What if Elle didn't go inside Pinehearst when her and Claire found Peter in Eris Quod Sum? What if she followed Peter and Claire? Don't own Heroes, hope you enjoy it :)

Elle Bishop and Claire Bennett jumped out of the car and walked casually toward the Pinehearst building, Claire looking up at the building and squinting as the sun hit her eyes. Elle seemed nervous as she walked, and she stopped in her tracks, electricity coursing through her whole body as she gasped in pain. Claire caught her and supported her as she winced.

"Whoa, you okay?" Claire asked her, concern for the young blonde in her mind.

"Yeah." Elle breathed, sighing. They kept walking and Elle seemed to be struggling to say something.

"Thank you." She finally managed, looking at Claire.

"For what?" Claire asked, relinquishing her hold on Elle.

"For coming with me. I've been nothing but a bitch, and you've been nothing but nice, which kind of makes me hate you more." Elle said, looking at the building. A small chuckle escaped Claire's lips and she gazed at Elle.

"I should be thanking you." Elle's eyes focused on the cheerleader who she despised. Her life was one Elle wanted more than anything: her life of freedom.

"For what?" Elle asked, confused.

"If it wasn't for you, I probably would've stayed at home, pretended nothing was wrong with me. I wouldn't have plucked the courage to come here and get some answers." Claire said, sighing. Elle smiled at her.

"Guess we're even then." Claire smiled back at her. There was a loud crash and Elle turned, shocked as a man fell from a window, falling to the floor with a thud. Elle glanced at Claire, then ran toward the body.

"Oh my god, Peter!" Claire exclaimed, running towards the man and crouching next to him. Elle kept her distance, gazing, as she saw that it was indeed Peter Petrelli on the floor, in shock.

"What are you doing here?" Peter asked, wincing as he sat up.

"Why are you bleeding?" Claire said, confused. Elle looked at his wounds in shock. Peter had the ability to heal, but his wounds weren't regenerating.

"He's not healing." Elle exclaimed, and Claire looked at his wounds.

"He took my powers." Peter told Elle, trying to get up.

"What? Who did?" Claire asked, supporting him.

"My father." Peter said, gasping in pain as Claire helped him up.

"Come on, Elle, help me get him to the car." Elle walked away, inching closer to the building.

"Claire, he said he took away his powers. This is what we came for!"

"Elle!" Claire exclaimed. Peter grabbed Elle's wrist, moaning in pain at the movement.

"Elle, he'll take your power and then he'll kill you. Is that what you want?"

"My powers are out of control, I can't do this anymore!" Elle whispered fiercely, tears falling down her face. She went to walk away but Peter's hold on her wrist tightened. He looked at her with pleading eyes.

"I'm not gonna let you go in there to meet death, Elle. Please, let's just go." He nodded in an encouraging way and Elle sighed, but supported Peter's other arm and helped Claire move him to the car.

"Sit with him in the backseat, Elle!" Claire said, jumping into the driver's seat as Elle lay Peter down in the backseat and lay his head on her lap. She touched his wounds in a sympathetic way.

"Are you okay?" She asked him. He smiled.

"I'm alive, aren't I?" He said, wincing as they hit a slight ditch in the road and the car jolted up and down.

"How is that possible, by the way?" Claire asked from the front seat. "You fell like, fifteen or so feet, how are you still alive?"

"I dunno." Peter said, wincing as they hit a speed bump.

"Okay, you think you can try and avoid those, Claire?" Elle said as Peter gasped for air. Elle gasped in shock and pain and Peter yelled in pain as well as electricity coursed through Elle's body, shocking the both of them.

"Damn it! I'm sorry, Peter!" Elle said, grabbing the door for support.

"What did you do that for?" Peter said angrily.

"She's not doing it on purpose, Peter, something is wrong with our powers." Claire said in the front seat.

"What do you mean?" Peter asked.

"I keep overloading and shocking myself. Claire can't feel pain anymore."

"I thought that was Claire's power?"

"I've always been able to feel pain though. If my bones broke or I got burnt, I would feel it just like any other human, but now I can't feel anything. It's like i'm not even human anymore." Claire said, scoffing as she turned a corner.

"Where are you going?" Elle asked.

"Peter's apartment." Claire said.

"When did your abilities start doing this to you?" Peter asked.

"After I accidently let the Level 5 prisoners escape. I had just found my father dead with his head cut open. I went to get Noah Bennett so he could help me capture Sylar, but Sylar got to us first. He knocked out Noah and tried to cut my head open, but I got this...I don't know...electrical outburst and powered down the entire place. The prisoner's escaped and then I got fired from The Company by your mom." Elle told Peter. "I went back home, took a shower, tried to pull myself together, and all of a sudden, I just started shocking myself. I haven't slept properly in weeks. Haven't eaten properly in weeks." Elle started crying in desperation. "And now i've lost the only chance to get rid of it."

"We're gonna find a way to fix this, Elle. I promise." Claire said. "Mine started after Sylar cut my head open and took my powers." She added, thoughtful.

"So they started malfunctioning for the both of you after Sylar attacked you?" Peter said.

"But Sylar never fully cut my head open." Elle said.

"But he still tried to. Maybe he's done something to us." Claire said.

"If that's true, then i'm going to kill that son of a-AH!" She started zapping herself again and Peter hopped up from her lap just in time, hissing at the pain that flared through his body at the quick movement.

"Sorry." She whispered.

"Don't apologize. It's not your fault." They rode in silence for a couple of hours, before finally, they reached Peter's apartment. Elle and Claire helped him up to his apartment door and settled him onto the bed.

"Claire, you gotta call Nathan." Peter said. Claire nodded and got her phone, dialling Nathan's number and walking out of the room. Elle got a wet towel and start dabbing the blood on his body gently. He hissed in pain everytime she dabbed him.

"Who pushed you out of the window?" Elle asked in wonder.

"Sylar." Peter said angrily, wincing as she dabbed his wound.

"Now I wanna kill him even more." Elle said angrily. Peter chuckled and stared at her, smiling. She smiled back at him. Her smile faded as her face became thoughtful.

"What is it?" Peter asked her.

"Do you think Sylar slowed down your fall?"

"What do you mean?" Peter asked, confused.

"Well, i'm sorry, Peter, but there's no way in hell you could've survived that fall without something stopping you from falling too hard."

"Why would Sylar push me out the window to kill me if he wanted to stop me from dying?" Peter said, confused.

"I don't know. He's wierd like that. Take off your shirt. Slowly, now." Elle helped him take of his shirt carefully and whistled, wincing at the bruises that were appearing on his back.

"Damn, maybe you are some kind of superhero, because this looks nasty." Elle said. Peter sighed and Elle lowered him onto the bed.

"Relax." She went into the kitchen and grabbed a cup, filled it with water and walked back to the room.

"Here, drink it." He took the cup off Elle and drank, then set it on his bedside table. When he went to lay back down on his bed, he screamed in pain at the movement and Elle jumped in shock, then gasped as she discharged again, her face and body crackling blue electricity. When she stopped, she looked at Peter, semi-angry.

"Don't-do that-again." She gasped.

"Sorry." He said, setting himself down on the bed properly and comfortably. Claire came back into the room, sighing.

"Nathan's on his way." Claire said. Peter simply nodded and sighed. He looked at Elle.

"Do you only discharge when you get shocked or angry?" He asked. She thought.

"No, it happens all the time, randomly." Elle said, sighing. They sat in silence for awhile. After about an hour, they heard banging on the door.


"Nathan." Claire said knowingly. She got up and opened the door. Nathan entered with a mysterious blonde woman and Claire's adoptive father, Noah Bennett.

"DAD!" Claire hugged him and Noah kissed her head.

"Thank god you're okay." He whispered. He looked up and saw Elle.

"Elle?" He said, confused. He reached for his gun.

"Whoa, no, Dad! She's good!" Elle lifted her hands in surrender, and discharged, shocking herself again from her short bout of fear. She grabbed her stomach in pain.

"What's wrong?" Noah asked her.

"Something's wrong with my powers." She said.

"Pete, what happened to you? I want the full story right now!" Nathan said, looking at Peter's wounds.

"Well for starters, Sylar is our brother, Nathan." Nathan's face paled.


"WHAT?" Claire said. Elle stared at Peter in shock.

"How is that possible?" Nathan whispered, shocked.

"Mom and Dad gave him up for adoption. Which leads to my next point. Dad's still alive."

"WHAT? No, Dad's dead, Peter! I saw it with my own two eyes!" Nathan said, looking at Peter as if he was crazy.

"He's alive, Nathan! He took away my powers." Nathan paled even more.

"No, this is way too surreal."

"I went to Pinehearst to stop whoever was putting mom in her comatose state. It's Dad, Nathan. He's the one putting mom in a comatose state. He hugged me, and then he took away my powers. Look." Peter tried to use one of his powers, but nothing happened. "He locked me up and took me to Suresh for some kind of experiment-"

"Suresh went to Pinehearst then. Your father probably took away Maya's ability." Noah said, looking at Nathan.

"Damn it. Keep going, Pete. What happened next?"

"He took me to Suresh for some kind of experiment and Sylar came and saved me."

"He saved you?"

"Yeah, said 'that's what brothers are for'. But he got caught. I went back to get him, but now he's on Dad's side. He threw me out of the window and the next thing I knew, Claire and Elle are there, asking me if I was okay."

"Why were you and Elle at Pinehearst?" Noah asked Claire.

"Something's wrong with both our powers. Elle keeps overloading and shocking herself and I can't feel pain anymore. Some chick gave Elle the Pinehearst card and told her she could get help there. We thought if we went to Pinehearst, we could get some help and some answers. But we saw Peter fall out of the window and turned back."

"Why are your powers doing this?" Nathan asked Claire.

"We don't know."

"Claire!" Elle exclaimed. Claire rushed to Elle's side as Elle began discharging violently. Claire gripped Elle's hand supportively as Elle gritted her teeth in pain, trying not to yell. She stopped and Elle began gasping for breath.

"You're okay." Claire said sympathetically, rubbing her back consolingly. Claire looked at her hand as the burn marks healed.

"S-sorry." Elle whispered, twitching.

"It's fine." Nathan and the blonde stared at Elle sympathetically.

"You're Elle?" Nathan said, walking forward, but Elle stepped back.

"I don't wanna shock you. And yeah, I am. Elle Bishop."

"Nathan Petrelli. Guys, this is-"

"Niki Sanders. We know, Nathan." Peter said.

"Actually no, it's not Niki. Niki was her sister. This is Tracy Strauss." Tracy smiled at all of them.

"Her sister?"

"I got some bad news of my own, Pete. Tracy, Niki and another girl named Barbara were triplets. They were seperated at birth by the Company. They were injected with a formula that gives people powers, Peter. And so was I."

"What? You were given your powers?" Peter said, confused.

"Yeah. I don't know about you, Pete. But me and Tracy, are powers were injected into us, we weren't born with it."

"What about me and Elle?" Claire asked. Tracy shook her head.

"We don't know. We only learnt about us two."

"Elle's powers were born with her. Her father tested on her when she was very young." Noah said.

"How do you know?" Nathan asked.

"He was there for it all." Elle said, sighing. Nathan looked from Noah to Elle repeatedly.

"What kind of sick game are you people playing? You're telling me, you injected infants with powers, then tested infants who were born with powers?"

"I wasn't apart of any of it. I told Bob to stop testing on Elle. I told him it would ruin her life, but he kept saying that his young girl was tough, that she would pull through."

"Maybe you should've tried harder." Elle said, angrily through gritted teeth, stepping towards Noah, but she began discharging again and she stepped back in pain. Claire helped her until she stopped.

"Dad, how you could you let that happen to Elle? Look at her now! She has no control over her ability!" Claire said.

"I couldn't do anything! It wasn't my choice to make!" Noah said. They stood there in silence for awhile. Nathan sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

"What's your power?" Claire asked Tracy. She held her hand out in front of her and Elle and they watched in awe as her hand became frozen, icelike.

"Wow." Elle said.

"Cool." Claire said, grinning.

"Not really." Tracy said, unfreezing her hand and smiling.

"Dad, where's Meredith?" Claire asked.

"She went back to your mother's to keep an eye on her." Claire nodded.

"What are we gonna do about this, Pete?" Nathan said, looking at Peter.

"What can we do, Nathan? I don't have any powers."

"Fine, then i'll go." Nathan said.

"NO! Nathan you have no idea what Dad and Sylar will do to you!" Peter said.

"I don't care. I need to find out what the hell Dad is up to!"

"Nathan, you're not going, it's too dangerous!"

"I can take care of myself, Peter."

"Nathan, no!"

"It's too dangerous." Claire said, and Tracy and Noah nodded in agreement.

"The world is in danger if my father is planning something! We need to stop him!" Nathan said. They all started arguing and Elle screamed.

"STOP!" She yelled, as she began discharging. She stopped after awhile and they all looked at her. She breathed in deeply, then looked at Peter.

"I'll go."

"What?" Nathan, Noah and Peter said at the same time.

"I'll go undercover. I'll tell them I wanna be apart of their team. They'll believe me up front, I mean look at my history. I've killed people. Multiple doctors have diagnosed me as a sociopath. We can find out his plans through me."

"Elle, it's too dangerous." Peter said, but Noah and Nathan seemed hesitant. Peter looked at them angrily.

"Guys, tell her it's too dangerous." He said.

"It's genius, actually." Noah said.

"No! She could get killed, there's no way we can-"

"It's the only plan we've got!" Nathan said, looking at Elle, then Peter. Noah walked up to Elle and put his hands on both her shoulders, gripping her tightly.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" He said. She sighed, but nodded defiantly.

"It's the best idea we've got." Elle said.

"We can tape a microphone under her shirt. Noah, you can stay hidden in a van outside or something, listen in to what they're saying." Nathan said.

"Elle, you gotta make sure you show no fear while you're in there. They've got Knox, and he can smell fear from a mile away, and it only makes him stronger." Peter said. She nodded. He sighed, looking at her.

"I can't believe you're gonna do this." He said. She smiled at him, then at Noah.

"Partner's again?" She said, grinning. Noah laughed, and shook her hand.

"Partner's again."

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