Paradise Falls


"Come on!" Bess waved at Nancy franticly as she ran into the latest store, "This sale is HUGE!"

George rolled her eyes as she rubbed her forehead, she hated shopping. She hates it even more when he shopaholic cousin, Bess, drags her for the ride.

Bess always has the updates on the newest fashion, and when she does she has to be the first one there. She always has the latest fashion magazines and updates on what the celebrities are wearing. She's very resourceful when it comes to stuff like that. It sometimes is helpful when I need her help in a case.

After traveling almost all over the world, solving even the most terrifying and horrible cases, the relief and satisfaction of the client is all I ever wanted.


Nancy blinked once and looked over at George, giving her a small smile, "Sorry, George. I zoned out for a minute."

George browsed beside her in the store, shaking her head, "You're still thinking about him aren't you?"

That's right, I almost forgot about him for a minute. "No! Well…I guess so."

"NO, no, NO!" Bess ran beside me and shook my shoulders, "NO more thinking about him! I thought it was for the best? Besides, weren't you the one who ended it with Ned?"

Ned and I have been drifting away lately. Ever since he took a job in L.A, Ned slowly started to stop calling and texting me. I thought it was because of his work and being swamped with trying to pay for his apartment. Ned then started to stop seeing me, saying that he didn't have time anymore. I remember the day I broke it off, Ned's heart broke.

"Nice going, Bess!" George gently shoved her cousin, "now she's thinking about it even more!"

Bess gasped as she bit her lip, "I'm sorry, Nance. But you DID make the right choice! Besides you didn't OFFICALY break up with him!"

She stared back at Bess confused, "I did, Bess. Three days ago-!"

"Nu-huh!" Bess pouted as she grabbed Nancy's cell, "You have to make it Facebook official!"

Nancy rubbed my forehead and sighed, I never was a fan of Facebook. What was the point of it? Being a detective and all it makes her feel uncomfortable, people able to see pictures of you online, who you're friends with and everything! Bess was the one to force her into it, I never really used it much.

The most of the time when I'm on its talking to Bess and George, and even the Hardy Boys sometimes. Frank IMs me from time to time asking how I am and how my mystery solving was going along. It always made me smile when I heard from him, I haven't seen him and Joe since our run-in at Hawaii when we were investigating one of the chain islands. (I'm referring to "Creature of Capu Cave" from the Nancy Drew computer games!)!. But I do get phone calls from both Joe and Frank when I need help on some of my cases. Those two always find a way to make me laugh.

Bess smiled with pride as she clicked a few buttons, "Done!" She showed my phone to her, on the screen she saw the titles, "Nancy Drew changed her relationship status from 'in a relationship' to 'single'." And under it were the like and comment options.

Nancy moaned quietly to myself then looked back up at Bess, "Are you sure it's okay for others to see this? This is kind of a personal thing, Bess."

"Nonsense, Nance! People need to see your single! You need to get yourself out there!" She smiled bubbly as she continued to shop. "Besides, you need to find an outfit to wear to vacation. We are leaving tomorrow night and we still didn't pack!"

Nancy smiled, "You're right! No boy drama, just a fun week in the sun with my girls!" She hugged both George and Bess with a giggle.


Bess smiled, she knew that sound, and quickly grabbed her phone back. "Someome liked and commented on your relationship status!"

Liked? Commented? But who would comment on it so quickly?

Bess gasped and then broke out into laughter, "Ohmygod…I can't believe it! George look!:

George quickly looked over her cousin's shoulder and broke into laugher, "I KNEW he'd be the first to say something!"

Nancy bit her lip, anxious to know what they were reading. "Come on, guys! This isn't fair! Can't I see?"

Bess smirked and giggled, "I dunno, Nance. But, here!" She handed her the phone and waited for her reaction.

Nancy gasped as she read the screen, "Frank Hardy liked my status and commented?"

Frank Hardy: "Finally! Can't wait to see you over the summer, babe ;)"


Frank rubbed his forehead, he'd already had a massive migraine from reading a computer screen all day, but now his music was already blasting down his hall to his. "JOE! Turn it down will you? I'm trying to study!"

Quickly as he said it, the music stopped. Frank sighed of relief and called back to him, "Thank you!"

Joe leaned against my door and smirked, "Dude, it's summer. SUMMER! No books, no school, and no worries! What the hell are you doing studying?"

"I'm looking more into my major for college, Joe. I want every little bit of information so I know what I'm getting myself into-."

"Frank." Joe was more serious this time. "We've been doing detective work for years! You don't have to go in dept in studying, take a break for once, braniac!"

Well…he was serious for a second. "Fine, Joe, you win. Happy?"

He smiled brightly at me, "Actually I am, big brother!" He grabbed an extra chair and scooted over next to Frank on my laptop. "Now, let's see what's going on in the Facebook world…"

Once he clicked the link, he noticed Frank was already signed in. Joe forced him to make one, claiming that he'd embarrass him if Frank didn't have one too. Frank found it pointless, but to Joe, it's life.

"Ha!" Joe smiled as he pointed to my friends list on my profile, "I have more friends than you Frank!"

Frank rolled my eyes, sometimes I just want to smack some sense into his thick-headed head. "Wow, Joe. Do you even talk to those people?"

"That doesn't matter, Frank! I still have more friends than you!"

He rolled my eyes; He might as well let him win….again? "Alright, Joe. Go clean the dishes before mom and dad get home, mom asked you to do it last night anyway-."

"AH! LOOK DUDE!" He pointed at the screen over and over shouting, "LOOK! LOOK! LOOK!"

Frank focused back on the screen and saw Nancy's name on the screen and her latest status update…She's…single?

Joe smirked, "Well, well, little Frankie gets his dream come true, huh?"

Frank fought back his blush and punched Joe hard, "Stop, Joe! She's probably going through a rough time right now, Joe. I hope she's okay…"

Frank felt horrible for Nancy, she seem so happy with Ned. Though he met Ned only once, back last summer, he seemed like a good guy. I wonder what went wrong…?

Suddenly, a shot of pain shook Frank's arm causing him to fall off my chair. "What the hell, Joe?"

Frank saw Joe smirk as he typed in the comment box on her status. Frank's heart skipped a beat, as he thought, No Joe..He wouldn't….Would he? "JOE! No!"

Frank was too late to react, Joe already liked her status and wrote on her comment box.

Frank gave Joe one of his death stares, he knew not to piss Frank off to certain point, and he pushed him far. "Joe…...? UNDO IT NOW!"

Joe sheeply sighed, "Come on, dude it's a joke! Let's see what she says!"

Frank shoved Joe away as I quickly unliked her status and deleted the comment, "I just hope she didn't see it…"

Joe smiled, "OH! She will! It goes to her email what you said!"

Frank groaned, "I'll get back at you, don't you worry! I gotta fix this now." He opened up the IM chat and wrote to Nancy:

Frank Hardy: Hey, Nance. I'm sorry about that. Joe kinda got to my computer, I'm really sorry about your break up with Ned. Are you doing okay?

Joe crossed his arms and pouted as he slumped down in his chair, "You're no fun, Frankie!"

I just hope Nancy would-.


Nancy Drew: Haha! It's okay, Frank! I kinda had a feeling it was Joe

Nancy Drew: But I'm doing just fine! Thanks, Frank! :)

Frank smiled to himself and thought, "Well, at least she's doing okay…That's all that counts."

Frank Hardy: No problem, Nance. I'm here if you need to talk to someone.

Nancy Drew: Thank you, Frank! Oh, and tell Joe I hope I see him over the summer too!

"Nancy hopes to see you too, Joe."

Joe, still pouting, mumbled, "I can read you know."

"Oh, just checking, Joe."

Frank continued to chat with Nancy for a bit. She told him about why they broke up and that she was going on vacation tomorrow night. After for a while she said she had to go and left.

A part of him wished it never ended…

Once Nancy arrived home, she began to pack her bags. Maybe going on vacation will help me forget about Ned, Nancy thought.

"Need help, Nancy?"

Nancy smiled at her father, Carson Drew. "I'm good, dad. Thanks though!"

Mr. Drew smiled at his daughter as he sat on her bed, "Now, remember Nancy. Call me as soon as you land, as soon as you check into the hotel, every night before you go to bed-."

"I know, dad." Nancy smiled as she hugged him, "I've done with many times before. Besides I'm with Bess and George. And it's only a week! No mysteries!"

Mr. Drew sighed, he knew his daughter tries, but she always runs into something…or worse, someone!

Frank stared up at his ceiling, thinking about what he was going to do this summer. He'd probably solving cases with Joe, the usual.

But he had a feeling that this summer was going to be different somehow.

Frank's thinking was cut short when Joe rushed into his room, "FRANK! You'll never guess what I just got?"

Frank sat up in his bed and smirked back at him, "Gee, Joe I have no clue. Enlighten me."

Joe smiled proudly as he waved a letter in Frank's face, "WE WON A TRIP TO THE MOUTAINS IN UPSTATE!"

"Since when did you enter a contest?" Frank asked as he examined the papers.

"A few weeks ago! Look, Frankie! IT'S A VACATION! Can you say, ROAD TRIP?"

Frank wasn't too convinced, considering they are both detectives and all the dangers they went through together. Encountering criminals, sometimes even murderous ones. Frank was worried that this could be a trap.

"I don't know about this Joe, have dad look over it." Frank smiled back at him, "If he thinks it's okay, then why not, we'll go!"

Joe smiled as he played with Frank's curly brown hair, "Thanks, old man!"

Frank crossed his arms, and looked down.

Something isn't right about this…I think I need a second opinon….

Fenton Hardy examined the letter that Joe gave him, reading through the guidelines. "Joey, If you wanted a vacation you could have just asked, entering in these contests are-."

"BUT we won! I actually won one of these things!" Joe sat on the edge of his father's desk. "Besides, Frank's stressed over college stuff. He could really use this, dad. Whatda say?"

Fenton Hardy thought hard about it, he never liked sending his boys somewhere he didn't know, especially on cases. He knew what his sons could, and couldn't, handle.

He sighed and looked back up at his youngest son, "Alright, Joe. You and Frank can go."

I just hope I'm making the right choice…

Nancy sat up in her bed, looking over some old photo-albums. Many of the pictures taken were of her, Bess, and George. But some of them were with Ned. Nancy looked at the photos, eyes filled with tears, as she slowly pulled the pictures out of the album and into her small trash bin.

Her phone suddenly vibrated, she quickly picked it up. "Hello?"

"Hey, Nance. Are you busy?"

Nancy smiled, relived that it wasn't Ned. "Nope! Just finishing up packing, what do you need Frank? You sound like something's bothering you."

"Well…" Frank paused for a moment. "Joe entered some vacation contest and he won me and him a trip to the mountains in upstate. I just feel like, it's just weird…Am I a little over-my-head?"

Nancy smiled; she always liked that trait about Frank. The over-protective-brother always made Frank look cute, at least in her eyes. "It is a little odd…But, hey, it's a free trip right? Actually, I'm going to upstate New York with Bess and George! M-Maybe we'll bump into each other?"

"I'd really like that Nancy! We- I mean, Joe and I can catch up with you and the others! You said you're leaving tomorrow, right?"

"Uh-huh! Tomorrow night, a long flight ahead..When are you getting there?"

Frank paused for a moment. "Uhm…Joe and I were going to leave, tomorrow night as well!"

Nancy smiled, "Alright! Let me know when you get there, okay?"

"Sure thing, Nancy. See you there!"

"Bye, Frank!"

Nancy put her phone aside as she looked at a past photo of her and Frank, Maybe Frank and I can re-connect…

Joe sat in his room as he dialed the number on the letter. "Hello? Is this Jake?"

"Yes, this is him. Who is calling?"

"This is Joe Hardy, I got your letter today…About the contest winning?"

"Oh, yes, congratulations! I expect you read the guidelines yes?"

Oops…Forgot to do that! "Uh- Yep! All read through! I'm going with my brother, when should we be there?"

"As soon as possible, I'm very happy that you've won . I cannot wait to meet you and your brother. I'll be seeing you soon, yes?"

"Sure! See you later then!"

That guy seemed kinda happy for me…Nice dude!

Jake smiled from his seat, he pushed a button on his intercom and said, "Both Hardy boys are coming…Make sure they're room is to their liking, yes?"

"Yes, sir."

"Oh…and make sure once their here, that they have no way of leaving, yes?"

"Yes, sir."

Jake nodded in pleasure, "Dwayne, don't worry brother. I'll make sure the girl pays, and her little friends…!"