It just doesn't end. Sequel to This Feeling and Too Attached.

You know I'm fragile. You should know that I've liked you for over seven months. You should realize that it hurts if I hear through whispers that you're with someone else now. Why can't you see these things?

We have chemistry, a lot of it in fact. We both like/d each other. We pretended to go out. We have the same birthdays. We have common interests, same television preferences. What other facts do you need to see that this isn't just a bunch of coincidences anymore?

And you hurt me. Time and time and time again. But I just can't turn away from you anymore, because even though I know you'll hurt me again, you can never really abandon the ones you care about. And because you're so addictive it burns.

You need to see this. You need to realize. You need to pick me.

And maybe I'll take it up with you or maybe I'll confront you, but for now I'm just stuck by myself and just trying to hold the wall of tears in because this hurts and it sucks and I want you to stop it. I want you to turn around and tell me that you've picked me and I want you to just kiss me already!

But you won't.

I know you won't and that, that breaks my heart.

Chris, please. Just please.