Willow was terrified in the lab at CRD.


"Malcolm," Willow whispered.

Fritz and the technician came to her and took her by the arms.

Moloch slowly approached. "This world is so new, so exciting. I can see all of it. Everything flows through me. I know the secrets of your kings. But nothing compares to having form again. To be able to walk." He put his hand on Fritz' head. "To touch." He snapped Fritz' neck. "To kill."

Willow watched Fritz' dead body fall. She looked back up at Moloch.

Outside, Buffy landed on the CRD side of a fence. Xander yelled as he fell after climbing over the top. Buffy helped him up.

"Back way?" Xander asked.

"Back way."

They headed for the rear entrance, Xander limping badly.

Buffy kicked a door open and walked in determinedly.

"Here they come," Moloch stated in the lab.

In the library, Ms. Calendar was lighting candles. "The first thing we have to do is form the circle of Kayless. Right?"

"Form a circle? But there's only two of us. That's really more of a line."

"You're not getting it, Rupert. We have to form the circle inside." She sat at the computer. "I'm putting out a flash. I just hope enough of my group responds."

"Won't Moloch just shut you down?"

"Well, I'm betting he won't figure out what we're doing until it's too late."

"Hoping and betting, that's what we've got."

"You wanna throw in praying? Be my guest."

At the lab in CRD.

"I don't understand. What do you want from me?" Willow asked.

"I want to give you the world."

"Why?" Willow asked suspiciously.

"You created me. I brought these humans together to build me a body. But you gave me life. Took me out of the book that held me. I want to repay you."

"By lying to me? By pretending to be a person? Pretending you loved me?"

"I do!"

In the lobby, Buffy and Xander walked up to the guard. He got up to stop them, but Buffy punched him out and continued on.

Xander noticed the guard's monitor. "Uh, Buffy!"

She came back to look. "It's her!"

"Yeah, who's the other guy?"

In the lab.

"Don't you see?" Moloch asked. "I can give you everything! I can control the world! Right now a man in Beijing is transferring money to a Swiss bank account for a contract on his mother's life. Good for him!"

In a hall, Buffy and Xander pushed doors open.

Buffy found the door to the lab and tried forcing it open. "I can't bust it. It's heavy steel."

"Then let's find another way in." He started toward the next set of doors when an alarm went off and red lights flashed. Xander jumped to the door to try it. It was locked. He went back. "What's goin' on?"

Buffy spied a security camera. "Building's security system is computerized."


A gas began to spray into the hall.

In the library.

"Almost there," Ms. Calendar stated.

Giles leaned closer to watch. "Couldn't you just stop Moloch by, by entering some computer virus?"

"You've seen way too many movies. Funny - 'cause you're stuck in the dark ages. Okay! We're up. You read, I type. Ready?"

"Uh, I am." Giles straightened up, text in hand. "By the power of the divine, by the essence of the word, I command you..."

In the hall at CRD, Buffy and Xander pounded on doors. Xander began coughing.

In the lab.

"Let me leave?" Willow asked.

"But I love you!"

"Don't say that! That's a joke! You don't love anything!"

"You are mine!"

"I'm not yours! I'm never gonna be yours! Never!"

Moloch lowered his head and considered for a moment while Willow just watched and waited. He raised his head again. "Pity."

In the library, Giles was still reading, Ms. Calendar typing.

"By the power of the circle of Kayless, I command you..." Giles glanced at her typing. "Kayless, with a 'K'."

In the hall of CRD, Xander slid down the wall to the floor, almost unconscious. Buffy was still weakly hitting the door.

In the lab, Moloch had Willow cornered. He reached up and put his hand on her head. "I'll miss you."

Willow screamed.

"Demon, come!" Giles barked in the library.

In the lab, Moloch screamed and lifted his arms in pain, letting go of Willow. He began to writhe.

"I command you!" Giles shouted.

Buffy came through the door to the lab with Xander close behind. She leapt into a jumping side kick, making a dull thud when she connected with Moloch's chest. He only staggered a bit, and she just fell to the floor.

"Ow... Guy's made of metal!"

The technician grabbed Xander from behind and pulled him away.

Buffy quickly got up and looked at Willow while Moloch continued to writhe in pain.

"No! I won't go back!" Moloch howled.

Buffy grabbed Willow's hand and they ran out of the lab.

"Demon, COME!" Giles bellowed.

Ms. Calendar wondered if he realized his voice was getting increasingly louder with each passage he read.

In the lab, Moloch continued to scream.

In the library, the computer sparked several times.

Ms. Calendar jumped. "Woah!"

In the lab, Xander pushed the technician back into a wall, turned around, and punched him out. He quickly followed the girls out. "Hey! I got to hit someone!"

Moloch fell to his knees.

In the library, wind was blowing heavily and the computer monitor was flashing.

Moloch screamed loudly in the lab.

In the library, Giles and Ms. Calendar watched the monitor flicker, squinting their eyes against the light as they did so.

In the lab, Moloch's screams died out.

In the library, the computer monitor stopped flashing. Smoke was coming out from the back of it.

"He's out of the 'Net. He's bound," Ms. Calendar stated.

Giles went over to the book, picked it up, and opened it to look. "He's not in the book."

Ms. Calendar got up and looked at it as well. "He's not in the book. Well, where is he?" She mentally kicked herself. Failure - what a way to impress someone.

In the lab, Moloch slowly raised his head.

In the hall, Buffy and Willow opened a set of doors and saw a guard and two technicians running toward them. They pushed the doors closed.

"Let's go this way!" Xander began to run the other way.

"Wait!" Buffy called after him.

Xander was still limping heavily. Suddenly, Moloch crashed through the wall between them. He looked at Xander and backhanded him in the face. Xander fell to the floor, unconscious. Moloch turned and advanced on the girls. He started to swing at Buffy, and she tried blocking the hit, but he didn't budge, just pushed her aside and into the wall. Buffy slid to the floor, a bit dazed.

Moloch was angry. "I was omnipotent. I was everything! Now I'm trapped in this shell!" He reached out to grab Buffy by the head.


Moloch turned to the voice, only to see that Willow was armed with a fire extinguisher.

"Remember me, your girlfriend?" She pounded the extinguisher into his chest hard enough to make him bend back. "Well, I think it's time we break up!" She hit him again even harder. "Or maybe we can still be friends!" She tried again for his face, but that time he grabbed the extinguisher from her and threw it down. He grabbed her and shoved her down the hall into Xander, who was just starting to get up. They both crashed to the floor. Buffy had recovered from her daze and got up to face Moloch. He turned his attention to her.

"This body's all I have left. But it's enough to crush you!" Moloch was confident.

Buffy looked around for a way to deal with him. She noticed a power junction box on the wall. She faced him again and eased her way in front of the box. "Take your best shot."

Moloch reared back for a punch and swung. Buffy ducked away, and he punched right into the electrical box. It shorted out, and Moloch was enveloped by high voltage electricity. Buffy ran over to Willow and Xander and crouched down to protect them. Moloch's circuitry overloaded, and his body exploded. His head landed right in front of them.

At school the next day, Ms. Calendar was standing at the desk of her classroom, typing on her computer. Giles entered, cleared his throat, and knocked on the open door. She turned to see who was there. She smiled.

"Well, look who's here! Welcome to my world." She crossed her arms. "You scared?" She teased.

"I'm remaining calm, thank you. Uh, I just wanted to, uh, return this." He held up a corkscrew earring. "I found it among the new books, and naturally I thought of you."

Ms. Calendar mocked surprise, "Me? Not Buffy or Willow? I'm so shocked!" She then took a flat tone, "Cool. Thanks." She took the earring.

"Uh, well, I'll, I'll see you anon." He began to leave.

"Can't get outta here fast enough, can you?" Ms. Calendar asked.

Giles came back in. "Truthfully, I'm even less anxious to be around computers than I used to be."

"Well, it was your book that started all the trouble this time, not a computer. Computer saved the day."

"Actually, Buffy tricking the robotic form into electrifying himself saved the day."

"Honestly, what is it about them that bothers you so much?"

"The smell."

Ms. Calendar gave him a look. "Computer's don't smell, Rupert."

"I know! Smell is the most powerful trigger to the memory there is. A certain flower or a, a whiff of smoke can bring up experiences...long forgotten. Books smell. Musty and, and, and, and rich. The knowledge gained from a computer, is, uh, it... it has no, no texture, no, no context. It's, it's there and then it's gone. If it's to last, then, then the getting of knowledge should be, uh, tangible, it should be, um... smelly."

"Well! You really are an old-fashioned boy, aren't you?"

"Well, I-I don't dangle a corkscrew from my ear."

Ms. Calendar smirked flirtatiously and replied mischievously, "That's not where I dangle it." She turned from him, leaving him standing with a bewildered expression. She walked past him with a smile.

Giles followed her with his gaze, puzzled yet intrigued.

Outside at the fountain, Xander and Buffy were trying to cheer Willow up.

"We gonna go to the Bronze tonight? We three?" Xander asked.

"It'll be fun!" Buffy added.

"Yeah, Willow, fun? Remember fun? That thing where you smile?" He smiled.

"Oh, I'm sorry guys. I'm just thinking about..."

"Malcolm?" Buffy asked knowingly.

"Malcolm, Moloch... whatever he's called. The one boy that's really liked me, and he's a demon robot. What does that say about me?" Willow asked.

"It doesn't say anything about you," Bufy told her.

"I mean, I thought I was really falling..."

Buffy interrupted, "Hey, did you forget? The one boy I've had the hots for since I've moved here turned out to be a vampire."

"Right, and the teacher I had a crush on? Giant praying mantis?" He smiled goofily.

"That's true." Willow smiled.

"Yeah, that's life on the Hellmouth," Xander stated.

"Even Giles and Ms. Calendar seem to be...tense around each other," Buffy replied. "Let's face it: none of us are ever gonna have a happy, normal relationship."

"We're doomed!" Xander exclaimed.

"Yeah!" Willow agreed.

They all laughed. Their laughter quickly became nervous and came to a stop. Only the fountain could be heard as they each considered their plight.