Title: When you wake
Author: Sneakers

Rating: PG-13 for impure thoughts
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Disclaimer: Joss & co owns ever thing but the plot idea and the Scottish half demon girl
Notes: Spelling mistakes in the dialogue are done from the purpose of showing accent. Squeal to To little to late.
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Author note: This was written back a year or two ago.

He screamed her name in anguish and denial, closing his eyes against the image of her bloody and battered body. "NOO!!!"

Then his body connected with some hard with a loud thump. It took Wesley Wyndham-Price

almost ten minutes to realize he was laying face down on the floor in is bed room. He wasn't holding Cordelia's limp body in his arm in a horrid sewer.

Picking himself off the floor Wesley fought the urge to call her..just to make sure..just to be safe. He even started to reach from the phone. "Bloody hell." he muttered. "What's wrong with me..I call her now and she'll thin I am crazy.." Groping from his glasses in the dark, he put them on ignoring the wetness on his face. Price's didn't cry. Ever. So of course it had to be just swear. Yes, that was it.

Looking at the time, Wesley gave a sigh of defeat. It was 4 am, might as well get up. No sense in going back to sleep. Back to the image of a demon tear open Corde…..he pushed the thought away.

Getting to his feet Wesley hauled on the robe hanging on the back of his bedroom door. If you could call it a bedroom..it looked more like a closet. Though he was sure Cordelia would have thought it to be a very small closet. He sighed again, how did that girl keep getting back in his thoughts. Wesley didn't know what was worse nightmares of him causing Cordelia's death because of his cowardess or dreams of her naked. In his bed…doing the most delightful things with her lips…..

Wesley almost banged his head against the kitchen/living room/dinning room/study/anything else counter. "Cordelia's 18 and a co-worker..and I'm a bad bad man." he mumbled as he put a kettle of water on the stove to make some tea.

A few minutes later Wesley sighed in contentment as he drank in the familiar scent and taste of the Earl Gray tea and wondered if he should even bother going into the office today. Angel was out of town…doing god knows what…god knows where with some Scottish half-demon girl with big brown eyes that seemed to make the vampire get a very stupid look on his face.

Corde--Ms. Chase had been in auditions all week and seemed to want to see as little of him as possible..(yes..he'd stick to calling her Ms. Chase. It was a name a lot less likely to bring up images of her lying naked on his bed calling to him…..)

Wesley suddenly decided a shower was in order. A nice long ice cold shower….

And what luck, he thought as he stepped into the shower, that's all the pipes usually gave him….