Title: To little to late.
Rated: PG...cause its a little to depressing for the little ones.

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Notes: This is just something that came to me during a slow day at my job at walgreens. This is my first attempt at a buffy fanfic, up till know I've only written biker mice and anime fanfiction...so please be kind.

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Author's note: This was written quite a while ago.
Now on with the story!

She was dying and it was all his fault. Another pain filled sob tore from his throat as he held her body close to his. Closer than he ever dared while she still breathed.

"No.no god please..."he whispered rocking back and forth her blood soaking into his once pressed suit. "Cordelia.. I-I'm so..sorry.." His arms trembled as he held her closer. "All my fault..should have protected you"
He cried like a baby into her hair, kissing her face, stroking her hair..all the things he'd never have a chance to do. All because he was such a coward..such a whimp...

"Wesley..it wasn't your fault." Angel's voice came from behind him.
Wesley ignored the vampire's words wishing for a moment that it was Anglues and not Angel..so he could be put out of his misery.

"I loved her Angel..and I never told her. "Wesley managed to choke out. "I loved her."

The end?