"You ready to go, kiddo?"

Frank gathered his last items and took one final look around his old room. He smiled to his father and said, "I think that's everything." Following beside his father they joined the others in the kitchen. George and Bess were both packing up the sleeping bags they left in the living room floor from what seemed like ages ago. Joe was on the couch with his casted leg resting on a pillow, changing the channels on the flat screen TV. "You got to give the guy some credit; he's got some good channels on here."

"What is going to happen to this place anyway?" Bess asked. "Dwayne and his brother are dead and they had no other known family, who gets this nice house?"

"Most likely the government." Fenton said beside Frank on the table. "God knows they could sell this house for a lot of money."

"Aw come on," Joe smiled, "I think this would be a sick house! Mom would totally love it!"

"Do you know how many years it would take me to pay off just the electric bill alone?" Fenton exclaimed. "In your dreams, kiddo."

"Oh, it will be!" Joe replied cheerfully.


Nancy gathered the last of her belongings from her room. It was weird for her to think that almost a week ago she was sleeping in this very room, dreaming of all the fun she and the others would have.

But then again, she should have seen this coming right? After all, since when can Nancy Drew ever have a quiet vacation, let alone the Hardy's? Being in this room again just served as a bitter reminder that this is her life; this was her consequence for doing what she does.

But not everything was a consequence! If it weren't for her solving her cases, she wouldn't have ever met the Hardy's. She'd never get that satisfied feeling for helping another who was in distress. And that alone made it all worth while.


"Is this yours?" Frank asked, holding an old white t-shirt.

"Yeah, unless there's a tag then it's yours."

That's just about the length of their conversations for the whole day. Frank knew he had to confront his brother about their previous conversation. It best be now than ever…right?

"Look, Joe, about what happened back at the hospital-."

Joe raised his hand up and smirked, "Understood. I should have been more considerate of how you were feeling."

Frank cut Joe off and said firmly, "And you need to know that no matter what we are a team. If you go after the bad guy, I have to be right behind you to back you up. If you jump, I gotta jump after you."

Joe couldn't hold back a smile as he busted a laugh, sat up, and said in a girly voice, "Wow, Jack! Really truly?"

Frank growled as he punched his brother's good shoulder. "Shut up! That was just a coincidence that that specific line was from Titanic!"

Joe continued to laugh as he stretched his arms out, "I'M FLYING, JACK!"

And that sealed Joe's fate. Frank growled (and chuckled) as he wrapped his arm around his brother's neck and punched his head against his brother's head, giving him a painful noggie. "You want to say that again?"

Joe laughed (painfully) as he looked up at his brother, "NEVER LET GO, JACK!"

Joe didn't care the pain he endured from his brother, because it reminded him that he was alive.

And that his brother was beside him.





Not this game again…

Bess, wearing her new slick black sunglasses with her pink swimsuit, stretched out on her lounge chair as she flipped the next page of her tabloid magazine. Twirling a piece of her curly hair she called out, "Polo!"


You would think he'd figure it out by now…

George's messy hair was wrapped in a small bun, sat beside her cousin as she leaned over her shoulder, reading her magazine. "Polo!"


Oh my brother of mine, how naïve can you get?

Frank's good arm wrapped around Nancy's shoulder as they sat side-by-side at the edge of the pool. Nancy smiled as she rested her head on his shoulder. Both exchanged mischievous smiles as they exclaimed, "Polo!"

Damn they're good…

Joe waved his arms as his search for the others continued. He knew how sneaky they could be and just had to be the one to catch them this time! Joe slightly opened his eye, knowing just a small peek couldn't do any harm. Though his vision was blurry, he was able to see Nancy and Frank sitting on the edge of the pool talking to each other. "Hey!" Joe's eyes snapped open as he found himself alone in the pool. He crossed his arms as he shouted, "You guys suck- seriously!"

Bess walked to the edge of the pool as she pouted, "Aw, come on, baby! We were just teasing with you!"

Joe swam toward his new girlfriend and gave her a quick peck. "I guess I can't be mad at you." Grabbing her arm he pulled her into the pool and with a yelp she fell right in. "Yup, that feels much better than being mad."

"She's going to kill him." Nancy commented, watching the new couple bicker.

"I think Bess is gonna win this fight." Frank chuckled as he watched Bess tackle Joe.

"Doesn't she always win?" Nancy commented, observing the couple tackle each other.

Frank sighed as he leaned back, soaking in the sun. "Well….it's nice to relax for once."

"How long will that last, hm?"

Carson Drew rushed out to his daughter and smiled, "Nancy? A rater large letter came for you and the Hardy's."

The brothers and Nancy smirked as the sighed heavily, Oh well!




A/N: I first off want to apologize for taking so long to update. A LOT has happened to me for the past few months and my emotions have been such a sesaw that I couldn't sit down and finish anything. Second off, I want to THANK ALL OF YOU SO MUCH for bearing out with me until the end! I appreciate every single one of you so so much! Thank you for reading! =D