than he was two years ago.

Blood was dripping down his blade and Naruto flicked it off and sheathed his sword. That was when some black portals formed around him and more of the masked creatures that were called hollows were coming out and growling at Naruto.

Said blonde smirked as he saw the soul eater make their way towards him and appeared to be salivating as they set their hungry gaze on Naruto. "Well would you look at this? I appear to be out numbered." He said to himself as he mentally counted how many hollows there were. "A total of ten eh? No problem." He said.

The blonde suddenly shunpos in front of the face of a surprised hollow and grins. He rears his right fist back and strikes the creature dead in his skull face. Cracks form and spread across the Hollow's face and it falls backwards and crashes into the ground before dissolving.

Naruto remained hovering in the air and then turns his attention to the other 9 Hollows with the same grin on his face. "Next." He says and shunpos away again and cuts down two more Hollows that dissolve away. One Hollow charges at Naruto who had his back turned but the blonde just points his index finger at the beast and it glows blue. He suddenly fires a powerful lightning bolt from his finger tips and the bolt hits the Hollow in the middle of its head and goes through it, leaving a smoking hole in its cranium and it dissolves. "Hado no Yon: Byakurai." Naruto says while a large fist descends towards his body.

Naruto vanished as the fist misses and appears above the hollow that tried to strike him from behind with his right leg up. He descends towards the hollows head and delivers an axe kick to the creature's skull and it crashes head first into the ground. He holds palm out and aims it at the down Hollow. A sphere of red energy forms in his palm. "Hado no Sanjuichi: Shakkaho." He fires the crimson energy at the down hollow and an explosion is caused.

"Tch, this is boring." He said and set his gaze on the remaining four. He places his left hand on the sheath of Engetsu. He uses his thumb to push the guard up a little and he suddenly vanishes and appears behind the remaining Hollows with his sword halfway drawn and slowly sheathes it again. Blood shoots out in every different direction from the hollow's bodies and they all fall to pieces before dissolving. Naruto slowly lands back on the ground and brushes his hair back.

"So much for a decent morning exercise." He mumbled as he walked over to a rock texture and takes Ryujin Jakka off his back and places it to the side. He picks up a dark green jacket and puts it on but leaves it open and then grabs a green and white stripped Bucket Hat and places it on his head and then straps Ryujin Jakka back on.

"Well we can't have you going to your final day in the academy Now can we Naru-chan?" Said a voice behind him and Naruto turns his head to see his mother sitting on a tree branch eye smiling.

Naruto sighs and speaks up. "When are you gonna shop calling me that Kaa-san?" Naruto groaned since the name in his opinion was annoying and embarrassing especially when she says it in front of others like Hinata, Makoto, and Yakumo. Said Shunpo expert hops off the branch and lands down on the ground with a Cheshire cat grin on her face.

"Once you graduate mister soon to be Rookie of the Year." She said and the blonde groaned as she said that.

"Now then you need to head to the academy and get your headband. We'll be there to greet you shortly. Once I can get that crazy inventor out of that damn lab." Yoruichi said and mumbled the last part while Naruto chuckles and Shunpos out of the training camp.


"I don't see why you continue to bring us to your classes Naruto." Engetsu stated as the blonde walked into the hallways, heading to his homeroom.

"I must agree with Engetsu gaki. Why bring us to this god awful place where all your instructor does is talk about boring lectures all day? And let's not forget about that annoying Uchiha who keeps demanding to know where you got us?" Asked Ryujin Jakka. Even though Naruto didn't know the name of his second Zanpakuto yet, it still gave him sagely advice and helped him in how to perform certain things the right way and how to improve in the areas he's weak in.

"Now don't be like that you two. You're both my Zanpakuto meaning we are bonded for life since you guys are apart of my inner self. That and I like using you two to intimidate some of the idiots in the academy and village." Naruto answered while the two chuckle. Naruto finds the door to his homeroom and opens up the door only to get glomped by a black blur who happened to be none other than Makoto Uchiha.

She was now 5'2 and her hair was tied into a high pony tail while two bangs fell down over the sides of her face. She was wearing a black sleeveless tank top that hugged her body which was toned like a Kunoichi's from training so much and wore a pair of black gloves and a dark grey skirt with biker shorts under them along with a pair of black sandals.

"Hey Naruto-kun." She said with a pretty blush on her face while said blonde smirks. "I see you're still wearing that old bucket hat."

"Hey now don't insult the hat my old man gave this to me. At least it can fit my head." He said while she released him and eye smiled.

"How is it that you can get that hat on that bird nest you call a head anyway?" She asked humorously while they walked to their seats where Hinata was waiting for them (she's wearing her shippuuden outfit but her hair is tied back).

Naruto on the other hand gave her a mock glare. "Hey now don't go insulting my hair style Makoto-chan. At least mine doesn't resemble the rear end of a ducks like your brothers does." He stated which made her giggle.

Said male Uchiha was sitting near a window in the third row brooding until he saw Naruto walking with his sister and sneered at the blonde but Naruto just ignored him which pissed Sasuke off even further. As the two got seated Naruto said in the middle of Makoto and Hinata and the Hyuga Heiress suddenly took Naruto's hat and placed it on her head.

Naruto blinked in surprise when she did that. "Hey Hinata-chan get your own hat." Naruto whined while she giggled.

"But I like this hat Naruto-kun." She said while the blonde rolled his eyes. This was something he got use to while they were in the academy. Hinata would normally take his hat and wear it until they either had breaks or until the classes were. It was also a habit Hanabi picked up because whenever Naruto went to visit Hinata at the Hyuga estate. His hat would always disappear off his head and end up on Hanabi's and the blonde would always wonder how someone so small could get her hands on his hat so quickly and he wouldn't notice which was shocking for him because his senses were beyond even that of an Inuzuka's.

Even now he still pondered on how she pulled it off. "Say Hinata." Naruto says getting the girl's attention.

"Yes?" She asked.

"How is it that your Imouto manages to get her hands on my hat without me noticing?" He asked while the heiress blinked a couple of times and thought about it for a few minutes but then frowns.

"To be perfectly honest…. I don't know." She said rubbing the back of her head while Naruto sighs.

"So are you three ready to graduate and get out of this 'hell on earth' we call an academy?" He asked humorously while they giggled and nodded.

"Hopefully we won't have to listen to anymore of Iruka-sensei's hour long lectures." Said a voice next to Hinata which happened to belong to Yakumo Kurama. She had light brown hair that stopped to her waist and golden brown eyes. One of the bangs on the side of her head were braided and had red flower on it. She was wearing a red battle Kunoichi outfit with a mesh shirt under it and black sandals with black skin tight shorts and holding the outfit together was a purple obi sash.

"Hey Yakumo-chan. " Naruto greeted and the girl eye smiled and waved back.

"Still wearing that old hat I see Naruto-kun." she said and his shoulders slumped.

"Why is everyone always commenting on my hat? It is that ugly?" He muttered to himself while the three giggled.

Afterwards, Iruka and his assistant Mizuki entered the class room and said white haired chunin had a look of anger and hatred in his eyes especially when he set his gaze on Naruto. Naruto saw this and narrowed his eyes dangerously at the chunin and released a small burst of KI on the man who recoiled but regained his posture when it died off.

"Who does that teme think he's trying to intimidate? My uncle's gaze makes his look like a newborn kitten." Naruto thought and knew Mizuki was one of the 'Kyuubi Haters' but never tried anything to ruin the blonde's academics in fear that the new Hokage as well as his family would crush the insignificant man should he make an attempt to.

But I better keep an eye on this guy. He looks like he's up to something." Naruto thought since his mother trained him in human psychology and how to read a person's emotions, actions, and body language and Mizuki looked like he wanted to gut Naruto like a fish. As if he could.

Skipping other students exam

Makoto was the last person to exit the door where the exam was being held and she had a grin on her face as she walked out wearing her new leaf headband and back to her seat. "Wow you got your headband. Congratulations Makoto-chan." Naruto replied and she smiled at the praise he gave her. "Thanks though the test was easy in my opinion." She said.

"Naruto Uzumaki, you're next." The scarred chunin said. Naruto nods and gets out of his seat but removes his hat and places it on Hinata's head and makes his way down stairs and towards the test room.

While in the room Iruka instructs Naruto to perform the Henge, Kawarimi, and then Iruka informs him to perform the clone jutsu and that's when Naruto speaks up. "Hey sensei, does it have to be a regular bunshin or can it be the different variations?" Naruto asked the chunin who blinks a couple of times.

"I don't see why not since the rules don't state what type of clone you need to create in order to pass so go ahead Naruto." Iruka instructed and the blonde nods and does a criss cross seal.

"Okay then Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique)." He said and in a puff of smoke 7 solid clones of Naruto appeared behind him leaving the two chunin shocked and stumped.

"H-How? The Kage Bunshin is a forbidden clone jutsu? How did you do that and not feel any fatigue?" Iruka asked Naruto.

"Simple sensei. The regular bunshin required excellent chakra control and due to my unnatural high level reserves, I can't perform the technique properly so my godfather taught me the Kage Bunshin technique though I can use two more variations of said technique but I didn't have the required elements on the room." Naruto explained.

"I see. Well then congratulations Naruto you pass and since you are the Rookie of the Year you get the Rookie of the Year head band that only a select few ninja in the academy have ever received." Iruka said and pulls out a black case and opens it, revealing a Black Leaf Headband with a metal plate that has the leaf as well as the Kanji Fire engraved onto it.

"Thanks Iruka-sensei." Naruto says while the man smiles and nods. He may have hated Kyuubi for taking away his parents but unlike most of the village, he didn't see Naruto as the fox. Mizuki on the other hand was fuming that the boy managed to pass and realized he'd have to get someone else to help him in his little plan.

Naruto walked out of the exam room with a smirk on his face and everyone gasped when they saw he was wearing the Rookie of the Year headband. Sasuke on the other hand was pissed that the clan less nobody had what should rightfully be his and he glared at the blonde with all the hate he could muster while Hinata, Yakumo, and Makoto congratulated Naruto.

After graduation, Naruto walked out with his friends to be greeted by their parents, who all awaited the good news of seeing their sons, and daughters become the future of the Leaf. Among them were Naruto's adopted family, who knew the blonde would pass the graduation exam without question, and the four had smiles on their faces.

As Naruto made his way towards them he suddenly found himself in a one armed headlock by non other than a grinning Kukaku who pulled his hat off and started to give him a noogie. "Way to go Mister Rookie of the Year, I'm so proud of you." She said while said blonde was inwardly groaning and looking at Yoruichi, Kenpachi, and Kisuke to help him but they snickered.

"And now that you're officially an adult, you can do things adults can do like getting hammered until you pass out." Kenpachi said grinning like a madman as was Kukaku while Kisuke and Yoruichi sweat drop.

"That's fun and all you guys but I think I'll pass on that since you two are more than capable of getting hammered for all five of us especially after what happened the last time you two got dead drunk." Naruto stated making Kukaku blush scarlet and Kenpachi to have a shark like grin on his face.

"Oh I'll never forget that day. That was the best sake party I've had in a long time especially when it was over and your aunt showed me a side of her I'll never forget." He said wrapping an arm around the scarlet woman who now had steam coming out of her ears.

"Thank kami pops taught me how to create sound barriers around my room. He mentioned something about Oba-san here crying out to the heavens all night and Uncle Kenpachi being a monster in bed." Naruto said and the female Shiba was glowing red while Kenpachi laughed out loud.

Kisuke chuckles and tilts his hat up, noticing that Hinata was being congratulated by her parents and Hanabi was practically bouncing around her sister saying how lucky she was to be a ninja. Makoto and Sasuke were being congratulated by their mother and Itachi was currently ruffling his little sister's hair much to the girl's displeasure. Sasuke glanced at Naruto and his family once again and frowns. Itachi notices this and inwardly sighs wondering why Sasuke can't just let things go and stop antagonizing the young blonde.

That was when Mizuki approached the four and spoke up. "Excuse me Mikoto-sama? May I please borrow your youngest son for a few seconds?" the Chunin asked and Mikoto blinks for a few seconds and nods.

Sasuke was confused also but shrugs and follows the man to a corner. "So what do you want?" Sasuke asked the white haired chunin who smirks.

"Just wanted to know if you were interested doing a special test that would improve your clan's reputation more as well as proving to the Uzumaki kid that you're better than him despite his status as rookie of the year?" Mizuki asked the boy who raised an eyebrow and had a look of interest on his face.

"What kind of test?" The Uchiha asked and Mizuki's smile grew.

"Oh Just a test only the Elite get to handle. Elites like your self but before I get to that, would you like to know a secret about Naruto over there and why some of the people in the village don't seem to like him?" He asked and Sasuke nods because he wanted more than anything to put the blonde freak in his place which was under his foot.

Right now Naruto's family as well as Hinata's were talking to each other while and Hinata just stood there and listened Naruto looked around and turned his attention to Mizuki who was talking to Sasuke and saw the Uchiha's eyes widen but then narrow and glares at Naruto from the corner of his eye getting a raised eyebrow from the blonde and also saw Mizuki grinning like he won the lottery.

Sasuke smirks back at Mizuki and shakes the man's head and nods. Now Naruto was wondering what the two were planning.

"Hey Naruto! Come on we're gonna go celebrate at the house with sake!" Kukaku yelled and Naruto sighs and heads back to meet his parents.

Night Time

Sasuke Uchiha was heading into the forest smiling. Why do you ask? Because he managed to sneak into the Hokage Tower and steal the Forbidden Scroll that contained powerful and dangerous techniques without even getting noticed. "Once I get this scroll to Mizuki and get the jutsu in it my clan's reputation will go beyond even the Yondaime's and prove that I'm better than that freak who calls himself human." The prick said.

"Is that so?" A familiar voice replied and Sasuke stopped and looked around until Naruto appeared in front of the Uchiha who had his arms folded. "You must be very brave or very stupid to steal one of the most treasured possessions in the village Sasuke."

Sasuke scowls and sets the scroll down. "Get out of my way demon. I've been given a mission that only the elite can do and no freak of nature will get in my way." He said as he wasn't gonna be denied his path to greatness by some orphan. Naruto on the other hand narrowed his eyes at the prick.

"What did you just call me?" Naruto asked dangerously while Sasuke had the nerve and gall to smirk.

"What? Surprised that I know about your little secret Naruto or should I say… Kyuubi?" Sasuke said with a grin on his face and Naruto's eyes were now as cold as ice. "Mizuki told me about how you're responsible for attacking the village and killing the Yondaime." He said and pulled out two Kunai.

"So I think I'll do the village a favor and kill you monster." He said and charged at Naruto with a sick smile on his face. Naruto on the other hand vanished shocking Sasuke and the next thing the Uchiha knew, he was struck in the torso buy a powerful kick and was sent flying into a tree and slides down it.

"You really are stupid Uchiha." Naruto said in a cold tone while Sasuke struggled to get up. "You just broke a high class law that is punishable by death and by all rights I should kill you." He said and Sasuke's eyes widen as he saw Naruto slowly draw his sword but then stops midway and smiles. "Actually I don't think that will be necessary since your brother looks like he wants to do the deed for me." Naruto finished which confused Sasuke until a shadow loomed over him and said Uchiha had a look of fear and dread on his face.

He slowly turned his head to the right only to see Itachi's looming form look down at him and his Sharingan eyes were glowing red. "Hello little brother." Itachi said in a cold and dark tone while the runt of the family shivered in fear as he saw the soul piercing gaze his older brother gave him. "You have no idea how much trouble you're in you fool." Said clan head grabbed Sasuke by his collar, lifted him up and punched Sasuke with so much force that said boy was knocked out instantly.

"Naruto-san can you deal with the other traitor? I already informed the Godaime about the scroll being stolen and she has sent ninja to search for Mizuki and the scroll." Itachi asked and Naruto nods.

"Sure thing and I'll your brother's fate in your hands." Naruto said as he handed Itachi the forbidden scroll and the Ichiha nods.

"Very well and as for my little brother… he's gonna be having a little one on one session with me and he'll be lucky that he doesn't get sent to jail or worse banished from the clan for his insolence." He replies and then shunshins away with Sasuke and the scroll so that he can deliver it to the Godaime.

Naruto whistles and tilts his hat down. "I'd say I feel sorry for the teme but then I'd be lying. Now it's time to take down the traitor." Naruto says and Shunpos into the forest.

Mizuki smiled evilly at his brilliant achievement in fooling that Uchiha into taking the Forbidden Scroll of Sealing, as he just lied to the brat about it being a top secret exam, and given to only those with the greatest kind of potential in being a Shinobi of the Leaf. Said raven haired boy was giddy with when he said that and how the kid followed the notion without question.

"Hello Mizuki-teme!" said Naruto from behind the so called teacher and scaring the man right out of his hiding spot. Naruto chuckles and tilts his hat up.

"You! What are you doing here demon brat?" said Mizuki, as he saw Naruto grinning at him, and knew it wasn't a good thing that the boy was here.

"Funny. I was actually wondering the same thing about you. As it turns out, your little errand boy got caught not too long ago by me and his brother. You know Itachi Uchiha right? said Naruto, as he saw Mizuki look at him in surprise, then leap from the trees to the grass, and tried to make a break for it before Naruto appeared in front of the traitor.

Within moments, several Shinobi surrounded them, and their weapons were drawn.

"So the big bad demon is actually using his brain for once? Perhaps you'd also know why you are hated by everyone in the village? Why these Shinobi would sooner attack you and let me go free while they become the heroes of the Leaf for ending your miserable existence" said Mizuki, as he knew several of these Shinobi, and knew they hated Naruto for what he held.

"If you're referring to the Kyuubi, then yes I do know of him, but sadly the fox is no longer apart of me." said Naruto, as he saw Mizuki frown at him, and so did the other Shinobi too since they didn't understand what the boy was talking about.

"Don't try to hide it. You are Kyuubi! You attacked the Leaf twelve years ago and now you are going to die!" said Mizuki, as he saw the Leaf Shinobi around him look at the blonde, and grinned at how this worked out for him.

"Oh really?" said Naruto, as he look around to see the Leaf Shinobi around him were now all getting ready to fight him, instead of going after Mizuki, and sighed at this new turn of events.

"Yes really! That bitch maybe Hokage, but she will never be able to remove the village's desire to spill your blood demon! Even if she has the backing of those four freaks that are your adopted family, the village will never care about you and will see to it that your life ends one way or another at their hands!" said Mizuki, as he pulled out a kunai, and was pleased that this situation was in his favor.

"You maybe right but I could care less." Naruto said and pulls the sheathed Ryijun Jakka of his back and the Ninja were now on edge. "And if they want to make an attempt to end my life then they can go ahead and try but just like the other fools who have tried." Naruto vanishes once again and several flashes of silver appeared in different directions surprising the ninja and Naruto appeared behind the group with Ryujin Jakka halfway drawn and slowly sheathes it. "They will fall before my blade." He said coldly and fully sheathes his sword and blood shoots out of the traitor's body and they fall to the ground dead. Mizuki on the other hand manages to substitute himself with a log but he was clutching his bleeding arm.

"Damn you demon! I'll kill you if it's the last thing I do!" He said as he pulls out a capsule filled with a purple substance and drinks it up. He suddenly fell on all fours and his body started to transform. His body grew and started to turn grey. As he morphed rows of gagged like teeth formed in his mouth, his eyes turned yellow with black patches around them and his chunin vest and shirt started to stretch but then it ripped apart as did his sandals while his torn pants remained.

Mizuki was now big, bulky, and grey and was salivating at the mouth as he stared down at Naruto with hunger in his eyes (If you're all wondering Mizuki is the same height as Yammy is from bleach).

"So what do you think demon? This is the form I'll use to kill you and remove your taint from the world." The now demonic Mizuki says while Naruto just looks at him.

"You look like something from a horror movie." He said which caused Mizuki to snarl and raise his giant arm.

"Die demon!" He roared and brought his fist down on Naruto's form. Naruto vanishes while the traitor's fist slams into the ground and creates a giant crater. Naruto appears behind Mizuki with a grin on his face.

"You missed traitor." He said and the man's head turns. He snarls and tries again only for Naruto to vanish again and miss. For the next 10 minutes Mizuki creates a path of destruction in the forest and Naruto just dodges his attacks.

"Graahhhh! Come and face me demon or else I'll go pay a visit to those three girls you care about so much and have some fun with them especially the Hyuga slut!" He roared out but then he cried out in agony due to the fact that his right arm was lopped off and blood sprayed out of his stump of an arm. Naruto was now standing on thin air with a pissed off expression on his face.

"Consider those words your last traitor. Bakudo no Rokujuuichi: Rokujokoro" Naruto says pointing his index finger at Mizuki. A flash of yellow emit from his finger tips and six thin, wide beams of light that slam into mizuki's mid section.

"Gah! I-I can't move! What did you do to me demon brat?" Mizuki roared, struggling to escape from the beams of light that kept him from moving.

"Perhaps now I can be of some assistance to you Naruto." Said Ryujin Jakka that was glowing a reddish orange color. Said blonde blinks and looks at the glowing sword. Now is not the time for questions. You have earned the right to now use me since you balanced yourself out both physically, mentally, and spiritually. Now repeat these words and call out my name." The deep voice says and Naruto nods.

Fiery colored spirit energy flares out of Naruto's body and the air around him appears to be heating up. "Now you're screwed Mizuki." Naruto says as the flaming aura grows. "Reduce All Creation into Ash, Ryujin Jakka!" As he said the incantation and the name of his second Zanpakuto, a large blazing firestorm erupted out of nowhere and roars to life behind Naruto. Mizuki's eyes widened in awe and disbelief as he saw the pariah of Konoha summon a large wall of fire out of nowhere.

'Incredible. So this is your Shikai Ryujin Jakka? I can practically feel the heat from your flames.' The blonde thought.

"Yes Naruto this is my Shikai. As you know I am the he oldest and most powerful of any other Zanpakuto. My very shikai was strong enough to even make captain class shinigami fear me. My flames are not ordinary either. The heat alone is powerful enough to scorch even the heavens and incinerate all in its path." He explained while Naruto's eyes widened.

"Do not worry though. My flames will only harm those that are your targets and will protect those whom you cherish. Now then incinerate this vile creature and give him a reason why your will of fire is so strong… my former vessel." He finishes and Naruto eyes widened even more and looked at the flame covered blade.

"Kyuubi?" Was all he got to say as he heard Mizuki roar and thrash around like a mad dog. "Oh I forgot about you Mizuki-teme. Now then I hope you like hell because that's gonna be your permanent vacation spot." He says and swings the blade downwards and a large wave of fire descends towards Mizuki who's eyes widened in fear an disbelief. That last thing Naruto heard from the traitor was his wailing screams as the flames devoured him but they soon died off in no less than a few minutes.

Naruto lands on the ground as the flames surrounded him and as he sheathes his weapon the flames return into the blade and dissipate. Naruto looks around the forest to see it was slightly charred and grins a little. "I guess I need to work on my control a little more." He said and then Shunpos away to inform his godmother about the traitors death.

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