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Don't go!

移動しないでください!(Idō shinaide!)

Naruto went towards the buried hut, screaming Sasuke's name without stop. Besides the rain's sound, he could not hear anything.

"No, Sasuke... No..." the blond moaned, lifting his hands to his face in despair. "Where are you?"

Nothing. Not even a faint cry.

Naruto took a deep breath, trying to control himself and think.

"Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" he cried, gathering up as many clones as he could. The original and clones immediately began to dig the mud.

Naruto excavated, removed pieces of wood, stones and mud without stopping for what seemed like hours. His hands were scratched and filled with cuts, but he continued ignoring the pain.

"Please, Sasuke ... Don't be dead! It's all my fault, don't die... please..."

Naruto's clones were not having better luck. They were all removing the rubble without rest, but found nothing. Naruto felt increasingly desperate as the minutes passed. He didn't want to find a corpse, anything but that...

One of the clones had just removed a tree stump when he thought he heard something. At first, he thought it was just his mind playing tricks on him, but realized that the sound was real.

"Quiet!" he cried to all the others. Everyone was sent back to silence, the original rose in anticipation.

Clone stood again to listen. First he heard nothing but finally managed to hear something like a groan beneath the rubble.

"There's something here!"

The original ran faster than any clone and arrived at the scene. Several clones helped him to raise the huge wooden plank. The wailing sound was getting closer.

"Quick!" the original ordered. "Help me with this!"

They all raised the piece of wood and thrown it away. Naruto looked down and almost fainted. Sasuke had been protected by the planks that had formed a sort of box around him, protecting him from dying stuffy or crushed. The baby was crying almost hoarse, he was wet and dirty, but didn't appear injured.

Naruto dispelled the jutsu and fell on his knees, grabbing Sasuke against him.

"Sasuke... Sasuke… What a relief..." Naruto muttered, cradling the baby against his chest. "I'm so glad you're alive… I'm sorry. I'm so sorry!"

Sasuke gradually stopped crying. He had been so afraid! He cried but nobody had come. He thought he would die there, all alone in the dark... But his father had come! He was here, he had returned and Sasuke knew it was going to be okay now. The infant clung to Naruto´s sweater with all his might, afraid that his father would leave him again.

Naruto took off his coat and wrapped it around Sasuke. The boy was cold and trembling, he had to take him to a doctor. But for now, Naruto merely held Sasuke.

"Sorry, Sasuke. I'm so sorry... It was all my fault, forgive me..."

Sasuke couldn't understand what Naruto had said, he just felt happy that he was there. His father was so warm and strong. Sasuke liked him so much... the baby curled up against Naruto, enjoying all the love that radiated from his father, feeling safe and happy.

"Papa..." the boy stammered. Now that he was safe, Sasuke managed to finally fall asleep.

Naruto had tears running down his dirty face. He hated himself for having left Sasuke alone, he could have died!

Still crying, Naruto began to run towards the village's hospital.

Three days later

Sasuke had a slight fever after having been saved from the rubble. There was nothing serious and the doctor and nurses thought it was a miracle he had survive just with the flu after a cabin and many tons of wood, mud and rocks had fallen upon him.

Naruto had both hands completely covered in bandages. Most cuts and grazes had healed, but the fingers, which had been raw and his nails which had separated from the flesh, would take some time to heal. Naruto didn't care about the pain; the guilt he felt was harder to heal.

After entering the hospital, Naruto asked the nurse if he could visit Sasuke. The nurse was a middle-aged friendly woman who was always delighted to see him. It was rare for a young man to care so much about a baby; most teens would rather be having fun with their friends or flirting with girls.

"He's much better today," the nurse said kindly. "I'm sure the doctor will discharge him tonight."

"Good..." Naruto said.

Sasuke had been in a nursery with two other babies, in a room with six cribs. The mothers of the two other babies had already left, so Naruto was alone. Sasuke was in the crib next to the window.

"You can stay as long as you want" the nurse said. "If you need anything, just call," and left the nursery, closing the door behind her.

Naruto moved to Sasuke's crib and sat in a chair beside him. The little boy slept peacefully, lying face down with his thumb in his mouth.

"Hello..." Naruto murmured softly not to wake the babies. "They told me you're better..."

Sasuke continued to sleep. Naruto looked at his wounded hands and rubbed them against each other.

"I think I better say this now while I have the courage... please forgive me ... Sasuke. Forgive me! I abandoned you... I was a coward. I ran away from you and you almost died because of that, it was all my fault...

You don't remember but we were great friends. At least for me, you were my best friend. You were so strong and cool! I wanted to be just like you. And I want you to know, you bastard... I never hated you for leaving. Never, not once.

These last months... well, I liked being with you. You are so smart and cute that I'm sure you'll become a fine young man. I hope this time you may grow up happy, Sasuke. I want you to be happy, make friends...you don't need many, as long as they are true friends. You gotta be more careful this time; I don't want you to hurt yourself. Do not eat many strawberries because you're allergic. Be careful with girls, they won't leave you alone in a few years. Study hard and follow your dreams. And don't give up no matter what happens..."

Naruto stood up and stroke the baby's black hair.

"I can't stay with you... I can't. You need a family… a real family with a mother and a father. You need brothers to play with and a nice house, maybe a dog or a cat...

I met a family who wants to have a third child. The mother is very nice and beautiful, you'll like her... the father is also very cool and loves his children and wife, their two children are twins and they also want a little brother to play with. They all have black hair and black eyes like you, so you definitely won't feel different. They live in a big house with a garden; they even have a tree house, isn't that great? "

Sasuke woke up. Naruto stood watching him open his eyes slowly and yawning. When the baby finally noticed Naruto he looked at him with his big sleepy eyes.

"This Land is very far away from the ninja world... Probably the inhabitants don't even know what a ninja is. On one side is a waste, you were such a gifted shinobi... but maybe it's better this way. You can live in peace without the need to fight against anybody. "

Sasuke began to laugh and raised his arms. Naruto grabbed him and sat in the chair. The baby's arms were around his neck and Naruto patted his back, feeling the weight of separation.

"Will you remember me? Probably not... But I want you to know that I'll never forget you, Sasuke. Never..."

Sasuke, oblivious about what Naruto was saying, merely rested his head against Naruto's blond hair. The baby went back to sleep smiling.

During sunset, Naruto was already at the gate of the Minamoto house. The family that he had observed and studied during the last three days had gone to a picnic and would be home soon.

When they arrived, they would find Sasuke.

Naruto went through the gate and went down the terrace towards the doorstep. He could smell the flowers that Mrs. Minamoto so carefully planted in the garden surrounding the house and in the flowerbeds along the windows.

Sasuke was asleep, wrapped in a blanket. As Naruto approached the door he realized what he was about to do.

"I'm doing what's right for Sasuke" he said to himself. "He is not safe with me; I'm not what he needs. What matters is that Sasuke is happy."

The doorstep was right in front of him. Naruto looked at Sasuke's sleeping face of and hugged him, knowing that it was the last time he would see him. The tears began running down his cheeks, falling on the baby's red blanket.

"Goodbye, Sasuke..."

Before cowing, Naruto landed Sasuke on the doorstep and walked off with his head down, repressing a cry.

Sasuke finally awoke. He didn't recognize the place where he was and could only see a huge door and the sky getting dark. With some difficulty, he unraveled the blanket and sat down, looking from side to side. Feeling alone again, the baby almost started crying until he saw Naruto's unmistakable blonde hair moving away.

"Daahh... Gaah! Daaah! "the boy exclaimed, stretching his hands towards Naruto, but the latter continued to move away.

Sasuke wanted to go to his father. When trying to go down the doorstep, the baby ended up face down, lifting his head and chest with his arms outstretched. Sasuke wanted to move and go to his father that continued to move away. Perhaps it was a game; if he got to him, his papa would be happy and proud of Sasuke.

Straining the knees, the baby stood on all fours. After that, his right hand stretched forward, the left hand stretched further and, instinctively, he pulled his right knee and moved forward with his right hand... he was moving.

Naruto continued to walk, unable to stop the tears from falling. He still felt the warmth from Sasuke's small body, but the decision had been made. He couldn't...


Naruto stopped suddenly. Could have sworn he had heard...


With wide eyes, Naruto turned back. Sasuke had woken up and left the blanket... crawling towards Naruto.

Sasuke was crawling!

The baby smiled at Naruto, glad for getting his attention. Even more determined, Sasuke continued to move forward.

"Sasuke... you..." Naruto murmured, while Sasuke keep crawling towards him. "Stop! Don't make this more difficult than it already is..."

But Sasuke continued to crawl.

"Pa... pa... Papa..." the baby said, stretching out his right arm, asking him to come to him.

Naruto retreated several steps, shaking his head as if to reject what Sasuke wanted from him. Sasuke's expression changed, the baby was surprised and confused. He could not understand why Naruto was moving away.


Naruto turned and began running towards the gate.

Seeing that Naruto was running away from him, Sasuke still stretched his arm harder in a futile attempt to reach him. Sasuke continued to crawl, but Naruto was getting farther away.

He was going way... His father was leaving him! He was leaving him and would never return.

"PAPA!" Sasuke shouted, now with tears running down his blushed cheeks. "PAPA! PAPA! "

Naruto could not ignore the screams and turned around. Sasuke's eyes were filled with tears and he still continued to crawl towards him.

The baby could hardly breathe amid the sobs of despair, the hurt evident in his eyes.


"Go back... please Sasuke. Go back... I..."

But Sasuke moved forward. He was tired, his arms and legs hurt but he didn't stop.

"Don't go. Please don't go!"

Naruto took a step back, shaking his head. Sasuke tried to crawl faster, but slipped and fell to the ground. He tried to get up, but his arms would not obey him. He didn't take his eyes off Naruto the whole time.

"Don't leave me..."

Naruto turned his back and took a step forward. Sasuke lowered his head and huddled against the floor crying desperately, heartbroken.

Naruto stopped and clenched his fists tightly. After turning around he observed the child crying.

Without thinking, he took a step towards Sasuke. Then another. And another... When he realized, was already a meager two meters from the baby.

"Sasuke..." he murmured softly.

The baby opened his eyes and looked up in disbelief, still sobbing and sniffing but the crying stopped. Naruto let himself fall on his knees and Sasuke continued to stare into his eyes, tears still running down on both their faces. Finally, Naruto held out his arms.

Sasuke merely looked at the arms, fearing it was a lie. But Naruto continued with arms outstretched, welcoming him. Slowly, Sasuke gathered strength in his arms and legs to be on all fours.

More confident, Sasuke crawled in his direction. The sun had set and the sky had acquired a shade of blue and pink, the stars shining in the sky.

Sasuke crawled into Naruto's arms and they hugged in the dusk, fitting as two pieces of a puzzle.

Naruto leaned his head against Sasuke's face and two tears fell on the baby's black hair.

This time, Naruto felt the seal forming underneath the sweater and noticed the chakra wire coming out of his body only to be absorbed by Sasuke. With one hand, he pulled Sasuke's shirt up, revealing his back. The symbol of the Dark Phoenix gradually appeared.

With the other hand, Naruto picked up the red kunai from his pocket. The chakra line that united their two hearts became immediately visible.

Sasuke leaned his head against Naruto's chest and closed his eyes; his two little hands clutched the blond's coat hard, smiling.

Naruto could not stop looking at the chakra line. It was so thin. A small cut with the kunai and everything would be over; it would be so easy...

Naruto raised his kunai in the air and brought it down with force...

...piercing his hand, which held Sasuke's back.

The blood ran down his hand and fingers, hot and sticky. Naruto watched the red liquid touch Sasuke's pale skin and running down his back.

The Black Phoenix turned red as blood and gave a faint glow. Naruto felt a shock from head to toes when his coat and shirt were opened suddenly, causing the small amount of chakra that he was donating Sasuke to became huge and explosive, passing to the baby with an alarming speed. Naruto's blood merged with the Phoenix's symbol, which stretched its wings gloriously before shrinking in it and be absorbed by the boy's skin. The blood quickly reached Sasuke's bone marrow where it multiplied.

Naruto's blood merged with Sasuke's, the baby's AB blood type received Naruto's B blood type and the Uzumaki's DNA was mixed with the Uchiha's.

Naruto held Sasuke against him as the jutsu was completed and his chakra and blood began to belong to the baby's body, making them true blood relatives. When it finished, Naruto felt the flow of chakra diminish and disappear. The seal of the Phoenix was gone on Sasuke's back along with both seals from their chests and the chakra line that united their hearts. They were no longer necessary since they had fulfilled its function.

Naruto was panting and tired, but when he looked at Sasuke he could not stop smiling. The baby opened his onyx eyes and looked curiously at Naruto, who let him grab his blond hair. Naruto could feel his son's heart beat in unison with his.

His son. Sasuke was his son.

"My son, he is my son!"

Sasuke placed his hands on his father's chest and smiled delightedly.

"Papa… Papa…"

"I am his father... I'm Sasuke's father. He is my child."

Naruto leaned his forehead against his son's forehead, causing Sasuke to giggle and grab a lock of his father's hair.

"I guess… I'm your Dad now, Sasuke" Naruto told him tenderly. "Oh God, what am I gonna do?"

Naruto wrote two letters, one to Gaara, not forgetting to thank him for all the work he had to learn the jutsu and for having kept his secret, and another to Tsunade.

Naruto told her everything that had happened and what he had decided to do. They still had to deal with some details, but the Hokage finally agreed with his plan. So, Naruto sent a frog to Konoha with Uchiha Sasuke's sword and Tsunade announced to the world that the last Uchiha was killed by his former teammate, Naruto Uzumaki.

Over time, people would eventually forget Sasuke's atrocities and continue with their lives. But Naruto couldn't return to Konoha and take the risk that people would found out the truth about his adopted son. As Sasuke grew up, ninjas, especially his friends and teachers would be suspicious. He didn't want Sasuke to grow up surrounded by the contempt and hatred that Naruto had lived during his childhood.

As painful as it was for Naruto, they would have to live out of the village for awhile, at least until things calmed down. So Tsunade announced that Uzumaki Naruto, the war hero and candidate for Hokage, would follow the example of his master Jiraiya and travel the world for an indefinite period of time.

The blond in question had just read the letter Tsunade wrote him after giving the "news" to his friends and teachers. Naruto felt guilty for worry them, but knew he had no other choice at the moment. When the time came, he would take his son home with him.

The baby was fast asleep on an old futon in a room of a motel that Naruto rented while taking all precautions on their future. The young ninja sighed deeply, yet was frightened by the responsibility that expected and the difficulties that would they would face… But when he saw Sasuke sleeping so peacefully, Naruto felt more relieved.

The young father lay down beside the baby and slept with his son in his arms.

In an icy prison in the Land of Iron, the samurai were running from one side to another. Two very dangerous prisoners had escaped from their cells, burst the prison wall and escaped. The snow covered up their footsteps and eventually the samurai couldn't get them.

After a year and two months in a High Security Prison in the Land of Iron, Suigetsu Hōzuki and Jūgo were free.

Apart from that war had begun and ended, they had no information about what had happened in the rest of the shinobi world. Sasuke and Karin had disappeared and never tried to free them.

There were rumors in jail about Sasuke being ahead of Akatsuki with Madara and that he was the only one to survive the war. About Karin they didn't heard anything, she might as well be dead.

Whatever happened to them, Suigetsu and Jūgo were arrested as terrorists while Sasuke Uchiha, the person who formed the team and that united them, left when they lost their usefulness.

Oh, no! They would not be passively waiting for the death sentence! They had the intention to know all that had passed since their "leader" had left them under the rubble. Sasuke Uchiha had a lot of explaining to do.

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