I decided when I get home I'll call Aaron and see what he have's to say. "Hello", Aaron says picking up the phone. "Hey Aaron this is Yasmine." Oh! Hey Yasmine. I thought you wouldn't call". Why wouldn't I call you? You're like the hottest boy in the school, I say under my breath. "So how was your day at school, Aaron asks. " My day was very fustrating, a lot of drama." "Oh. Same here. I might not even go to the prom because I don't have a date or anything." "Oh my gosh. Same here Aaron I really want to go though." "Umm how about I take you." Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh Aaron Parker. Aksed me out to the dance." I say in my head. "Hello", Aaron says unpatiently. "Are you going to say yes or no already" "I would love to go to the prom with you", I say blushing. "Great. I'll see you at school tomorrow then Yasmine." "Okay Bye."

Soon as I hung up the phone with Aaron I immediately called my girls. "Jazz guess what, I say very happy. "What?", she says antionly to find out. "Aaron Parker, asked me out to the dance!" "About time." ,saying it like she already knew he was going too. "I know right, I cant believe it im going to the prom with Aaron Parker. "Well girl see you at school tomorrow", Jazz says tiredly.

Once I got off the phone with Sarah, and Nisha. I did my homework and texted my prom date. "Hey happy girl", says my mom. "Hey mom", I say with such little emotion. "Why are you grinning so much? Tell me everything?" My mom is like my bestfriend because I can tell her everything. "Aaron Parker asked me to the prom!" "Oh darling that's wonderful.", my mom says kind of sad. "Mom whats wrong? You've been very sad and you don't eat and you're getting very skinny and also pale." "Oh. I don't know I've been feeling very bad lately. Im going to the doctors in the morning so, you and your brothers and sisters are going to be here alone." "Oh okay mom goodnight I'm getting kind of tired." "Goodnight sweetie."

It was around 9 o'clock and everyone was up watching good times. "Where is mom", Josh my younger brother says. "She's gone to the doctors", I responded. "Is mom okay, Josh says sadely. "Of course she's find dummy, its not like she's going to die or anything, says my older sister Kisha. "Hey by the way dad called Yasmine he wanted to speak with you."

"Hello" dad says sadely. "Hey dad you called." "Yes sweetie I called." The last time my dad called me sweetie was when my great grandmother died. "Oh. What did you want?" "I got some bad news sweetie." "What is it dad" All of my brothers and sisters gather around to over hear. "Your mom has been pronounced with cancer." "Cancer?" "Yes cancer she's got a tumor in her brain and its effecting her whole body, and the doctors and nurses said she have up to 3 months to live." "Oh my. This cant be. Please this cant be. This just cant happen dad. It just cant." "Im sorry sweetie but I wish it wouldn't either I'll be home in a second to pick you guys up." "So mom have cancer?" , Josh says crying. "And she only have up to 3 months to live?", Kesha says crying also. "I'm afraid so.", I say.