"The Chipmunks Misadventure"

A Fan Fic by Vilsy and Pontiac56 based on an alternate take on "The Chipmunk Adventure" film.

Disclaimer: I make no claim to the characters, themes, songs, anything, relating to the Chipmunks & Chipettes, etc. It is all property of Ross Bagdasarian Jr. & Janice Karman. This is just a fan writing created with no harmful or commercial intentions.

Summary: If you are familiar with the events of "The Chipmunk Adventure" you'll remember the Chipmunks' and Chipettes' narrow escape from tribal sacrifice… which I'm assuming from the course plotted on their map was somewhere in Africa… please correct me if I'm wrong. What if they hadn't made such a clean getaway?

Hi guys for anyone reading this, Vilsy as some of you may know, wrote the first two chapters for this story. However she didn't finish it and for some time it has been left with only two chapters. I spoke with Vilsy and she has given me permission to complete the story, so for those of you who read this story and wanted an ending, now you will have one. This is my first fan fic, however I do like proper reviews so if anyone does have any criticism, please feel free to share it with me so I can improve on my writing. Anyway, starting from chapter three is where I have begun writing, so enjoy.

Wooly Bully Gone Wrong

The Wooly Bully wasn't working out. Normally a well-timed song was more than enough to escape the jaws of danger, but in this case, the jaws were getting ever closer. The three Chipmunks were securely fastened to wooden stakes and were dangling precariously over a basin of hungry crocodiles. It hardly seemed the time to be taking music requests. Simon and Theodore didn't know what Alvin was on to by belting out a song for their captors, but fear and desperation can convince anyone to do strange things, so they followed their brother's lead without question.

Although he seemed to be enjoying himself immensely, the tribe's chief was still hell bent on sacrificing the Prince of Plenty to the crocodiles even as he flopped around like a dancing buffoon. Alvin's heart was racing faster than it ever had before as he focused on spouting the meaningless lyrics; his eyes were affixed to the flames spreading down the unraveling ropes. His plan hadn't worked. He couldn't use his charm and ingenuity to sway others to his will this time. They would never see Dave again. He and his brothers were going to die, half naked, strapped to wooden stakes. And it was entirely his fault.

But they didn't stop singing. The last secure rope snapped and burned, and the platform plummeted. Alvin let out a soul-shattering scream as his whole adolescent life flashed before his eyes.

Then the impossible happened. They were saved. The three brothers cast their terrified eyes skyward to see the familiar, and never more welcomed outline of a hot air balloon. The Chipettes had come to their rescue. Brittany, Eleanor, and Jeanette had expertly lassoed the wooden stakes with a rope confiscated from the Arabian Desert. The Chipettes struggled to haul the boys to safety, but the chief wasn't pleased with the turn of events. In a reckless effort to hinder their getaway, he leapt off the rock ledge onto the platform the Chipmunks were fastened to. The impact and added weight was more than the platform could take, and it broke free and continued to plummet to the basin below, chief and all. As they were fished slowly upward from their would-be graves, the boys smiled with joy and relief. The last verse of Wooly Bully never sounded so good.

But their victory would be short lived.

The boys had stopped singing and were squirming violently in their confines. They were safe from the crocodiles, but the natives below had become quite restless now that their sacrifices were escaping. The chief had miraculously recovered from his fall into the crocodile pit, and had climbed back up to the rock ledge where the other villages had taken up their weapons. Theodore let out a pitiful whine as a spear went whizzing past them at an impressive velocity.

"Boys!" came three feminine voices from above.

"Get us off of here, please!" Simon's quaking voice responded as he tried to free his own hands by grinding his wrists together.

"Hold on!" Eleanor cried out, leaning dangerously far over the side to get a better look at the Chipmunks' situation. "Whoa!" she squeaked as another spear hurtled past the basket of the balloon and knocked her off balance.

Jeanette and Brittany grabbed on to their sister's shoulders and held her up firmly. "Careful Ellie!" Jeanette pleaded.

"Who do those crazy people think they are!" Brittany's angry but frightened voice demanded as she released her sister and stomped over to the back end of the basket. She peered into the distance and narrowed her eyes at the fire lit, rocky outcropping the tribesman were standing on. "I oughtta go back there and give them a piece of my-"

"Brittany!" Jeanette and Eleanor pleaded, both grabbing onto Brittany's arms and dragging her back to the opposite end of the basket. "We have to get the boys!"

"Right," Brittany nodded, pulling away and leaning over the edge to gaze down at the boys.

"Brittany!" an immediate shout came from below.

"Please, help us!"

Brittany hesitated, and then looked back to her sisters. "They're all tied up! How are we going to get them up here?"

Eleanor stepped forward and looked resolute. "We have to climb down the rope and cut them loose. Then we can all climb back into the balloon." She practically fell onto Jeanette as three more spears jostled the basket. "We have to hurry! Do you still have that knife, Jeanette?"

Jeanette stumbled across the basket and dug through the pile of Chipmunks and Chipette dolls. She nearly tripped on a stray pile of diamonds but she produced the knife carefully into Eleanor's hand. "Here it is!"

"Wait, YOU'RE going down there, Ellie?" Brittany inquired, alarmed.

"Would you rather?" Eleanor replied hotly, moving back to the edge of the basket and surveying the situation again.

"No! Well I don't mean no... I... I... I don't want you to fall, Ellie!" Brittany suddenly blurted out in a rare display of concern for someone other than herself.

Eleanor had misconstrued Brittany's incredulous attitude as doubt in her ability to climb down a rope, but she was pleasantly surprised when she heard the worry in her sister's voice. "It's OK, Brittany. We have to protect the Chipmunks. You steady the balloon, and Jeanette, please hold the rope. I'll be OK! Let's save them together!"

Jeanette and Brittany suddenly jumped forward and hugged their sister tightly. "Be careful, Eleanor!" they both cried.

Eleanor nodded bravely and let go of her sisters. She delicately placed the knife in her mouth and kicked off her silken shoes before swinging one leg over the edge of the basket.

"What are we going to do? Yaaaah!" Theodore cried as yet another swarm of spears darted past and just barely grazed the fabric of his Prince of Plenty garb. "I want Dave!" he bleated, tears beginning to stream from his eyes.

"It's OK, Theodore!" Simon yelled desperately, watching as Eleanor began to precariously descend the rope. "Just be VERY still. Eleanor is coming down!"


"Be careful, Eleanor!" Alvin shouted as the Chipette nearly lost her grip.

"No Ellie!" Theodore begged, trying to break out of his bindings despite Simon's instructions not to move. "Don't come down here, you'll fall!"

The Chipette ignored Theodore's pleas and crawled down to the base of the rope they'd lassoed around the stakes. With superior amounts of care, she took the knife out of her mouth and reached as far as she could behind Simon's back. "Please don't move an inch, Simon!" she advised, trying to hold steady as the balloon swayed under the spear attack. Simon pulled his wrists as far apart as he could within the ropes that held them together. Eleanor gently but quickly began sawing at them with the blade. Alvin and Theodore watched intently, not moving a muscle or breathing a breath. Finally, Simon's hands snapped free. "Yes!" Eleanor cried triumphantly. "Here Simon, take the knife and cut your legs free- Whoaaa!"

They all received a sharp jolt and Simon clung to the wooden stake with one arm and tried to steady himself. The knife suddenly slipped from Eleanor's fingers and fell down towards the earth. Simon reached out his newly-freed hand and caught it by the handle expertly. He heaved a sigh of relief, but only enjoyed it for a second.

"Why are we going down?" Alvin spat anxiously, looking up towards the foundering balloon.

Back up in the basket, Brittany and Jeanette were frantic. "We're hit, Brittany!" Jeanette cried, pointing to a spear lodged into the fabric of the balloon above.

Brittany wasted no time and yanked on the chain with all her might to release more hot air into the balloon. "Hold onto that rope, Jeanette! Get Ellie and the boys up here!"

The balloon stayed level and drifted more quickly through the treetops, but it was a bumpy ride as air continued to force its way out through the puncture hole caused by the spear. The yelling of the tribe and "whoosh" of spears had nearly disappeared behind them, but a soft hissing sound was growing louder both above and below them. Jeanette was bearing her weight down on the rope which was also being held tight by the weight of their travel trunks. "Eleanor! Please hurry!" she cried down.

Eleanor was clinging helplessly to the rope which hung like a strained pendulum ready to snap under the combined weight of her, the boys, and the heavy logs they were bound to. She could do nothing more but spot Simon as he tried to cut away the bindings on his feet. "Hold my hand, Simon! I can pull you up!" Simon reached up as best he could and grabbed Eleanor's wrist as one of his feet snapped free.

"Come on guys!" Alvin begged with a wavering voice. "You can do it!"

His encouragement was cut short when the balloon quickly began to descend again. Everyone cried out in shock and fear as they entered the canopy of the jungle, the vegetation whipping at their bare skin and pulling at the rope.

"No no no!" Brittany cried, pulling so hard on the chain that it threatened to break.

"Brittany! Be careful!" Jeanette pleaded as she clung desperately to the rope.

"This stupid thing won't go back up!" Brittany growled as both hissing noises grew almost deafening.

"Brittany! We're going to crash! We're going to crash into the-"

"River!" Simon was yelling as he clung tightly to Eleanor. "Climb back up, Eleanor!" he instructed with a push to her behind.

"No! I won't leave you boys!" she screamed as the hissing flow of the dark water became visible below. "Give me the knife, Simon! We have to help Alvin and Theodore!"

Theodore was crying at the top of his lungs and Alvin looked as though he was trying to dislocate his shoulders.

"Go Eleanor! I'll get my brothers! Go up NOW!" Simon commanded, giving Eleanor another forceful push as he disconnected himself from her and climbed atop the stake Alvin was tied to. He leaned down and aimed the knife at his brother's wrists. "DON'T move, Alvin!"

"We're going to die!" Theodore squeaked as the water met his feet and slowly began to consume his legs.

"Brittany! Please take the balloon UP!" Eleanor screamed up towards the balloon.

"We've been hit!" Jeanette called back in explanation. "The balloon is losing air!"

"Theodore! Alvin! Hold your breath!" Simon insisted as he watched his brothers gradually sink into the angry river. He too took a deep breath and held onto the knife firmly. The odious hiss of the river converted into the engulfing hum of being submerged in water. Simon strained to open his eyes and struggled to pull himself towards Alvin. A red hat floated past Simon's face and Alvin looked as though he was screaming instead of holding his breath like a smart person who was about to drown would. Simon found Alvin's wrists again and worked quickly to saw away at the ropes around them. The fibers finally gave and he forced his way down to Alvin's feet to repeat the process. Alvin was finally free and Simon pulled him up to the surface. The two of them gasped violently for breath as they clung to each other, and then their eyes grew wide with fear. "Get back down!" Simon yelled, pushing Alvin's head back under the surface as the balloon and basket came crashing down into the water.

It forced the boys several feet deeper beneath the water and the impact knocked Alvin a bit dazed. Simon let go of his brother for a moment to hang onto his glasses and look for Theodore. He made out a blurry mass of teal-colored clothing several yards away and swam toward it. Eleanor had jumped in and was trying to tear away at Theodore's ropes with her bare hands. Simon came to her aid and began cutting Theodore free.

Brittany and Jeanette had fallen onto their backsides when the basket hit the rushing water. Jeanette scrambled to her feet and helped her sister stand. "Brittany, are you OK?"

"Forget me! What about the boys and Ellie?" Brittany cried, looking over into the river.

Jeanette grabbed the chain from Brittany's hand. "Turn it off, Britt! The balloon is coming down! We don't want it to catch fire!"

Brittany was ignoring her; she was more concerned with finding the boys and their sister. "I see Simon and Eleanor! And they've got Theodore!" she announced with relief. "But... where's Alvin...?" While she moved around the side of the basket looking for Alvin, Jeanette suddenly grabbed her and held her head down. A moment later, the balloon fell over top of them like a pink circus tent. "Alvin!" Brittany cried out, wading her way around under the fabric.

"Brittany! Follow my voice!" Jeanette pleaded as she too groped around in the darkness and hot, heavy air that had suddenly engulfed them.

"I didn't see Alvin!" Brittany bellowed, tripping over canvas and the pile of dolls.

Jeanette finally felt her sister's arm with her fingertips and grabbed ahold. "We'll find Alvin! Let's move over to the light there! We have to get out from under here!"

The two of them clawed their way to the small porthole of light which turned out to be the gaping wound inflicted by the spear head. They carefully pushed the weapon out of their way and tried to squeeze through. Brittany could barely fit her nose through it. "I can't fit!"

"We'll have to tear it open!" Jeanette suggested, nudging Brittany out of the way.

"Tear it? And ruin the balloon more than it already is?" Brittany huffed in disbelief.

"Do you want to get out of here and save the others or not?" Jeanette cried in an uncharacteristically loud and demanding voice.

"R-right!" Brittany peeped, turning back to the hole and slipping her hands through. Jeanette followed suit and together they ripped the opening large enough for one of them to fit through.

Once on the outside, they balanced dangerously on the edge of the basket. They held tightly to one another as they searched the water for their siblings. "There!" Jeanette cried, pointing to a mass of terrified chipmunks huddled together and tangled in the balloon canvas.

Brittany's panicked when she counted only three. "Where's Alvin?" she called out.

Simon was about to reply when he realized Alvin wasn't among them. He looked to Eleanor and Theodore who were clinging to him on either side, expecting his other brother to be right there with them. "Alvin!" he yelled out suddenly, searching the black water for any sign of him. "ALVIN!"

"Alvin!" Theodore cried out, batting at the water with his hand as if to move it out of the way to search for his brother.

"Get up on the balloon," Simon instructed, pushing Theodore and Eleanor towards Brittany and Jeanette. The two Chipettes held their hands out for the two and struggled to pull them to safety. Or at least what they hoped was safety.

After pulling Theodore onto the canvas-covered basket, Brittany crouched down and slipped into the dark, cold water with a startled yelp. "Brittany, what are you doing? Get back in there!" Simon yelled, grasping the balloon's canvas and dragging himself towards the Chipette.

"I'm going to find Alvin!" she replied firmly and tried to swim in any direction, but failed miserably. She cried out as the water current pinned her to the side of the basket.

"Brittany be careful! The current is getting faster!" Simon paused for a moment, calculating in his head the possible causes for a river to be flowing so quickly. "Everybody! Get down into the basket! Get under the balloon! Hurry!"

"No way! We have to get Alvin!"

Simon couldn't argue this logic, but he was determined to get Brittany to safety. "You have to get in now! I'll get Alvin!" He pulled himself over to Brittany and slid his arms around her waist, trying to hoist her back up towards her sisters' outstretched arms, but he hadn't the leverage to budge her.

"Get your hands off me, Simon! I have to find Alvin!" she screamed, but her voice was drowned out by the deafening hiss of an approaching waterfall.

At a loss for what to do, Simon held on tightly to Brittany with one arm and grasped onto the balloon with the other hand. He looked around desperately for Alvin, praying his brother had made it to shore or was somehow otherwise safe. Brittany kicked and screamed in his embrace but he refused to let her go. He made his best effort to cradle them in the fabric of the balloon, hoping that it would be enough to shield them from whatever laid ahead. The girls and Theodore above all reached down to help, but Simon was paralyzed with fear. Jeanette pulled back for a moment and looked behind them, now coming to understand why the hissing had become so painfully loud. "Oh no..." was all she was able to whimper before she grabbed Eleanor and Theodore and pushed them under the blanket-like balloon canvas.

"The-the basket is flooding, Jeanette!" Eleanor wheezed as she held on to Theodore who was shivering with cold and fright.

"There's a waterfall," Jeanette gasped, giving no further explanation before turning back to Brittany and Simon. "Simon! Grab my hand! I'll pull you in! Simon!"

Simon seemed not to hear here, but Jeanette didn't give up. She leaned down as far as she could and reached tenaciously for Simon's hand.

The rapids dragged the downed balloon and its terrified passengers towards the raging waterfall. The basket disappeared over the edge into the dark mist, and if any of them screamed, the sound was lost to the roar of the merciless water as they plummeted to the depths below.