Hi there! Just a fic retelling the events of 'Lost in Nightmares' (epic title in my opinion =D) altered to my liking. This is a song fic but the song (Into The Nothing by Breaking Benjamin) won't come in 'til the last chapter.

The characters might be OOC but I did my best.

ChrisxJill ^^

Hope you enjoy.

"God, why does it always have to rain on missions like these?"

Jill Valentine shivered in the rain, which was soaking her blue BSAA jacket, as she followed her partner up a dirt trail. Lightning lit the path in front of her, just enough for her to see what lay ahead. A massive estate encompassed by forest was perched high on a cliff and stood in the darkness at the end of the path. Jill gulped quietly as she stared up at the behemoth building that lay before them. What nightmare lay ahead within the Spencer estate? Jill feared the worst.

Jill's fears were suddenly calmed somewhat when she saw her partner, Chris, glance back at her with a smile. She could've sworn she could feel her heart skip a beat everytime he looked at her like that. Hell, what did she have to fear? Chris would never let anything happen to her. She trusted him with not only her life but with her heart as well.

Unfortunately he didnt know he had her heart. Or so she thought.

Finally after the long walk, they reached the entrance to the castle-like building.

Chris ran forward and checked the door. Discovering it was locked Chris turned to Jill.

"You think can get this lock open?" Chris grinned at her, already knowing her answer.

Jill glanced at the lock for about a millisecond, before scoffing.

"Easy as cake. This will just take a second."

"Easy as cake? Well, considering you can't cook to save your life, I might as well sit down for a while." Chris grinned at his partner, narrowly dodging a sharp elbow to the stomach.

"Oh, shut the hell up, its not like you can do any better, Redfield!" Jill growled at him, offended by his remark about her cooking. "First he insults my cooking, then he insults my lockpicking ability!"

"Awh, Jilly, your cooking isnt all that bad! You just need to read the directions on the box more often instead of acting like you know what you're doing! And dont you worry, I've never doubted the Master of Unlocking's abilties and never will," Chris replied smiling at her again, almost as if he could read her thoughts like she was an open book.

Jill cringed at the old nickname. The Master of Unlocking. It was the cheesy title Barry had come up with her he had worked with her on the S.T.A.R.S. team.

"Gee, you make me feel so much better." Jill mumbled sarcastically.

"Awh, you know you love me!" Chris snickered, bending down to look at her from where she knelt examining the lock.

"More than you know. I just wish you felt the same..." Jill thought as she rolled her eyes at him playful. She was really hoping he couldn't see the fierce blush that had spead across her cheeks as that thought went through her head. For good measure, she pulled her hat down a little farther, hooding her sapphire eyes, letting out a small 'hmph' as she did so.

Chris stood back up, grinning down at her, shaking his head. Then, bringing two fingers to his ear, he pressed the button on his headset and began to speak.

"Chris to HQ, come in. We're at the targets location."

"Copy that, Chris. Move in and procure the target," a voice from the other line replied.

"Roger that," Chris said, eyes blazing.

"What can you tell us about the area?" Jill asked fidgeting with her lockpicks in the lock.

"The satellite scan isn't showing anything out of the ordinary, but regardless, you should expect the unexpected," the voice from HQ replied.


No more than a second later, the tell-tale click of the lock being opened sounded.

"We're in," Jill said looking up at Chris, her eyes bright with anticipation.

Chris smiled sweetly at her, "Nicely done Jilly."